What happens if I change my mind after signing the contract??

  • Hi,

    Just want to know what would happen if I changed my mind after I signed the contract?

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  • My contract is open till 20 March..

  • I'm not sure much of anything from a legal standpoint. My bigger concern would be my conscience.

  • I am in Christchurch and experiencing many aftershocks and may want to be with my family and not the middle east.. can not decide! No concern with my conscience.

  • Follow your heart and it will be the right decision. I will be leaving my family and friends and I know it is hard. Just attended a family funeral yesterday and I know from previous O/S experience that missing weddings etc is part of the separation. Sorry if I'm sounding maudlin.

  • ADEC will get by...not an issue. Take care of yourself as need be. Better to NOT come than come and leave like so many imo.

  • So... are there no legal ramifications for breaking a signed contract before starting? I wasn't able to find a teaching job in Brasil where my partner lives, and so signed the ADEC contract a week ago... and now it looks like a teaching job might be falling out of the sky in Brasil.

  • They don't want someone over here that doesn't want to be here. Tell them you've reconsidered and ask them what you need to do to make this right. I imagine the worst legal ramifications you'll likely face would be not being able to work in the UAE.

  • No one is going to sue you for breaking the contract, they will find someone else to fill the spot. There were many no shows last year and the year before that. Your permanent has not been processed yet therefore you will not be penalised or blacklisted from working in the UAE. (you only get blacklisted if you do a runner once here, or you can get a work ban for six months if you break your contract early once here and leave.)

  • Thanks everyone, I think I am coming just the aftershocks here in CHCH can be a bit overwhelming. But everything is calming down now so pretty sure I will be there! Just a few nerves!

  • I'm glad to hear that if I don't go now, I probably wouldn't be penalized or just as bad, blacklisted. It's not that I don't /want/ to go, it's that things are very complicated... my partner's mother in Brasil is dying from cancer, and that has thrown all bets off for the time being.

  • I was coming over to teach, with my hubby and 2 young girls with me. We have decided a few days ago not to go. Being Canadian, it is far too daunting in order to get tax free salaries. We are just too established and as confident as we were to go, we simply had a change of heart. We are also having major issues just because our daughter is adopted by my husband and we are getting the complete run around because of it. I have not contacted ADEC or Teachaway yet; I have been far too emotional over it and just letting it sink in to know that our plans have changed. I am not worried, I feel bad more than anything, but knowing my paperwork is not all finalized yet makes it easier.

  • What if I work for a month, did the fingerprinting but not the medical and I want cancel my visa for a good valid reason even though I haven't sign the contract yet, am I gonna be ban or blacklisted in UAE? And do I have to pay for any fees at all?

  • You cant work here or get a visa without medical!! The contract being signed is what gets you here in the first place with teachaway, such odd questions you have! As long as you leave properly, after your visa is granted, you wont be blacklisted. Stick to the rules and you will be fine. But why come for a month and leave, don't come at all if you are already thinking that in your mind....its not worth it.

  • The boss is abusive verbally and he recently laid a hand on me,so yes I want to cancel my visa. I came here for a better opportunity not to get abused.

  • You just tell them you want to quit and they send you home, No hard feelings. They get over it .

  • And Abbey "Strange reply ? and Don't come ? " How long have you been there ? Do you know wtf goes on in some of those desert towns ?

  • I came here on visit visa, and still valid so they can't really send me home, right? And because the company paid for the working visa, I'm wondering if they're going to make me pay for it for quitting? I haven't sign the official employment contract because the company is slow of processing the working visa.

  • I had to break my contract two years ago due to finances. I notified my recruiter like four moths before I was going to depart to the UAE...which gave ADEC plenty of time to re-hire someone else...I now have my finances in order and I re-applied, interview and all, and got re-hired to teach in August, 2013...I think the point is, If you're not ready, it's best to let your recruiter know as far in advance as possible, even if you interviewed and signed a contract, that's the responsible way...things happen, ADEC understands...It's a huge problem if you bail once you are in country because it wasn't what you expected...then it's on your conscience...

  • Yeah, I had to start the process all over again. But it was alright. No worries.