All about "gated community & guarded neighbourhood"

  • Hi, let's talk about our so called G&G community promised by GJH, any updates, ideas, just share all at here!

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  • Great info!!!

  • Thanks for the great info, Panda At Work:)

  • You are most welcome!

    I think we should clarify with GJH on the “Gated & Guarded” status for our bungalow as per their sales man / officer advised earlier. With the "Gated & Guarded" facility, it definitely increases the value of the property. In fact it's a lot hassle to apply for "Gated" status. It’s up to the developer ability & it involves of cost & follows up.

    Now they only plan to go for “Guarded” which I guess it’s referring to Security guards patrolling & that is the basic security rules.

    Perhaps, we should check with them & request for “Gated & Guarded” status. Looks like our bungalow areas need to split to 2 sections by the main road (along the temple & surau) if the developer able to make it.

  • Not worth if paying Rm80+ just to have guarded patrol. For a start we should ask GJH to provide guard post at every entrance to each blocks, same as the one build at show house.

  • Normally Security guards patrolling will come with entrance barrier, it's a package. Only "Gated" system will install with entrance gate + card system barrier. That's two different things. That's why I suggest we should go for "gated" system.

  • Not all security patrol with entrance gate. Taman Pertam Perdana Ujong Pasir only have security patrol w/out entrance gate. Due to too many excess road, $ is major factor for implementation of G&G at TPRP which required more security personnel dan gated guard post. Not like Vista Kirana with only single entrance, I don't think GJH is soo generous to provide full G&G facilities. After two years, each community block/type of house will have to decide what type of security they want, since we are segregated by type of house and bumi/non-bumi block including how much they can afford to pay for.

    GJH will treat us same like Taman Krubong Perdana.

  • In this case meaning either they put an "entrance barrier" - like the show house type for us or do nothing at all!

    Unless we can get "gated" status, then the "entrance gate" will be fixed & solve all our problem.

    In order to get the "gated" status & to fix the entrance gate, I think the developer need to apply through the state government proper channel... not that easy to get approval. After all, 2 years later the impact will be on us!<sigh>

    Any other ideas / suggestions?

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  • I bought Type E Phase 1 few days after it was launched.

    I remember clearly that the salesperson told me that GJH will be providing the security for free of charge for the first 3 years. I believe it should be 3 years from the date the CF is obtained. Subsequently, it would be up to the community council (in my case I believe it should be the Type E cluster) to determine either to continue the service by paying the security on our own, find a new one or not having one altogether.

    I can assure you that our residential area is definitely gated. I never bother to look at other types of houses, but Type E is definitely gated and you can see a brick wall is erected surrounding the cluster leaving only ONE point of entry and exit. But the true meaning of gated community is when you have barrier system in place with access card and what not. But personally I find it is good enough as it won't be that difficult to implement such system. This of course has to be agreed by the community council.

    All that I am hoping for now is that GJH keeps its promise by providing is with the security guards for the first 3 years. I can assure you that there will be groups of security personnel whom will be looking for a specific cluster at a time, not just a guard post at the main entrance of road (like the one they currently have). it would be impossible to watch over 1600 houses from one point.

    I would benefit more of this as my house is second from the main road, next to the corner lot and only a house away and vividly visible from the security post. I would really need them around especially when we first move or when I start the renovation prior to moving in.

    Did any of you hear otherwise, or any update on this matter from GJH? I hope what I was told last time remains the same until now.

  • To all tprp owner, we were told by GJH that our house will be gated and guarded, so hope they keep their promised. No

    point of paying RM80++ just for security patrol and believe me guys it would work in term of safety! For our property, family and tprp community sake we have to ensure GJH kept their promised and not janji kosong, as crime is in the raising we want our taman to be gated and no stranger are allowed to intrude on our property. However there is no official words or black and white from GJH that tprp are not gated so guys keep our finger cross.

  • Thanks for the info & update Mandrick. If "gated & guarded" is in their plan, GJH should be able to tell you where is the "GATE entrance" (not the show house barrier type at the road side) & are they implementing access card & car sticker?

  • You are most welcome Panda....last week i had visited the project side (tprp) but was stopped by security, according to the security personnel.... no one are allowed to enter tprp housing area...however the good news is.... the main road will be officially open somewhere in december. No idea what he mean (whether the main road will be officially open for public or house owner of tprp).... suspected GJH is handing over house key to phase one owner during that period (it is just my speculation).

    Now the bad news security post yet to be seen at the main entrance of tprp except kaki lima type of security barrier ;(

    tprp consist of 1,600 unit bungalows and each unit are paying monthly maintenance fee of RM90.00 (rough figure) 1,600 x RM90.00 = RM144,000/= and yearly collection is RM1.7 million (THAT IS HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY). With that amount of money I just don't see why we cant implementing access card system, guard post, gated, cctv, extra security guard and bla... bla.... bla!

  • You are right Mandrick, the collection is sufficient enough to implement the security system, at least with the section entrance gate, access card system & car stickers. Further more some houses like mine paying more than RM100 a month. If required, for more fund collection, we can also allow them to collect RM20 per access card (new/ replacement) to ensure all owner responsible for the card. As long as the security system is ready & in place.

    They need to open the main road for phase1 owner to access in December 'cos the key wii be handed over then. Looks like we need to wait till phase1 is ready & let the committee to liaise with GJH.

  • With that amount of money should be able to cover maintenance cost for club house, swimming pool and other facilities

  • For phase 2 owners .....lets hold back some of our suggestions and lets phase 1 owners to decide and figure out what are best for tprp ..... as they are moving in soon somewhere in december and will be the pioneer among phase 2 owners. Their feedback are very important, we want to know about security system that GJH is implementing and the quality of the house which build by GJH (the moment of true) ..... hope to hear good news from them soon.

  • saya mahu tanya,ada sesiapah sudah beli tapi mahu jual punya fasa 1 jenis E dan F....sila col saya,0166663717.tq

  • Hi Ramly, I have checked with my cousin staying at Taman Krubong Perdana bungalow house & confirmed that Taman Krubong Perdana does not have any security guarded / gated system thus no need to pay for the monthly fee. So far only about 20 - 30% ppl stayed /moved in. Don't know next time our TPRP how many ppl will stay there or ppl just keep for investment?

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    For TPRP, GHJ will provide free security (whatever manner) for two years after CF issued. After that it's depend on commitment from house owner. For those who bought for retirement period or for investment, they are not keen to pay a single cent. Me also will wait and see about security aspect before moving in.

    I've doubt about proposed rate for security fee base on land size. It should be base on overall property value eg. purchase price. No one come to your house to steal your soil unless it's confirmed to have valuables such as gold.

  • GOLD??? I dont mind paying RM1.K for security fees if my land in tprp got gold heeee.....heeee we are all rich.....better start digging your soil after moving in...who knows?.... if no gold crude oil also jadi heeee...heee just kidding. Hope no one come over to dig my soil haaa...haaa.

    I Don't really know whats the real deal between GJH and buyer of TKP, as far as i know TKP are not gated and guarded, unlike tprp.... agreement had been sign by all of us that we have to pay security fees up front for 6 months upon receiving house keys from GJH.

    The future of tprp are very much depend on us (tprp community), we choose to buy tprp bungalows partly because it is gated and guarded so our family can have peace of mind, therefore every house owner of tprp must have the obligation and responsibility to make payment for the monthly fee. As i said earlier... crime is on the rising and our family safety come 1st.....we do not wish to have snatch thieve, strangers, mat rempit, conman, robber or kidnapper

    in our community so help us god!