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  • Anytime, Well I need to be in work by 4am so im out. Have a good night

  • James, you have not broken any rules - but all of your posts disappeared... I'm not sure what happened.

  • Hey Jimmy. Nice to see family in the debate here.

    I am ready to jump back in. Do you have proof of racism besides your "questionable" video with pictures? I would like to see them

  • The Tea Party supporters who decry charges of racism (ignoring the evidence for it) and then point their shaking fingers at the presence of a "Black Panther" at a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 (and then claim he was there at the behest of the Obama campaign) are engaging in a rather obvious form of special pleading.

    But I suppose racism is one of those things that's much easier to recognize in others.

  • I am not claiming that there are not some that are racist in our party just like any other party in this country. Republicians and Democrats have them to. Let me guess we all should just lay down and allow term WHITE CRACKER used? I do not like and never used the term niger That is a term if in my home town I would have been shot using. Obama, his wife, his former pastor (using that term lightly), his Attorney General and his followers NAACP and New Black Panther Party are all racist. The black people of this country would be in a uproar if the country would have elected Sen.Byrd to the Presidency

  • Feel free to provide any evidence whatsoever to support your claim of racism on the part of the president or first lady, Christine.

    In the meantime, are you seriously offended by the term "white cracker"? I'd tell you to get over yourself, but I think Louis C.K. puts it best:


  • Note to the above: NSFW language. But loads of truth.

  • I have posted video links of them both as evidence.

    And and racially motivated term directed at a race should be taken as racist, not just to certain groups. Ian you are full of yourself since you are just another Demo racist hate monger

  • Christine, let me ask you a question. Has Obama himself ever used the term "White Cracker"?? I dont know, maybe he has and you have proof of it, if so Id like to see it. Ive seen videos of radicals useing that term but I have never seen Obama himself use it. I have never seen Obama utter those words. So if you have a clip of Obama useing those words himself please share it. I want to be fair to your view point.

  • Maybe you should read his book spouting hate and racist remarks

  • And we're to assume you've read his books, Christine? I highly doubt it. Note: acknowledging the existence of racism and racial tension in the country's history and culture IS NOT tantamount to racism.

    A serious thinker would be able to detect that difference without it being pointed out to them.

  • I did read his one book. I for one educate myself and his book is full of hate and degrating anyone but black. You guys only like to see racism outside of your little world of Obama lol. He talks about distancing himself from his own white family cause he didnt want to be seen as part white and how whites are iggnorant. Maybe you should read his books as well lol

  • Christine, Can you give me the titles of these books that supposedly has this hatefull language. Again Im trying to be fair to you, I would like to see these comments and in the context that they were used.

  • Dreams of my Father is the title.

  • Ok, fair enough I will look into this and get back to you. Any particular quotes that come to mind that I should look for?

  • @Christine....back in early 2008, I was stuck between both Hillary Clinton and then Senator Barack Obama. You know when the moment came for me when I was no longer confused about which one I thought could make a great president? It was after the Rev. Wright thing came out and Senator Obama had to make a speech concerning race in America. "A More Perfect Union" speech in Philadelphia, which was written by Barack Obama himself, is when I realized that this bi-racial man is very thoughtful and honest about the struggle of race in America. Barack Obama had to all his life walk that thin line between black and white America. He could have given a watered down safe or apologetic speech. Instead, he gave one of the most important and heart felt speeches on race in America. I watched that speech live. Afterwards, I called my wife and told her that I'm no longer confused and that I fully support Barack Obama for president. I saw in him that day, courage and intelligence so masterfully woven together. I saw that day....a leader willing to what isn't convenient, but what is difficult and necessary. I don't expect you to ever like or approve President Obama. But with all due respect Christine....Obama's "A More Perfect Union Speech" settled for me any race issues of this bi-racial American.

  • Michael (and Christine, although I doubt she'll be willing to read it), here's a good examination of the claims of "racist" statements taken from Obama's books by Snopes, which puts the quotes in context or establishes that they are complete fabrications:


    Rather than "spewing hatred," Obama's autobiographical work reveals a man who has seriously and thoughtfully considered the issue of race during his maturation.

  • I would have to agree with Shane. I believe he is well spoken & articulate

  • Thanks Ian for providing that info, I have to be honest here, I really dont see anything that outrageous. Maybe other than as a young man struggling with his views on race. Comming from a mixed couple that is understandable.

    Speaking from my own experience I kinda know the feeling to some extent because my father's side of the family was catholic and my moms side is jewish, now my parents decided to raise me as a jew. but while growing up ive had strong feelings in support and against both faiths. Today I see the good and bad of both faiths and have rejected them both because now that Im older I believe that religion is nothing more than superstition and although I dont rule out the exsistance of a "god" I have yet to see any hard proof that "god" as proffessed by any faith actually exsists

    To get back to the main point though its pretty obvious to me that this is blown way out of proportion. If this is the best you can come up with to prove of his hatered than I have to say Your best is not good enough.

  • Michael, last summer, Glenn Beck said that President Obama has a deep seeded hatred for white people. What more evidence could you possibly want? Glenn Beck said so!

  • I am not a Glen Beck fan or follower and watch a variety of other news sources other than Fox news. I am well educated and do not base my views off of other peoples usually high and mighty view points. But thank you for pointing out you are very opinionated and not open to other peoples opinions

  • Christine, do you not realize who you are taking to? I am letting you comment here. If I didn't want you to express your opinion, you would have been banned days ago. I am very open to hearing your opinions, but not your own facts. If you begin trying to argue that the world is flat, and not in a figurative Thomas Freedman fashion, I will not take your arguments seriously, as they do not merit a serious response, though I will try very hard to be respectful and try to guide you towards the reality, but you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

  • I know reality. I served my country proudly and your saying that I dont know reality now? I am not the only one that feels this way. Millions of Americians are going to vote the right way in Nov and in 2012 to take country back.

  • I appologize I havent checked back on this thread in a while...As far as to what Glenn Beck has said Im not surprised at all. Glenn Beck has said many things that I would spend a lifetime opposeing. In my opinion his views are that of a mad man that are lacking of any credible substance.

    I fail to see what Glenn Beck does on his show any different than what senator Joseph McCarthy did in the 50's

  • As said I do not watch nor agree with what the majority of what Glen Beck says. I get my information from reading a variety of sources, researching and from watching not only Fox news but MSNBC and CNN

  • Christine, what sources do you read consistently and think are the most reliable?

  • I read biographies and autos. For news, NYTimes, my hometown news paper, Phili paper, Washington Post and News journal.

  • Hello all. New to this page but I just wanted to make a few comments.

    Ian - Huge Thanks for both of your links. Louis CK made me LOL and wish i could translate it to Dutch for my guy/honey. The other was very informative; as i've been wondering how the heck so many folks state that Obama is racist with a straight face.

    Anyhoo, the original topic is a Very old one. john birchers and others accused Dr. King of being racist long ago; so altho it's disturbing that so many really believe that the President is racist, it's really nothing new.

    One thing that i've noticed over the years is that the tp'ers/haters/john birchers/whatevers rarely change their tactics - just the language of the message, BUT the message is exactly the same.

    altho i have to admit to an open-mouthed response to hearing glenn beck claim that "true christianity" lacks empathy for the suffering of others...That is, indeed, new to me...altho i'm not an xtian....

    Peace, brothers and sisters

  • Would someone care to elucidate "why" those "new" Black Panthers were trying to intimidate people, if they were. Why did they care who did or did not vote. It is much more likely that they thought they were there to protect voters from intimidation from others. Which is maybe why investigators could not find a single person to claim they were intimidated by the panthers.

    The panthers' web site at the time posted this: "We will be at the polls in the cities and counties in many states to ensure that the enemy does not sabotage the black vote, which was won through the blood of the martyrs of our people."

    Doesn't sound much like voter intimidation to me, although I can see why any white racist would feel intimidated.

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