Hints for Questions 16-20

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  • Feel free to ask hints for questions 16 to 20 over here!

    Hey Cryptic Hunters! Segreta 2018 is finally over and you played well! Why not share the level you were on with your friends. Share now and tag Techfest IIT Bombay, we may have some mystery left for you 😉

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  • hint for 16 plsss

  • hint for q17 plz

    Updated 9 months ago by the author.
  • q17 hint guys

  • will have to wait fr a long time f clues r gvn in order......provide clue 1 atlst

    for highest levl ...

  • Q 17 Hint 1 -

    Our home page is very interactive. Some parts move, some do not. But all of it says a story. Some say of future, some say of past

  • that was very obvious hint

  • q17 hint 2 plz

  • another hint for q17 please.......

  • It's time for another hint

  • is hint coming for q17 or not? I am stuck on this question for the past 3 hours. Btw previous hint was too obvious.

    plz give 2nd hint

  • Question 17- Iconic character of a past Techfest

  • hint for 16

  • Hint for 16?

  • Hint Q16- Poster for Level 11 might be helpful, shapes are deceptive

  • no source of infrmation for q17. oly iitb studnts will fnd it easy

  • Q17 Hints- Mascots

  • 18 hint fast pls

  • Q16 hint pls

  • q16 hint plzz?

  • hint for q16

  • Mystery prizes awaiting for the first person to reach level 20!

  • pls hint for q16

  • hint for q19

  • hint for 16 please

  • Q16 Hint- Is the flag torn?

  • more hint on q16 pls

  • hint for q18

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