What don't you want to happen in book 3?

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  • We all know what we want to happen but is there anything you DON'T want to happen? For me personally,I don't want to see Eva, now she is stronger and more trusting, be drawn into Gideon's world of BDSM...not sure their relationship really needs it. What are your thoughts?

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  • I agree, Fifty shades covered that. I don't think Eva would be comfortable with it to be honest, she is still getting over her abuse at the hands of Nathan, I don't think she could handle giving herself up to that. I don't think their relationship needs it either.

  • I want them to get married but I think they will secretly do it as a private thing with just them and then have something with their families but not tell them they are already married

  • i don't want them to break up yet again!.Please let them be happy.

  • I'm with you Katrina. NO MORE break ups! They can fight and have their angst etc, but just stay together in this one and work it all out. Two break ups is enough don't you think? Otherwise, what's the point? As Cary mentioned, you have to have as much good with the bad otherwise it's too hard - or something like that....

  • I agree (no BDSM please ) it's one of the reasons I didnt read 50shades and started this series instead (which I adore for so many reasons)

    I cant take more crazy breakups and jealously...but in some sense, that is what makes the books good....but I want them to be happy :)

  • I agree, Reflected was a headwreck, they need some good loving now, for themselves of course and so we can get out breath back. I so love a good romance and they have worked so hard to keep each other. They can't lose each other now, they are such a beautiful couple.

  • Fiona, headwreck is a good way to put it! At least in Bared we had time to breath between angst scenes etc. and we saw them enjoying each other. But this one kept us wound from chapter one. I don't think I've been as exhausted with any other book. Even the NC vacation wasn't restful with everything going on between them. And the ending left me frustrated. At least in Bared when it ended we knew they were together. In this one, I think they are....

  • I agree with no BDSM. Too copycat if she goes that route. G can be strong and in control with it being officially being BDSM. And enough with the break-ups! Happy is good! Sexy is better! I don't want things swept under the rug. I would like somethings cleared up, ex. the 2 times a week BD, and other issues. A little normal would be nice with tha Eva and Gideon style!

  • Oh another thing I don't want to see.....Cary being secretly in Love with Eva. Please NO! I don't want it to turn out she was the one he has been waiting for and that is why he doesn't work out with others.

  • Definitely not that. That would be just too much, they are friends, I don't see any chemistry between them that way. Anyway Eva loves Gideon so No!! That wouldn't be my idea of Eva's HEA.

  • Nina, very interesting theory with Cary! He would have to be heart broken bc it's only Gideon for Eva! Lol

  • I don't think BDSM will happen between them, per what I read in Bared to You he told Eva "come on Eva you know I don't want to beat you, punish you, hurt you deman, and order you around like a pet. Those aren't needs either of us has."

  • Good point Sarah. Thank God for that, it's not for them.:)

  • good point sarah....put he did say that his fantasy was her in a swing.....but I would rather they didnt get into that stuff

  • I want drama I want Gideon to take a stand on Cary and Eva relationship which I think is toxic. Maybe Gideon losing she of his money and really seeing if Evas a ride or die chick

  • Swings don't necessarily mean BDSM though. Not that I'd know, but doesn't seem like it fits the profile

  • I'd love a swing scene ;) I just hope Gideon doesn't lose his edge (like Christian did). Eva finds comfort and safety in giving Gideon control, I don't think that's necessarily BDSM. I'm pretty tired of Corrine and would love to see Eva put that biatch in her place.

  • Yes Sarah, I too do not think they will venture into BDSM, Gideon does say to her that to them "pain and pleasure are mutually exclusive"... Also when he mentions that if he wanted to punish her, he will put her over his knee, she thinks something along the lines " that will never happen".

    I am hoping that there will be a third book soon and no breakups. Gideon putting the fear of God in Brett, same for Eva and Corinne.

  • I dont want Nathans death to be an issue in this book! He's a rapist and he died! Good riddens!

  • Karleigh, I'm with you. And with Sylvia stating the third book is Gideon's story, there's really not much room to deal with Nathan much further than maybe wrapping it up and explaining to Eva about Corinne etc. I wonder if she feels like she pretty much wrapped Eva's story up a bit and will address some things in book three but it's Gideon's turn?

  • at this point im losing interest in speculating, if this book is coming out in MAY......I need to forget about GC

  • I don't want to hear Eva calling Gideon any more names like "my asshat boyfriend" or see her flipping him the bird anymore. She needs to grow up in that respect and start acting a little more mature.

  • Sarah I love how you had to clear up that you wouldn't personally know.HAHAHAHa That's awesome!!!!

    And I agree I don't think they will go hard core with the BDSM.

    I don't want to see any more of Carys drug/alcohol induced shenanigans one orgy is enough.

    Karleigh I was just thinking I better friend up some of you Forum friends because this forum won't be able to hold till May. Good Lord Don't dangle a piece of cheese in front of the mice and then yank it away.

  • Haha Yvette isn't that exactly what it feels like? I swear I nearly had a coronery when I heard.LOL.

  • Lol Fiona and Yvette, you girls are funny! I'm so disappointed if May is the date. Certainly takes the wind out of our sails and the interest starts to wain...

    I m starting the Dream Guardians after the book I'm reading now. Yvette, you enjoyed them right? You seemed to like Aiden!

    Sarah you're funny too with your swing comment! Haha! ;)

  • Linda it is beautiful, was telling Charmaine on the spoiler thread about how I practically cried for a good part of the book. Great love story! Aidan is a dish, yum!

  • Ok I'll break down and read them. I posted before I wasn't sure about the genre. But I'm needing books so I'll read these two. I understand that she wants to finish the series but isn't sure when she will.

    I guess I'll be adding Aidan to the list of hot fictional characters to be obsessed with! Lol!

  • It's a good book, i just finished both books AGAIN yesterday. It's a cute series...if you think Aidan is hot, wait until you hear the description of his friend Connor...yum!!

    Ladies, I aim to please and make you laugh! Ha!!

  • Yes Linda I really liked them. Haha Sarah I don't know which one I liked more since both are so different, but equally hot.

    She did say she'd finish them so maybe she has one finished that she can put out to distract us if EWY doesn't come out till May not that it will be the same but at least we'd have something.

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