August 2012 ADVETI departures

  • Am I the only ADVETI emt departing for the 25th inshallah? Has anyone been notified of departure?

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  • Not as of yet, I have been told projected dates Sept 2-10

  • I have been told that same thing as Lance. There are about 15-20 of us that are still awaiting clearance.

  • Hey Grey Matter,

    I'm scheduled to leave LAX on the 15th to Abu Dhabi with a layover in Chicago around 8:30pm on Etihad Airways. Will you be on the same flight? If so, see you in ORD!

  • Hi Mai,

    Did you receive your tickets already? When did you interview? I am supposed TO HAVE BEEN in Abu Dhabi by the 25th.

  • Yes, I have my ticket reservation for American Air and Etihad airlines and will be on the flight tomorrow........ Don't sweat not having your reservation yet. It will surely come. See you in the Emirates!

  • Earlier I wrote that I'm leaving the 15th, I meant the 25th as in tomorrow!!!!!

  • I interviewed in mid June I believe, I've kind of forgotten at this point. I started the process in April though, so I can say it's all happening rather quickly!

  • Hello .....I've been told recently that my name is on the list for a group 3 departure (Sepr9th-15th) Anyone leaving at that time?

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I got my eticket this morning and I am departing on 9/1 via Chicago. Anybody else?

  • Hey I got my e-ticket this morning and I am departing on 9/1 from Houston on Qatar Air.

  • Congratulations to all of you leaving this weekend! I'm so happy for you. I am in the Oct group but would love to leave early myself. Hope to meet all of you over there soon.

  • Inshallah!!!

  • Congrats to all that have arrived in the UAE! I'm still waiting for my visa to clear and receive my e-ticket! Hopefully, I'll be there within a couple of weeks!

  • I am waiting for my visa clearance as well. i was told to expect to leave Aug. 25th, then Sept 4th, and I am still here waiting. Because I was expecting to leave, I have given up my car, apartment, and income!! What to do while we wait??? Any advice or sugestions would be appreciated. And anyone who is in UAE, or especially at STS in Ajman, I'd love to hear if you know anything...

  • William and Karen,

    I know that it's a frustrating process doing the hurry-up and wait thing! However, just try to be patient which is not always the easiest thing

  • Hello.........I've been told that the group I'm in

    (3rd group) is still scheduled to leave Sept 9th - 15th that's in two days ....anyone received an e-ticket yet?

  • Welcome to AD Debra, email when you arrive, I would love for you to become a part of our networking group when you arrive.

  • @Grey and Karen.. I've been going stir crazy waiting. Like Karen I've given up everything and I put in my 2 week notice to my job on Thursday so all of my chips are in...

  • Well William, want to come and stay with me? We'd have no transportation, and no income but... ; )

  • Hey guys, your turn is coming!! School has started and believe it or not there is a sense of urgency out here. But the government...not so much :-) Hang in there and we will see you soon! Ajman staff you are in for a real treat:-) wear some comfortable shoes, this place is HUGE! Looking forward to seeing you all.

  • Is this forum for ADVETI teachers or ADEC teachers? Many ADVETI teachers are viewing this forum for accurate information of departures not to be confused with ADEC teachers. Please identify yourself as ADEC teachers with information or ADEVTI teachers. I am an ADVETI teacher.

  • Will do Grey Matter........Franklin I am employed by ADEC

  • I'm ADVETI -- thank you Joyce, your comments are very comforting and reassuring

  • Hey! My ticket arrived, and I depart Canada on Saturday. Yoohoo!

  • Hello everyone.......any news about an October departure date?

  • I have not heard anything. Still waiting.

  • Hi there, ADVETI (VEDC) teachers!

    I am currently a third-year ADEC teacher and am considering employment with VEDC, one of the ADVETI entities. Would some of you please PM with your experiences thus far working for ADVETI? I am particularly interested in what salary and benefits packages you were offered, how ADVETI has been in honoring the terms of your contracts, the quality of your healthcare plans, as well as the sort of work environment found in your schools. I really want to make sure this will be a good move for my family and I, so whatever you are willing to share will be much appreciated.

    Thank you,