Hints for Questions 1-5

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  • Feel free to ask for hints of questions 1 to 5 over here.

    Hey Cryptic Hunters! Segreta 2018 is finally over and you played well! Why not share the level you were on with your friends. Share now and tag Techfest IIT Bombay, we may have some mystery left for you 😉

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  • Hint for question 1 plz.

  • Q1- Hint-1 : Devi

  • Post hint for question 2

  • Hints for 2 please

  • Q1- Hint-2 : Flying Dutch

  • Hint for 3?

  • Hints for Q2 please

  • q4 hint plz

  • Hint for Q2 will be posted soon!

  • someone pls tell what has to be done in this game.what is it about

  • If you are stuck at some level, forum can be the best place to ask for further hints.

    • Look out for clues and hints anywhere and everywhere.
    • Google will be your best friend in this hunt.
    • Changing the url in some way or use of some software/apps may even help you out.
    • And don’t forget to keep checking the page source.
    • Don't give us a call to ask for any hints 😛

    If you are using mobile please switch to a PC, some features may not work in mobile phones

  • Q2- Hint-1 : Stress

  • q4 hint plzzzzzzzzz

  • can Non cs background guys can play it

  • another hint for q2

  • yes on more hint for question 2

  • q3 hint pl

  • q5 hint pls

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