Time Lines .....

  • BARED TO YOU ..................

    Week one ……..

    Monday – Walked to work. Met Mr. Dark and Dangerous

    Tuesday – Saw GC in elevator leaving work and went for Drinks with Cary

    Wednesday – Worked late, ate Chinese food with Mark and Steven

    Thursday – Vodka meeting at 4, propisitioned by GC. Went to Brooklyn for Krav Magna

    Friday – Lunch with Stanton. To Gideon’s office (kissed on Couch). Clubbing with Cary.

    Saturday – Spa Day with Cary and Mom. Advocacy Dinner

    Sunday – Gideon sent flowers. Chill out day at home.

    Week two ……..

    Monday – Lunch with Gideon in his office. Cheeseburgers. Gym after work. Hotel. Back to his HOME. Nightmare #1.

    Tuesday – Lunch with Cary. “Sometime time sensitive on my desk”. Dinner & Movie with Cary and Trey. GC came over after dinner plans.

    Wednesday – Lunch at Bryant Park Grill with Mark and Steven. After work, she told GC about Nathan. Went out on a date. Nightmare #2. Left wearing only a nightgown.

    Thursday – Lunch with Christopher Vital. GC gave keys back. Gym. 6pm appt with mom and Dr. Peterson

    Friday – Gym. Fettuccini alfredo. watched Tron

    Saturday – Shopping for Garden party and Photo shoot with Cary

    Sunday – Garden Party.

    Week three ……..

    Monday – Told GC she loved him on the way to work. Flowers delivered to GC at 10, 11, and 2. Ring Shopping. Krav Magna. Chinese with Cary. GC Nightmare #3.

    Tuesday – Lunch at Jean Georges with Business associates. Krav. GC saw Dr. Peterson. Trey caught Cary with Tatiana. Candlelight dinner.

    Wednesday – Lunch with mark and Steven, met Shawna. Gym and then Gala Dinner at Waldorf Astoria. Met Corinne.

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  • Keep going.. I like the simple breakdown!

  • Hope you're going to do a time line for RIY. This is great!!

  • REFLECTED IN YOU ...................

    (Continued from Bare to you)

    Thursday – Woke up with CG. He told her about AZ, she negotiated LV with Cary. Lunch with Megumi. Caught Corinne leaving the Crossfire. Confronted GC with cheating. Went to appt with Dr. Peterson. Eva had nightmare about Nathan, got sick. Took Shower together.

    Friday – Started with a conv with Cary in the kitchen. Fly to Vegas. Had sex a mile high for 3 hours.

    Saturday – Vegas. Eva sent a sumo-wrestler to shadow GC. =)

    Sunday – Vegas. “you are the greatest risk I’ve ever taken and the greatest reward”

    Week Four ……..

    Monday – Lunch with Mom and Megumi. Walked back to work, mom took an abrupt halt at something she saw. Krav Maga. Bath with CG. Nightmare #4. He left key and went home.

    Tuesday – Gideon worked from home. Eva went shopping at lunch. Krav. GC appt with Dr. Peterson. Eva went to his apt and waited for him. Shawna called with Concert invite. Soup for dinner. Eva gave GC a key to her appt on a engraved key chain.

    Wednesday – woke to GC bringing her coffee! She invited him to Six-Ninths Concert. Lunch with Mark, Steven, and Shawna. After work, Krav, then GC’s apt. GC working in home office, Eva asked for him to bring a friend to the concert. “I miss being inside you” …. “you are always inside me”.

    Thursday – Appt with Dr. Peterson. “I love him”

    Friday – Lunch with Cary, talk of Six-Ninths and Brett Kline. Concert with GC, Shawna and Arnoldo. Eva kissed Brett after the concert, GC beat him up.

    Saturday – Woke up in NC. Long talk in bath. Walk on the beach.

    Sunday – same. Arrived in Manhattan just before midnight to find out about Cary being beat up. Eva slept at hospital

    Week Five ……..

    Monday – GC brought her coffee and toiletries. Mom says “he is going to marry you”! Trey visits Cary.

    Tuesday – Up before dawn, went to work. Emailed GC the google alert and went to lunch with Brett Kline. Conv with GC feeling something was wrong. “Trust me”. Krav and visit to Cary. Someone was with GC when she called his house (Security detail?)

    Wednesday – up before dawn and went to Café to write GC, only to find Dr. Terry Lucas. Went to work and out to lunch with Mark and Steven for Chinese. Cary was released to go home. Eva emailed Gideon "my thoughts – uncensored". He visited her because her letter gutted him.

    Thursday – Stopped by Cary’s room on way to work “What kind of vitamins does cross take?”. Eva was ignored at the Vodka meeting. Eva went to Dr. Peterson’s appt and GC never showed up.

    Friday – Dad Arrived. Eva went to work. Stopped at the market on way home to make Enchiladas. GC and Ireland showed up. After dinner the NYPD Detectives showed up asking questions about Nathan Barker. Eva took a sleeping pill and went to bed.

    Saturday – Mom came to visit. Dad pointed out a pic of Corinne and Gideon. Eva called GC and broke up with him. The rest of the weekend, Eva and Dad bounced all over the city.

    Sunday – Dad left

    Week Six ……..

    Monday / Tuesday – “The next few days crawled by”

    Wednesday – Lunch at Mexican restaurant with Mark and Steven where Shawna worked.

    Thursday – Left a message with Dr. Peterson that we wouldn’t be there. Krav and then swung by Gideon’s appt to drop off ring and keys.

    Friday – New Assistant at work named Will.

    Saturday – Spa day at home with Mom and Cary. Eva cut her hair. Got dressed up and went to dinner with Stanton at a private club. The Vidal’s were there. Eva danced with Christopher and then told off Mrs. Vidal.

    Sunday – Chilled out all day at home.

    Week Seven ……..

    Monday – Went to lunch with Megumi and Will. GC gave Eva her ring back. “Wait”. After work, went to drug store to get water, and caught GC leaving with Corinne.

    Tuesday – 1. Visit to Corinne. 2. Visit to Dr. Terry Lucas. Gideon shows up and they drive back to Crossfire together. He divulges interesting information to her about after his father died. Went to Lunch with Christopher, and returned to find GC waiting for her and acknowledging that they trusted each other.

    Wednesday – At Krav Maga, Eva ran into the NYPD detective Graves and she explained what she thinks happened and that they are dropping the case. Eva ended up at Gideon’s to say thank you. “where do we go from here?” “Wherever this takes us. Together”

  • @Jenn, that's brilliant, you have been busy!!

  • So many days there was so much that happened, I hope I captured the most important without typing the whole book again. I'm so glad you are all enjoying it. =)

  • Nailed it Jenn! Thank you!

  • @Jenn. Wonderful synopsis! Thanks for doing this.

  • This is only 7 weeks of Gideon and Eva! just think what could happen in 6months a year or more!!!

  • It's great because it was the whole timeline that caused the most contention and confusion. We have a schedule to refer to now.:)

    @ Carly, it felt much longer than seven weeks whilst reading it.

  • Thank you Jenn

  • Wow...it's cool seeing it typed out like this...with all the ups, downs, great sex, drama, and tragedy in these two books, it seemed like MUCH LONGER than 7 weeks! Awesome idea Jenn :) and great fram of reference

  • oops "FRAME" of reference...(I was typing fast)

  • Well done Jenn, was thinking about writing a similar reference to get it straight in my head

  • Wow, thanks so much Jenn! This is great!

  • I loved it Thanks Jenn

  • so what day did GC killed nathan? monday or thursday?

  • @Elise, I am just reading this, so you may have figured it out by now ... but it was thursday ...

    Thursday – Stopped by Cary’s room on way to work “What kind of vitamins does cross take?”. Eva was ignored at the Vodka meeting. Eva went to Dr. Peterson’s appt and GC never showed up

    He set up the Vodka meeting so that he could do that.

  • ENTWINED WITH YOU ................... (Continued from Reflected in you)

    It is still Wednesday – Eva is heading home from Gideon’s after having him confirm he had done. As she walks into her building, she is confronted by Deanna Johnson, a reporter that wants some dirt on Gideon. Eva takes a shower after her Krav Maga workout, and when she comes out of the bathroom, Gideon is there. He confirms he is doing everything he can to make his way back to her.

    Thursday – She wakes up to Gideon in a suit and coffee. She finds out that she has a “hot new neighbor” living next door and he asks her to dinner tonight at 8. In a moment of clarity, she realizes it was Nathan in Gideon’s office that day she found him fresh from a shower and Lipstick on his shirt, it was Nathan’s blood and NOT Corrine

    Once at work, she makes plans with Megumi for Friday night and then gets a call from Brett. At lunchtime gets a call from Gideon asking “are we ok” and then she goes to lunch with Will.

    Eva goes to the gym and then to Gideon’s for dinner. Once asleep, Gideon has a nightmare and Eva goes to him and they take a bath.

    Friday – Starts with Gideon in his closet picking out a tie … He asked if she had a passport, for travel. She crossed the room and accidentally knocked her purse on the floor, breaking her compact and exposing an “electrical wire”. She calls Clancy and finds out he planted it for her Mother. Eva was dragging when she got to work, she had found out a ton of information in 48 hours!! She went to her desk and sent Gideon roses. She made plans to see her mother when she got home from work. Magdalene Perez came for a visit to warn about Deanna Johnson. Upon returning home, her mother was there with a dress for a function in 2 weeks. Then asked about more bugs, and found out her treasured graduation gift of a rolex had one. She left and went to her neighbors house, she cried herself to sleep on the couch. She woke up wrapped in the warmth of Gideon. Spend the evening with him! Spoke to Deanna Johnson on the phone and then Gideon fell asleep in her arms on the couch.

    Saturday – Gideon slept late as Eva strategized over his public image and overhauling the websites to his companies and foundation by Monday. Eva says he needs to distance himself from a scandal and Gideon says “that or Marry me”. She says they aren’t ready as there is so much she doesn’t know … so he says “ask me what you want to know”. They discussed. She made plans to visit her mother at 1. On her way to her moms, she had her weekly call with her dad. Girls night on the town with Megumi, her roommate Lacey and Shawna, running into Martin and 3 of her friends. Gideon came to the bar to see her.

    Sunday –she woke up to “hair of the dog” and Gideon beside her with a new watch on her wrist. She found a dozen missed calls from Dad, Mom and Cary. She called her Dad first to find out that “he knew!”. She called Cary and Richard and then headed out to get ready for her father’s visit.

    Week Eight ……..

    Monday – Eva was getting ready for work before as she hadn’t heard from her father yet, and Cary found her in the closet. She had a conv with Cary and then he did her hair and she went to work, finding out tha today was cary’s first day back to work.. Megumi was unhappy about her guy and Mark was floating … he was engaged!

    Eva went to lunch with Megumi and Gideon called to say the police might have another suspect. When back at her desk, her dad called and would be there soon. She went home and met Gideon and borrowed his car to pick up her dad. He wanted to hit something, so she took him for a Krav Maga class. Cary, Victor and Eva went to dinner, and she came home to a bouquet of White roses. She fell asleep on the couch and her dad carried her to bed and tucked her in.

    Tuesday - She wore a pale yellow dress the next day to look like sunshine and prove to her dad she was alright. For lunch, she went to get something quick and bring it back to her desk, when coming into the building Gideon and Corrine were off to the side. She had her hand on his chest and when they both saw Eva, Corrine tried to kiss him. Eva left them and entered an elevator, Gideon followed her and they both got off at the 10th floor!

    Megumi went home with Eva after work to go work out together to find that her parents had just slept together. Megumi and her mom shared a cab, and she stayed in her room until Cary came home. She finally went out to talk to her Dad while Cary ordered delivery

    Wednesday – Dad left at 11 and Cary was seeing him off. Brett called Eva on the way to work making plans for the video launch the next day. Ireland called excited about Six Ninths!! Eva and Mark went to their regular Wednesday lunch with Steven. After work, came home to change to meet Megumi at the Crossfire to work out. But evened up with a visit from Graves and Michna. Ran into Deanna Johnson at the gym and then Megumi and Eva went to dinner with Trey and Cary. She worried about Gideon all night and where he was but came home to find him asleep in her bed in the middle of a nightmare. He showered and told him about her visit with Graves and Michna.

    Thursday – She woke after 5 and went to Gideon, uneasy about the days events and seeing Brett. Busy day at work, lunch with Will and at 5, changed and went to meet Cary and Brett. Went to Times Square for the “Golden” video launch. Gideon and Ireland met them as well as Christopher. During the Video launch, Gideon left. Eva and Brett went to dinner and then he took her home, running into Deanna Johnson. She couldn’t find Gideon, but he showed up while she was showering and joined her.

    Friday – Off to work and made plans with mom for lunch. On her way out, she ran into Corrine’s Husband. Lunch with mom was weird and at 5 headed out to the Bentley and called Cary reminding him that she was off for the weekend. They boarded his plane and landed in Paradise.

    Satuday and Sunday – (Happy Reading!!)

    Week Nine ……..

    Monday – (chapter 20) Went to work and Cary called her pissed off and made plans to meet for lunch. They had it out and Cary revealed that Tatiana is 6 wks pregnant. She reminded him they were going to San Diego this weekend and would see Dr. Travis. After work she met Corrine’s husband at a wine bar to talk. When Angus showed up outside the bar, she asked him to make a stop and then went back to the office to see Gideon. Then went home to share pizza with Cary, who came home with Tatiana and was displeased to spend time with Eva and Gideon.

    Tuesday – Gideon came over early to help zip her up and stepped out of her room to find Tat in the hallway naked coming back from the kitchen and confronted her. Cary took her into his room and then Eva found Gideon in the kitchen. He reminded her about his appt tonight with Dr. Peterson. And she reminded him that her mom invited her to a function on Thursday night. After work went to Krav Maga, and ran into Graves and sparred together. She went home, took a bath before Gideon arrived. He got a call the Corrine was in the hospital after she swallowed a bottle of pills. They went to the hospital to meet Elizabeth, his mother, and Corrine’s parents and husband. The doctor talked to Giroux and then Gideon went to him and he tried to punch him, saying “baby”. The men were taken away by security and Angus came to take Eva home.

    Wednesday – Gideon never came home that night. She went to work hurt and angry that she hasn’t heard from him. She went to Krav Maga after work. She showered and then sat with Cary and Trey on the couch. She fell asleep on the couch. But woke to Gideon carrying her to bed, she asked where he had been and he said California. He left to get his pills and never came back, so she went after him, he was sound asleep, so she went through his phone, and found nothing. She then slept in the chair of his room, and then climbed into bed with him.

    Thursday – She woke to Gideon saying “wake up angel, I need you”. He brought her coffee needing to talk as she was putting on her make up, asking if she ever made a tape with Brett? The conversation moved onto Corrine and the baby and that she was pregnant and miscarried! Went to work late and came home to a beauty team in her LR. She got dressed and off they went to the Gala. And came home together ……….

    Their Journey continues … =) OMG, i can't wait!!

  • Hard to believe the whole book is 16 days ... if I counted right. A lot happened!! And the whole series so far is about 8 weeks. Thank you so much, Sylvia Day!! Can't wait for more!