Vodka party question

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  • The night that Gideon went to the party for the vodka release, and missed therapy... how didn't Eva know about it? Since she was working on that project, how did her boss Mark keep that from her? Bit confused on that part

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  • I think it was all a last minute arrangement - remember they have a meeting where Gideon doesn't acknowledge Eva and then goes off talking to Vodka executives - I'm not sure her boss was included - if he is then he knows they have broken up and that it might be too painful for her - From the Monday making the decision (if he did) to kill Nathan he only had 3 days to organise the event as a cover and Eva had already broken up with him - maybe there is more in the next book - I do think this book is creating a lot of questions which will be resolved in the next book/s

  • Thanks Sally! I can't wait for the next book!

  • Neither can I - I keep returning to the existing books - think I'm becoming geek on crossfire - my husband is very understanding - as its his fault I got into the books - he went shopping and asked me if there was anything that I wanted - I said a present - expecting flowers; he came back with Bared to You

  • That was a really nice present he got you :)

  • It was - thank you x

  • LOL Sally a Crossfire geek, we totally should have a convention :)

  • Such a geek Jenna/Silvana - I woke this morning and realised I didn't get the timeline quite right - at the time of the Vodka Party Gideon was just keeping away from Eva and ignoring her - this was a) to ensure Nathan kept away from her and b) so Eva can't be implicated - Eva's own insecurities add to this because at the time she thinks Gideon is avoiding her because he is disgusted with the pictures Nathan showed him. Eva rang and called time the following weekend after her Dad showed her the picture from the Vodka Party LOL x

  • Ya i'm guessing it was all his efforts to keep himself and her safe and his story straight.

    So far between Bared to you and Reflected in you, which one was your favorite?

  • Hi I'm Yvette and I'm addicted to CrossFire and all Romance novels! This is day 30 since I've fallen off the wagon.

  • You're funny Yvette! I know, how long have we been on this forum? Haha! Since Sylvia put us here so we wouldn't spoil it for those waiting for books! Hahahahahahaha! FSOG started me on this crazy trip. I read those in May (so glad all three were out then!) and I haven't stopped reading! Lol!

  • Same here Stacie and I'm panicking my KINDLE is not working

  • Woa! That's not good! I'm addicted to my kindle app. My iPad is never far away from me. Sad but true! My husband just bought me a kindle. For some reason reading on my iPad as much as I do is messing with my eyes. He said if I'm going to keep reading about all of these men and romances, at least don't go blind! Hahahahahahaha!

  • Hahaha that's funny! With how much we've been reading about all of these MEN maybe we should go blind for a while. But the damage is done and we would still picture them in our heads.

    I guess I shouldn't freak out too much I still do have my phone app and my IPad but I like my kindle because even though it's not an actual paper back book it's about the same size so it let's me pretend.

  • Ok I overreacted I guess when I thought it was charging last night it wasn't and it was just completely dead. Whew that was a close one. I thought I was going to have to go out and buy a new one today

  • Oh and Jenna to get into the topic of the thread(sorry I do that...a lot) I think it was a last minute ploy for his alibi that's why he made sure he told her to go to their appointment so she would have a solid one too. And like Sally Ann said her boss new about the break up and wouldn't want to upset her.

  • Sally,

    Eva doesn't know about the pictures at this point! She has no idea Nathan is in New York until the next night at dinner with her father and the cops show up at her apartment. she doesn't know about the pictures until her mother comes over and explains that Nathan came to see them as well. I completely understand how the timeline gets confusing...I am even question things as I write this!

  • Jenna - have to say Bared to You was breath of fresh air after FSOG whilst I enjoyed FSOG (I did get to the point with inner goddess - if it was said one more time book going out the window). Bared to You just pulled me in and was brilliant. On first reading Reflected in You - I didn't get it until the last two chapters so on first reading found it frustrating but once all the "ducks lined up" I then re read and really really enjoyed it but because it is the middle book it leaves you hanging. I will be booking time out when the next book is issued. I think the last book will be the best with our happy ever after.

  • Sally I think it makes more sense to us the 2nd time because when he's doing everything we understand why it's happening. And then we are able to focus on more of the subtle clues.

  • Yes definately agree with you Yvette although it still leaves you with questions - what do you think he muttered (which she didn't hear) when Eva gave Gideon the key back

  • Sally Sylvia actually answered that and said she didn't know yet

  • Do you think they are going to move the date of Entwined with you back? I don't think I can wait till May 2013!!! I know Sylvia said that wasn't for sure so I hope so!!!

  • Best to assume May Jenna then anything else is a bonus - I will read anyway - Glass half full not empty approach

  • I'm going to still read it too haha :)

  • Which book so far is your favorite? I think I liked Bared to you better than Reflected....

  • I liked Bared way more than Reflected because you got to see them together more those are my favorite parts

  • Sally and Yvette (fellow addicts!), I too enjoyed Reflected better on second (plus) read. I could relax knowing what was happening and really take it all in, clues and all. And knowing Gideon wasn't really being an evil so and so - although should I really say that now knowing he's a murderer!!

  • I agree that Bared was such a breath of fresh air after FSOG. Still keep recommending it to friends who haven't heard of it yet.

  • Cathryn, I have read more drama ridden romance novels since Reflected and can I tell you I always get a pit in my stomach the first time I read them as if it's happening to me! When I know things will be ok in the end I can be so much more relaxed and enjoy it playing out. Have you read On Dublin Street I swear I wanted to puke I was so upset!

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