Reflected in You **spoiler thread**

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  • Some of you have a question in regard to REFLECTED IN YOU, so I'm going to address it here. I don't want the readers who are waiting for the paperback to have their experience with the book ruined. If you have questions that are spoiler-ish, please use this forum to post them and keep them off the main wall.

    1) What happened when Eva went to Gideon's office and found him fresh from a shower?

    The answer to this question is another question: Knowing Gideon (and keeping in mind how he reacted to Brett), how do you think he'd react to Nathan showing up at his office with obscene and hurtful pictures of Eva? Keep that in mind and read the scene again. :)

    Also- I'll answer spoiler questions about RIY, but not teaser questions about EWY.

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  • Corinne is clearly in love with him... dose she do more to try and get him back and why is she spending sooo much time with him??? why is he doing that when he knows what is does to Eva???

  • no way that is so unbeleivable and explains so much of the rest of the following reactions he has

  • when i read the book the second time, i assumed it was because of Nathan, Eva says she saw "red lipstick" on the shirt, but then at the end when she confronts Corrine, you know that she actually doesn't come out of Giddeon's office, but messed herself up to make it look like it. So reading it twice or even three times helps :)

  • who was in the room when Eva called Gideon from the hospital? Thanks!!

  • I didn't think he cheated on her during that scene but the lipstick on the shirt was throwing me off. Will have to reread it as you suggested - was planning to do a whole re-read but will be starting with that scene.

  • Wow, now it makes sense he beat him up a little. Thank you! By the way loved the book! Can't wait till the next one...a little bummed we have to wait so long.

  • I've read the book twice and I still didn't put those 2 things together. Why was Nathan back at the Crossfire building the day Eva's mom saw him?

  • So it's blood not lipstick?

  • OMG that explains so much...I just finished the book today, but I'm definitely going to re-read to catch all these little things!!! I love the book Sylvia and yes I was emotionally drained after it but well worth it!

  • Ok my Q... is the Doctoral Candidate male or female?

  • The lip stick was said to look like a blood stain or something like blood. So that explains it being Nathan.

  • @ Kelly, I think Stanton ( Eva's Step Dad) was on the phone with Gideon when Eva called him from the hospital. I think Stanton was aware what Gideon had planned. It's just a thought I'm not sure if it's right. I'm interested to see who everyone else thought he was talking to.

  • @Katie, that makes sense and that would explain why they keep questioning Stanton.

  • Second question re doctoral candidate. Is it Terrence Lucas? Trying to figure out if Eva had Gideons reasons for their dislike right or if goes deeper.

  • I think he was in the middle of handling nathan when she called him.. does the time frame match?

  • @Kirsty - In the book, the line from Gideon says "I was left alone with him more and more frequently." So, male.

  • I think the doctoral candidate was Terrence Lucas.

    @ Christi thats an interesting thought.

  • I dont think the time frame matces Christi- it was evening and she called him at home. I dont think he would let Nathan in his home

  • I agree with Katie, I think that Stanton knew or had a feeling of what Gideon was up to cuz Gideon was not willing to pay off Nathan. But going back to BTY, Gideon was all up trying to find out how the records had been sealed by Stanton. Both Stanton & Gideon were willing to do everything in their power to keep their women safe & they understand that of each other

  • @ Kelly.. I get that but we don't necessarily know he is talking about the Doctoral Candidate when he says 'he'. Gideon could have been left alone with any male.. it never mentioned a name.. I dunno, I'm still not 100% on who I think abused Gideon. It's all very confusing.

  • Another reason I think it was Terrence is b\c at one point Gideon says something about how Terrence separated him from his family.

    I love this FORUM!!!!

  • Kirsty- I think you should re-read that part. Who else would it be but the doctoral candidate?

  • As to who abused Gideon-- in BTY, I thought it was the stepfather but now its between the stepfather & the Doctoral Candidate...

  • I wanted to thank you again Ms. Day for giving us Gideon and Eva! Reflected In You was phenomenal, looking forward to see how you top it with Entwined With You!

    When I read the office scene (chapter 3), even given the fact that Corrine had just exited the building, I didn't think Gideon had done anything with her - wasn't confused about it then, but now with your explanation I am sort of confused since Nathan is not outside the Crossifre building until chapter 6 when Eva, Megumi and Ms. Stanton are coming back from lunch and Eva's mom freaks out about something she saw - or am I wrong in thinking it was Nathan she saw coming out of Crossfire?

  • @Glorya - Exactly what I was getting at. Nobody knows who it was, no name was ever mentioned.. I thought all along through BTY it was Christopher (step father) and even the first time reading RIY I still did. It's only since talking to other people I see it COULD be the Doctoral Candidate. So like you said.. we still don't know and I'm dying to find out. Although I'm sure that won't be until EWY is released.

  • dr terrence was the one that abused him.. he stated that his mother didnt beleive him and she had two doctors check him out(one of those doctors being dr. terrence) and thats why eva asked him why he lied to gideons mom, what was he hiding. after that scene is where gideon finally opens up saying he was left alone with him a lot and thats the reason he slept with dr. terrence's wife, destroy his life like he did to gideon!

  • How about Eva's mother? I convinced myself that it was her that did the deed until I got to the end of the book, I thought Gideon was far too obvious, I still have a feeling that she is involved somehow, I could be wrong....

  • It's the doctoral candidate, who isn't Dr. Lucas.

  • @Kirsty--- but someone paid off the two doctors that Gideons mom took him to! Im still leaning towards the stepfather being the one who abused him only cuz he (stepfather) would have the means & reason to pay off the doctors!!! Not sure that the doctoral candidate would have the $$ to pay off the doctors.

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