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  • Bared to You and Reflected In You were the first books by Sylvia Day I read. I love these books, such great stories, easy to read, and written well.

    I was looking at Sylvia's other books and wanted suggests from others about what I should read next. I saw on her website, several series. Does anyone like one more than the other? I think I would like the historical ones, but wanted to get some in put on titles before I start buying more books.

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  • After finding BTY I kind of went a bit crazy reading a lot of Sylvia's books! Lol. I think she's a great writer. I've read all of her historical novels. I really liked The Stranger I Married, Ask For It, and Seven Years To Sin. To be honest, I saw Gideon in most of her male characters, which makes them delicious!

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  • The Stranger I Married.

  • I absolutely LOVED Pride & Pleasure and Seven Years To Sin...both great books!!!

  • Thanks for the input! I am going to check out some of these books.

  • Reading Seven Years To Sin now....trying to pass the time till book 3

  • Linda, I agree with you about the male characters being like Gideon. Apparently Sylvia was inspired by Seven Years to Sin to write Bared to you. Alistair is so like Gideon. Also you can see the parallels between both books, the limo scene in bared and the carriage scene in Seven years to sin are similiar but lifetimes apart. Didnt think i would like historical novels but adored Seven years to sin!

  • Fiona, you're right about the carriage and limo scenes!!! I didn't even think of that! Alistair was awesome wasn't he? Just like Gideon. And physically Jessica and Eva are similar. I agree, I didn't think I would be into historical novels, but she has me hooked! Looking forward to her next one, but hopefully she will finish Crossfire series first! Lol

  • Fiona, read The Stranger I Married. You will love Lord Grayson!

  • Linda it was Sylvia who brought my attention to the the limo and carriage scene. Alistair was a powerhouse lol. I must read The stranger I married. Another Gideon I hope. I heard the Renegade series is intriguing too so i have alot of reading ahead of me. Thats good, keep me occupied until Entwined comes out. I can't wait! I don't think i will be able to say goodbye to the Crossfire series. Its too compelling!

  • Well now I HAVE to read Seven Years to Sin! A friend has read all of those and loved them all! She just loves Sylvia period! I have reading to do too

  • I have read a few of Sylvia Day's books and have to say I have loved them all. I have read A Dark Kiss of Rapture, Heat of the Night (Drean Guardians Book 2), Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardians Book 1 - I hope this series continues), Pride and Pleasure & Seven Years to Sin. I have downloaded others and in the midst of reading The Stranger I Married. There is not one book I would not suggest.

  • @Fiona I have read several of her books and they are all good. However nothing is like the Crossfire books!!! With that said I am hoping like many, and since the timeline of these books is about 6 weeks. She will surprise us and write many more. The story of Gideon and Eva can go on and on. With all the demons to get through still and healing, along with past loves, and then the happiness that should be ahead for them. We should get a few more books out of the wonderful Ms. Day. I am hoping!! I am with you I don't think many of us can say goodbye....

  • I've read the Renegade series Touch of Crismson and hunger so wild. They are fantastic read them both in two days, but alas book 3 doesn't come out unit feb of next year so i'm now reading Pleasures of night to tie me over until December..:)

  • I like the Renegade Angels series. Unfortunately have to wait for the final book "A Taste of Seduction" which is Syre's story until next year. 2 short novellas in this series as well as the 3 main books. Good read.

  • I loved The Stranger I Married and Seven Years to Sin!!!!

  • Oh mine!! I have read so many of them..I wish I could say I have a favorite one, but I can't..Every time I read one of Ms.Day's book it become my favorite...Love the dream guardians books, can't wait for 3 to come out..Loving the historical and paranormal one....I have a few more to read, still catching up..Right now I am reading "Ask for it" and of cause Crossfire books..

  • Just finished reading the Dream Guardians books LOVE THEM, cant wait once again for the 3rd book couldn't put them down 2 books in 24hours very tired today though Lol recommended!!

  • Lina you were right when you said I would love the Dream Guardian series. I did love them.

    Niki I was like you and read them each in a day such easy and compared to BTY/RIY light reads.

  • Yvette, I got the Guardian Series after yourself and Lina gave it such good reviews. I have the Renegade series too, read first one but am now going to try these out. I hope I won't be sorry, it being a trilogy again LOL!

    @ Niki, that's the only downside to Sylvia's books, you can't put them down they draw you in so much!

  • I've read the Renegade series, in fact A Dark Kiss of Rapture was my first Kindle download. And the beginning of my love for Sylvia's books. I have nine, all have been mentioned above and all as good as the next. Other than the Crossfire series which is my favorite at the moment (because there is still more of that story to come). Seven Years to Sin I really enjoyed.

    But currently I'm on book two of the Dream Guardians. I'm hoping to love Connor's story even half as much as Aidan's! However I'm fear I'll be left hanging at the end. There are only two books in this series and the were published in 2009! I can tell already at 7% Wager needs a story. But, with 93% more to go..with Sylvia, who knows what magic can happen.

  • Dana I'm not going to spoil any of the book for you but when you're done we can talk ;)

    Sylvia did tell me that she is going to finish the series. I can't wait. Just more waiting.....

    Fiona I can't wait to hear how you feel about them

  • @Dana, I agree Sylvia is great. Loving Crossfire at the moment and read Seven years to sin. Loved Alistair, very like Gideon physically which was a bonus I must say:) I would have liked a follow up to with Hesters story.

  • Yvette, looking forward to them alot. Between Aidan and Conor I'm sure I will be well entertained:)

  • I can't decide who I liked between the two hunks.

  • That's a good complaint LOL. Just read Sylvia's wall a few minutes ago, apparently amazon are not releasing entwined with you, the paperback until May 2013, but the kindle edition is still down for Dec 2012. That's what the readers said anyway. I don't think I could wait that long!

  • Yvette Charmaine, Lina, I am only at Chapter 3, in Pleasures of the night and what can I say, I am hooked. I was hooked after the first chapter if I'm honest. The characters are wonderful. Lyssa is so vunerable and Aidan is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I have noticed that about Sylvia's female characters, they all have vunerabilities that just draw you in.

    I have to agree it is so emotional, her not eating properly and living a nonexistent life, it really tugged at my heart strings.I'm looking forward to finding out about her background and why she cannot remember her dreams.

    Yvette, I agree it really is such an easy read.

  • Just finished Seven Years to Sin, after so many recommendations here, LOVED IT!!!

  • @ Yvette...finished Heat of the Night.. in just a day. Oh my goodness, I have so many questions. I loved both books, but I pray she doesn't leave us hanging! :) I loved both male characters. would be too incredibly hard to pick just one. And I can't even give you the reasons, wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone!

    so, if you haven't read the Dream Guardian series, do. And let Ms. Day know how much you loved it. :)

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