Heads up on Car Rental in UAE

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  • Lisa

    1.) What do you ask in payment from car poolers? % of lease or just gas?

    2.) I am also going with United and for a Yaris. How many people does it seat?

  • It seats 4 very comfortably and 5 if the people in the back are not too big....I charged 300 per person...if we took a taxi together we would pay at least 450 each a month (with 4 people) and it would be a bigger hassle...I know people who charged less and I know people who charged more...I felt I was being fair...I picked people up at their homes and dropped them off wherever they needed to go after school...it worked out fairly well most of the time.

  • >lisa I went with Sam, and got a good deal, I also got full coverage. The Yaris is bigger inside than most think and it's great on gas. Anita>yes, that is a good deal, jump on it. Sam told me it was okay to drive on our temp visa???? Now I'm scared cuzz i rented yesterday.

  • Janet, I don't think that Sam would do anything that is illegal...it would be bad for his company...but if you are worried, call him and check.

  • Lisa???

    Do you know if UCR is open today?

    I want to lease today (Sat) if possible.

  • They will be open tomorrow, Oji. Give Sam a call in the morning and let him know what you need...I am picking up my car tomorrow, too! :) Maybe I'll see you there!

  • Does anyone have Sam's number? I didn't get the forms at the meeting the other day (he ran out of them).

  • Dear All,

    Greetings from Payless Car Rental AUH APT Counter. My name is Mustafa and I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate ADEC for giving us a chance to serve Teachers Community in Abu Dhabi city in their car rental requirements by attending and advertising our Car Rental Brand in Fairmont hotel at iftar party on 04th Sept .Our team will be happily serving all Teaching Away members here regarding Car Rental Quotes. I can be reached at my official email ID mkamal@awccs.ae for queries regarding your Car Rental requirements and quotes.

    Below are the offers for Teaching Away Staff,

    (1) Daily & Weekly > 25-30 % Discount on the Tariff Rates

    (2) Monthly > Corporate Rate will be offered to Teaching Away Staff for their individual Car Hire.


    Mustafa Kamal,

    Mobile:-050 6159082

    Office:-02-5998976, 02-5998977

  • Mustafa-

    Would you please post more detailed info, particularly in the monthly rates. Many of us are interested in economy cars. Thanks!

  • Sam: 050 508 7123

  • Hey Lisa,

    I sure hope Sam is working tomorrow!

  • This the information passed on to me by someone attending UCR's promo at the orientation meeting.

    Yaris = 1000Dirhams deposit(cash or hold against credit card) + 1005d's /month leasing fee + optional150d's/month CDW insurance

    Therefore INITIAL cash layout is $608 Canadian, $586 US

    Subsequent monthly payout is $326 Canadian/month, $314 US /month

    Is there anyone who can confirm this?

  • Hold the phone!!!

    Just spoke with Sam

    YARIS = 1000d's deposit(cash or credit), 1500d's /month,CDW insurance an extra 150d's /month

    Based on today's exchange rate:

    1650d's/month = $449 US or $465 Cdn /month

  • I got the yaris from UCR and had it delivered to me here in Al Ain, I got the super insurance where this no deductable and the initial out of pocket cost was or $449.29 usd is what came out of my account (1000 deposit is only authorized they don't take the money out, 1500 a mo rental, and 150 a month for the super insurance)

  • Hold the phone again!

    Just spoke with Moustaffa from Payless and he quotes:

    1700d's /month lease(includes full insurance) + credit card pre-authorization of 1000d's for a car similar to Yaris.

    I am waiting for his reply as to accepting a 1000d's deposit as opposed to a credit-card pre-authorization since many new teachers will not be able to do this by credit card.

  • Dear Judy,

    Our Payless Car Rental, monthly rates are different for different groups. The most economic vehicle group is 1.3 L ( Toyota yaris , Chev Aveo & Mit. Lancer ) ,Automatic gear. Our corporate monthly price for this group is 1550 AED / Month including Comprehensive insurance and maximum liability of 750 AED in case of any damage if your mistake. 750 AED liability can be waived by paying 150 AED / Month extra for insurance to buy 0 (Zero ) liability .

    Dear Oji , I am shocked by the rates displayed on your post which are offered by UCR, Kindly ask about which Year model will be offered against the rate displayed in your post and what are the other liabilities in terms of Insurance, Mileage & Rental Duration. If there is a specific Rental duration term like it must be for 2 year or 3 years ,kindly don’t forget to ask about early rental termination penalty charges. I would also like to request you to make sure that you don’t get a Manual gear vehicle. If there is no hidden restrictions against the rate of 314$/month ,then I would like to admit that no body can offer you better rates then the rates you are being offered , go ahead and confirm your deal.

    Dear All,

    Given below are some important questions to be asked from the Rental staff of the Any Car rental company before finalizing a deal with them, Which will help every body to figure out any hidden terms against the lowest rates being offered if you compare it with other car rentals.

    (1) What year model car will it be. An example will justify as why to ask this question, Lately we had an offer on our 4WD Ford explorers . The offer was 3750 AED/month. Now offering 3750 AED which is like 1020 US $ / Month for the 4WD which usually cost you 1430 US $/Month. Reason behind offering so low rate for a 4.0 L 4WD was its Year Model as they were 2007 model and the offer was just valid on 2007 model 4WD.

    (2) What are the Mileage restrictions. 99 % of low rates offers are having specific mileage restrictions which are mentioned while advertising . If that allowed mileage limit is being crossed by customer then 0.50 AED is being charged for each extra driven KM. Which again will make your net payable amount go higher then expectations.

    (3) What kind of insurance is being offered. With liability or without liability . Normally rates are being offered with liability and customer is being offered to buy ZERO liability by paying 150 AED extra for the same.

    (4) Rental Duration . This term is another important factor behind offering low rates, More duration less rates. Always ask about penalty charges if you return the vehicle before the agreed duration. In general there is term of paying 2-3 times Monthly rental charges penalty if the vehicle is being returned before the agreed hiring duration.


    Mustafa Kamal.

    For Payless Car Rental.


  • Dear OJI,

    Pre Auth is always taken from Credit Card as a security deposit for Traffic fines. But Kindly remmember as it is a Pre Auth only not a Purchase. That means if 1000 DHS pre auth is taken , It will not be purchased , it will be only freezed and holded on your credit card as a security deposit for traffic fines and the amount will be taken out only if you make any traffic violation like over speeding and parking in a no parking zones etc....


    Mustafa Kamal,

    For Payless Car Rental ,


  • Moustafa,

    Thank you for the detailed insight.

    I don't quite understand what you were shocked at, but that's okay.

    I added the figures that you quoted.

    Yaris = 1550d's/month + 150d's/month(zero liability)

    Grand Total/month = 1700d's/month

    Is this correct?

    If so, then there is only a 50d's/month difference between the companies.

    All sounds good to me!

  • Dear All,

    Kindly be informed that Pre-Auth can be taken from any country credit card around the world. There is not restrictions like it must be issued by banks in UAE.


    Mustafa Kamal.

  • Moustaffa,

    For those without a credit card, will you take 1000dirhams cash as a deposit.

    United Car Rentals has offered this option.

  • Dear OJI, I am sorry but your ealier post said 314 US $ a month ( not quite easy for me to digest ) lols .But yeah it was later on modified in your next post and it rounded up to 449 US $ .

  • Dear Oji , I will try my level best to take Special approval from the boss in regards to taking cash deposit from those without credit card. But that will be some where tomorrow as Head offices are still off because of EID holidays.


    Mustafa Kamal.

  • Mustafa,

    Thank you so much for your interest.

    Several teachers have expressed to me their hopes that your company will be flexible and accept cash instead of a credit card pre-authorization.

    I wish you well.

  • I am sorry but i couldnt get my boss convenced for renting vehicles to those without credit cards as proper documentation is being checked by auditors every 6 months and that can put us in problem if any rental contract found with imcomplete documents. Credit copy and pre-auth slip are included in complete rental agreement documents. I am sorry once again.


    Mustafa Kamal.

  • Has anyone had any experience with Autoplus? They have advertised monthly rates of 1499 for a Daihatsu Sirion, 1999 for a Renault Safrane as well as a Honda Civic. They also have free delivery. Just wondering what kind of rep they may have and if their cars are decent.

  • Autoplus definitely has good rates on mid-sized vehicles but they charge 350 dhrs a month for zero liability insurance. They will deliver for no charge-fyi.

    By the way, Payless will also deliver, and they will do month to month. 1700/month for Yaris, including zero liability insurance,

  • Never heared about AutoPlus.. Sounds a new name in market..... make sure its an international brand as i will not reccomend a local brand .Local Car Rentals have many service issues later on . Remmember its not about renting a car only .. its all about after sell services.

    I will be going on annual leave from tomorrow but given below are our 24 hours help line numbers in regards to rental queries or service issues.


    Mustafa Kamal.

    For/ Payless Car Rental,

    OFFICE : 02 5998976, 02 5998977 .

  • Dear All,

    As per the recent experience with customer coming from Teach Away community or ADEC. We faced a common problem with the driving license of the Teachers willing to rent a car from us. Below information is useful for those willing to hire a car in order to know exactly what documents (Type of driving license) are required to hire a vehicle as per the law of traffic department to avoid confusion and upcoming problems by driving illegally.

    (1) Those who entered UAE on a tourist visa may rent a vehicle by providing Int. Driving license OR home country driving license. Once the employment visa (Residence) has been issued, User should stop driving the vehicle until he or she transfer their respective countries driving license to local UAE driving license.

    (2) Those having UAE Employment visa (Residence) already stamped on their passports OR just entered UAE on Employment visa , They must wait for their visa getting stamped on the Passport in regards to enable them to apply for the transfer of their respective countries driving license to UAE driving license . Renting and driving a vehicle with home country driving license is illegal for such Users in both cases as it is against the law and will cause serious legal problems for both Users of the vehicle and rental agents of the Car Rental Company.

    I hope this information is helpful for new comer’s .Kindly do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour help line numbers given below.


    Mustafa Kamal.

    For/ Payless Car Rental,

    OFFICE : 02 5998976, 02 5998977

  • I had a meeting on Tuesday with the Marketing Director and the Head of Operations at Fast Rent a Car to resolve some of the issues we've been having with the company--namely their insistence on charging teachers 3 months rental at the beginning of the lease. I'm happy to say that this stipulation has now gone--the only money needed at the beginning of your lease term is one month's lease fee along with a 1000 AED deposit which is kept for traffic fines, toll road charges, etc. (this is returned at the end of the lease minus any charges against it). I've attached a letter I received the next day, giving a summary of our meeting, as well as a document from Fast detailing what documents are needed to lease a vehicle. Sorry this has taken so long to sort out--but as I stated before, we're not in Kansas anymore!

    Dear Larry,

    It was very nice to see you and discuss all the issues your referrals are facing with our terms and conditions. I’m glad as well that we manage to reach an agreement that serves both parties.

    I would like to highlight few of the issues we discussed and agreed upon yesterday.

    · We agreed to wave the 3 months advance

    · We will keep the aed 1000/- deposit as a security for traffic fines and salik

    · Two branches will be servicing ADEC Staff : Corniche branch and Abu Dhabi Mall branch.

    · Cars will be offered to customers on visit visa stamped on their passport against international driver’s license or national drivers license if fall in category of approved nationals by authority.

    · Cars will be offered to customers on residence visa or work permit visa stamped on their passport provided valid UAE drivers license provided.

    · A copy of that page - visa and entry stamp- is requested at the time of rental.

    For your reference we have attached a quick rental manual which will clarify the process and hopefully make their experience with Fast hassle free>

    Have a great day J

    Document necessary to obtain for any rental (RAC / MRA / LES)

    1) Valid drivers licence clear copy with minimum one year old.

    2) Valid passport and valid visa copy.

    3) Clear copy of valid Credit card.

    4) Age should be minimum 21 years (25 years for luxury cars).

    5) Full contact numbers including office / home / mobile / fax etc must be taken.

    6) Resident or office location – better if taken for just incase.

    (A) UAE Nationals and UAE residents

    i) Clear copy of both sides valid UAE drivers licence (minimum one year old).

    ii) Clear passport copy with visa page.

    iii) Age should be 21 years old for group “A” to “E” AND 25 years old for group “F” and above.

    iv) Clear copy both sides of Credit card and pre authorization of minimum AED 500.00 or rent of 3 days (which ever higher) to be taken for RAC contracts.

    v) Clear copy both sides of Credit card and advance of minimum AED 1000.00 to be taken for MRA and LES contracts.

    vi) Full contact numbers including office / home / mobile / fax etc must be taken.

    vii) Resident or office location – better if taken for just incase.

    (D) International customers on Visit or Transit visa to UAE.

    i) Clear copy of international and national drivers licence issued by authority matches with his passport.

    ii) Clear copy of passport and UAE visa copy (visit or transit) and entry stamp.

    iii) Clear copy both sides of Credit card and pre authorization of minimum AED 500.00 or rent of 3 days (which ever higher) to be taken.

    iv) Age should be 21 years old for group “A” to “E” AND 25 years old for group “F” and above.

    v) Full contact numbers including office / home / mobile / fax etc must be taken.

    vi) Resident or office location – better if taken for just incase.

    • Important Note:

    If customer came on visit visa to UAE, and submitted application to the UAE authority for resident or employment visa, from the date of submitting his application he can not drive with international drivers licence and he need to have UAE drivers licence to drive.

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