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  • Did anyone notice that Eva met Dr. Lucas's wife in Bared To You? Remember when she said she was lucky ? I almost need to read both books again I think! lol I think she may play a part in the next book. I think she's one that we need to keep an eye on due to the fact that she had major feelings for him and he was using her to get back at the Dr. Also why didn't Eva remember meeting her? Or atleast it didn't seem like it.

  • Gideon for sure killed Nathan. Eva is a heroine in need of a stiffer backbone. Love her, though! Please let there be a wedding and a baby! Would love to read E & G be quiet when in the throes of passion so as not to wake baby!

  • Trish- are you sure? I don't remember a specific description of the woman who tells her she is lucky. Do you have a page number??

  • Yup it was at the Charity function. She specifically said she was red headed and in her 40's. She told her they were friends but she could tell by her face she didn't believe her.

  • I"ll find the page number for you Maria.

  • Oh you are right!! Man I seriously need to read both books again!!! I read them so fast because I couldn't put them down. I even read Bared to You 3 times and still missed that! Thanks Trish!

  • See i'm telling you ladies, the answers are there she diistracts us with all the sexual tension! lol

  • Here's a thought after reading all the post. Could Megumi's roommate be Tatiana?

  • In chapter 8 Gideon says "we're going to come to an agreement. Once it's met ther is no turning back". What does he mean by this. Is he talking about them trusting each other? I'm not sure.

  • Jade.... Very interesting question..hmmm

  • Is the nickname "Ace" for Gideon from a real book series or a made up? GUessing it is real since most of the references to other things like restaurants and landmarks are real.

    It's a real series -- the In Death series by J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts.

  • Hi Irena I'm thinking the same thing????

  • Guys it says it book that cross punched Ian he was the guy there when Cary had his 4 sum that night so was that not why he went bk in at the end of bared to you

  • I'm probably in the minority here, but I actually don't think this series should be drawn out longer than the three originally planned. I love their relationship as is especially now that they trust each other and I think there's a chance that it could get too repetitive. How many more times can they break up and psychoanalyze their relationship before it gets diluted and unrecognizable. I love that the relationship is raw, obsessive, compulsive, and passionate. I don't even mind that Gideon has the need to know where she is at all times (as much as this would drive me crazy in real life) and I love that he's so dominant. Other than finding out the rest of Gideon's story, getting them to where they can get back to sleeping in the same bed again, dealing with Corrine and the rest of his family, what else is there to add? A love triangle? (I hate the thought!) Watching them go through therapy until they become a vanilla couple? (From everything I've read we all love Gideon as he is, do we really want him to change?) I think she should just make the third book a little longer and she'll be able to wrap everything up and they'll have their HEA with an epilogue to give us a look into their future.

  • I noticed that the shrink is a female and the doctoral candidate "she" was supervising came to Gideon's house when he was a child. I was curious if that has helped anyone figure out who the therapist is and who the doctoral candidate is since we know it was not Lucas. Couldn't be Lucas as that was NOT his line of practice, beside the fact that Ms. Day all ready divulged that information to us on this blog. :)

    In regards to Christoper and Megume knowing each other, I thought it rather odd that when Christopher arrived for his and Eva's lunch date that Megume in reception did NOT call up to Eva to announce that she had a visitor, Christopher, waiting to see her. Megume had announced in the past, with a call up to Eva, when she had someone waiting in the lobby for her, ie: Brett. I thought it was an interesting detail to make note of.

    As to who killed Nathan. We could have a red herring at the end of this book. It's not at all implausible for Eva's mom and Stanton to be involved in Nathan's murder. After all Eva did NOT tell Gideon, at the end of the book, that he was no longer a suspect but that the detective was "dropping the case". She saw in Gideon's eyes that he knew that she knew but......Gideon could have been part of a cover up. Let's take a look at that night. It was a thursday night. Gideon told Eva that he was planning on being at their couples therapy but that he would be late. (hmmm, late. I wonder why?) Up until now, Gideon always showed up where-ever he told Eva he would be at. This particular night he knew he was going to be running late but would be at their session, albeit late. I think things went assbackwards on the Gideon/Stanton "operation dispose of Nathan" plan. He had to cover up some cover up and perhaps it was Eva's mom or even Stanton that did it but Gideon needed to help that night because things were not going as planned. Perhaps a flaw in their plan by an unexpected family member, ie: Christopher, that might be involved with Nathan's plan to eradicate Eva? maybe? I dunno know, but Eva's mom changed quite drastically after the death of Nathan and when her panic-stricken phone call to Eva, out of the blue, made it sound like the cops were crawling around everywhere it was likely that many hands were in this pot. Perhaps Eva's mom was hoping that Eva would call Gideon and tell him to make it all stop or "go away". But calling Gideon herself was probably out of the question as too much contact with Gideon herself would look suspicious.

    I think the detective was intentional in being "off the books" with Eva. She knew Eva's dad would have her well learned on detective protocol and Eva would not do much cooperating if they hauled her in with routine questioning. BUT catch her off guard, plant some "reprieve" in her mind and she might lead them straight to the actual murderer. I am sorry but detectives do NOT just close a case when the cities wealthiest man, wealthy family and a murder is involved. it's just to far fetched that Ms. Day would just wrap up something so detailed and planned as was this murder with just a simple little "case closed". I am not buying it.

    (*) Besides the detective made it sound like she was sympathetic to the murderer herself because look at what Nathan was doing: collected her trash, stalking her, photos, detailed notes of her daily schedule, news clippings. Cops know those are signs of a crime in action but they do not EVER accuse anyone of a crime until they actually do it. It's happens all the time, speculation is always over-ruled in court. You can't not convict someone on speculation. You can get them with theft (stealing someone else's garbage is illegal,) extortion but that's about it. That all warrants a restraining order at the least.... not a suspicion of murder. Detective Graves put a ton of investigative work into this case and the only thing she could hope for is someone who was innocent to this crime to help her nark out the murderer without 'her' knowing that she actually did it. Eva would be the ONLY one to convince anyone in that group that they could let their guard down around the cops. Remember this was all OFF the RECORD.(*) {I'm still trying to figure out how Nathan stole her specific trash when Eva lived in such a tight security did he know which trash was hers if it all went into one big dumpster??? Just the weird stuff I pay attention to in a book.}

    I liked how some of you are split on the whole Corrine and Gideon plot. Is Corrine working with Gideon on protecting Eva or is Corrine truly trying to extort Eva's baggage and expose her to black mail in getting Gideon back? I think the previous is looking more and more to be true. I think Corrine is going to turn out to be ally's with Eva, personally, because Gideon, by nature, is protective of Eva. If Eva was in any harm with Corrine in the picture Gideon would have put her on the next plane back to Hellsville. That's just how Gideon rolls with regards to Eva. BUT Corrine played a good role in helping Gideon get his cover up....but i'm sure it will come at a cost to Gideon. I am sure Corrine is getting something in return. Just my surmise there. I am going with the character that Ms. Day has set up for Gideon and so far Gideon's character doesn't stray for his main purpose. Protecting and keeping Eva. Remember that.

    Those are my thoughts for now. A little all over the board but more to throw out there for this blog to disassemble.

    (*) more of a rant than an actual proof to my opinion

  • There are so many theories on here about the murder and who was involved, but I think it was really simple. I think it all went down exactly as the detective told Eva at the Krav Maga class. I think Gideon did it all himself. The only exception is that maybe Angus helped with minor points. I had thought Angus might have run him to/from murder scene in the car so he wouldn't be seen, but on re-reading, Gideon left the service entrance and did the 15 min walk each way. I think he did it all himself. The only one he would trust to know would be Angus, maybe Stanton. But on balance, I don't think anyone else was involved.

  • Just wondering if anyone else got suspicious about the bloodstain/lipstick scene in chapter 3 after re-reading it? I've just been thinking about the redheaded receptionists reaction upon Eva's arrival before she saw Gideon ...

    Gideon’s redheaded receptionist was unusually cooperative and buzzed me in before I reached the door. Then she grinned at me in a way that got my back up. I’d always gotten the impression she didn’t like me, so I didn’t trust that smile for a minute. It made me twitchy. Still, I waved and said hello, because I wasn’t a catty bitch—unless I was given good reason to be.


  • Yay for this forum! Quite a few of my questions got answered! We still don't know why Gideon owns the controlling interest in Vidal Records, but I suspect it's simply that he can be in control. Recap for people who didn't read every single post in the forum like I did (official answers from Sylvia):

    1. It was Nathan in Gideon's office when Eva saw Corinne coming out of the Crossfire. It was Nathan's blood on Gideon's shirt, not lipstick. My guess is Corinne went to see Gideon but got turned down because a) he didn't want to see her and b) he was beating up Nathan.

    2. When Eva called Gideon at his place from the hospital, it was his security team in the background.

    3. At the end of BTY when Gideon had to go back to Eva's apartment, it was his sleeping pills that he forgot.

    4. The book series Eva got the nickname "Ace" for Gideon from is Nora Roberts' "Naked in Death"

    Now that Gideon doesn't have to put up a facade to cover up the murder, I hope he and Eva can pick up from the weekend in NC and move on with their relationship! What did Gideon mean when he said "everything's new?" And also "I've taken the lead with some things and given it to you with others. That’s left you confused and worried. I’m sorry about that, angel. It’ll be easier moving forward. We’re going to come to an agreement. Once it’s met, there’s no turning back. Understand?" Does that mean he's going to go all dom on her now with some sort of a contract maybe? And please let Gideon propose to Eva! I know she already said she'd marry him but I'm traditional this way... Still want the whole down on one knee deal...!

    I sort of want to and sort of don't want to know if Gideon has done the swing thing... I mean obviously he has done it, but he has a point that Eva shouldn't ask questions like that, because if the answer is yes I'd be gutted if I were Eva...

    I'm not so interested in finding who Gideon's molester was as what happened to him. I hope he met a slow and torturous death like Nathan, although not at the hands of Gideon. I don't want Gideon to sin any more. I think Eva's the only one he'd kill for; I don't think he would even do it for himself. If I were Eva I'd be going to church everyday and pray for forgiveness for Gideon and drag him along to repent. Because if I were Eva, I'd rather burn in hell with him than be in paradise without him.

    I found the page where the comment about the 4th book is posted. It's a personal account and a personal email reply from Sylvia, so so far it's unsubstantiated.

    Personally I'd love to read more about Gideon and Evan; there could never be enough, but it's the waiting that I can't take... Is it December 31st yet?

    I actually love the accessory covers more than the original with the models on it. It's more classy and polished this way. Love the cuff links on BTY. Sophisticated and sexy with the same Gideon crosses on Eva's ring...

    This is how I picture Gideon: Anyone knows who he is!? So hot...

    And Gideon and Eva really need to find the right words to tell each other "I love you..." I thought "I see you" from Avatar is kind of appropriate... Better ideas?

    Thoughts on previous posts in the forum:

    1. I don't think anyone was at Corinne's when Eva went to visit. I mean she's pathetic enough to mess herself up just to throw Eva off at the Crossfire; it definitely isn't beneath her to do it again. I think Gideon made it perfectly clear to her that he just wanted her to accompany him to a few events and there's no chance that they'd be together, but Corinne's willing to take whatever she can get and any chance she can to mess with Eva. I liked Corinne in BTY; she was so kind and elegant, but now her true colors are revealed.

    2. I don't doubt that it was Gideon who killed Nathan. Thought that was made pretty clear at the end. I don't think anyone else, Stanton, Monica and Angus included, is crazy/loves Eva enough to kill for her. Monica's definitely too weak to be capable of something like this. She'd just run to Stanton and hope that he'd take care of it. I don't think Gideon has any accomplices either. It's too risky to have anyone have knowledge of what he's doing and he's more than brilliant enough to plan and execute the perfect crime. I'm sure he'd more than want to stab Nathan more than once, but he's in control enough to hold his personal impulses to make sure the execution's flawless.

    3. I don't think detective Graves was trying to trick Eva either. I think she was genuinely touched by Gideon and Eva's love for each other, and she's practical enough to see exceptions to ideology. I mean yes murder is wrong and I don't trivialize or justify what Gideon did, but the reality is Eva will never be truly safe with Nathan alive. Gideon didn't come to the decision to kill him lightly. At first he simply turned down Nathan's demands and did everything he could to protect Eva. It wasn't until Cary was put in the hospital, a week and a half later, that he's exhausted every other viable option and truly believed that Eva was in imminent mortal danger, before he resorted to murder. Nathan can and will always come back and blackmail them again and again with the pictures and videos, and he's a psychopathic monster who WILL kill Eva. The justice system has no way of protecting her, since you can't prosecute intent to murder, and Gideon would never take the risk for it to go anywhere as near as attempted murder after what Nathan did to Cary.

    4. I don't think there's anything going on with Megumi. Don't think she was dating either Chris or Nathan. It's probably just part of the background character development. I hope she can become a really good friend of Eva's.

    Sylvia has anyone approached you regarding the movie rights to the books yet!? Definitely hope there'll be movies! Can't get enough!

  • Well said Sarah! Totally agree on most things you have said Re: Gideon murdering Nathan and Detective Graves. I hope Megumi turns out to be a good friend to Eva...

    I do think that perhaps Angus helped/advised Gideon in regards to Nathan...I think he has protected Gideon as a little boy and is there for him now. In BTY they said that Gideon hired him away when it was time...I think Angus' loyalty was always to Gideon.

    And I still wonder about Gideons step father...there is something there I reckon????

  • Where did Sylvia say that it was Gideon's security team in the apartment when Eva called from the hospital?

  • I love this forum, I got so much more information and things to think about. I have re-read both books and still finding new things I missed, I think because reading so fast, could not put the books down,,, Sylvia Day has out did herself.

  • I'm having a little confusion about the whole time line of events. (Granted I've only read it once so far)...Okay so it was a monday when Gideon and Nathan had their fight, then the following monday when Eva's mom saw Nathan outside the Crossfire, and then the following monday (after their weekend away) that they found out Cary was in the hospital,and then Nathan was killed that Thursday, right? At the end when Det. Graves is telling Eva how it all went down, she mentions pictures were found that monday in Nathan's hotel room of Cary along with pics of Eva and trash, etc. and I get that was the last straw for Gideon. But who found the stuff? At that time the police shouldn't have been involved. And if Gideon was the one who found them, why would he tell the police about it during his statement?

  • I beleive it was a Thursday that Gideon and Nathen met.

  • What a rollercoaster ride this series is! And great idea about the forum!

    But I am conflicted about who killed Nathan: I can see GC doing it (for his Angel....) - but why wouldn't Eva's stepfather (Stanton) be upset or angry that his son is dead unless his wife (Eva's Mom) killed him?

  • Nathen isnt Stantons son, he is from husband number two I think....

  • @ Emily Speakman ... I believe the detective was referring to that Monday because she believes that is the day Gideon began to implement his plan (ie protect Eva by pushing her away and creating the illusion that he was cheating on her/moved on with someone else); and that when they searched the hotel room (after Nathan was killed) they came across the photos and evidence showing his stalking. That was my understanding of it.

  • Okay the Thursday meeting makes more sense. I was thinking that the event they went to where he was talking to Corinne all evening/the Cary orgy thing happened on a weekend. I thought everything seemed too spaced out. But didn't she say she thought that Gideon saw the pictures of Cary? I'm totally going to have to re read this weekend, with knowing that Gideon was in contact with Nathan from the very beginning and see if I can figure anything new out :)

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