Nathan Questions

  • When did Nathan first appear? It had to be before Eva's mom saw him in front of Crossfire?

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  • I believe that Nathan first came to visit Gideon the day that Eva saw Corrine outside the building. The stain on Gideon's shirt is blood and an altercation occurred in Gideon's office that is why the sofa was out of place.

  • Nathan first visited Gideon the very first day of REFLECTED--at the time Corinne was seen outside. He returned to the Crossfire later, as well.

  • thanks sylvia I knew it!

  • It's not really a question but more a theory that I'm trying to see if anyone else thinks as well. Ok, so Nathan shows up to see Gideon the first day, they fight, maybe he gets thrown/escorted out of the building. Nathan shows up again the following Monday, when Monica spots him outside the building, maybe making demands about releasing the Eva video/photos if he's not paid off. I'm thinking Gideon is considering meeting his demands & that's why he's so affected later with Eva in the bath-holding onto her, asking her for no drama, then asks her to have lunch with him on Tuesday-but events transpire i.e. the nightmare, the kiss, the concert & it just doesn't happen. So, Nathan gets frustrated with Gideon's lack of response, attacks Cary then calls Gideon at the hospital to push him on the money-just an aside, anyone else wondering why all the sudden Nathan is desperate to get out of the country? So much so that he's attempting to blackmail both Gideon & Stanton? Once Gideon puts together/finds out that Nathan attacked Cary he makes the decision he's got to kill Nathan & thereby distance himself from Eva.

  • You think Stanton knows that Gideon killed Nathan?

  • I would like to put a timeline together to see how everything progressed. It seems like it just just a few weeks that this all took place? From chapter one where she says they have only dated a month.

  • The copy editor actually put together a daily/monthly calendar, so she could keep track of the events. That's something important to understand about the Crossfire series while reading it--it's very nearly a day-by-day account of Gideon and Eva's relationship from the very first day they met onward.

  • Why did Nathan have pictures of Cary? Cary's character is very complexed and several incidents in RIU had me worried. Knowing that Nathan had pictures of him made my thoughts drift in 2 different scenarios.

  • Thanks Sylvia!

  • Nathan must have balls the size of Manhatten to come back into Eva's life and try and extort money from Gideon and Stanton......... just glad that the scumball met a grisly end, me thinks tho that the Krav Maga that Eva is doing is going to come in handy in Entwined with You, just wonder who's ass she is going to whoop, lol, hope it is either Christopher or Corinne, I would pay good money to see these two leeches get their asses whooped.

  • Okay since i have some time on my hand i'm going to do a timeline starting with Bared To You. I'll let you know when i am finished and if i left anything out~ Kim

  • Can we get a copy of the timeline Sylvia?? I keep running the dates. Bared to you spans about 16 daysand Reflected in you 3 weeks. Is that correct?

  • The night Trey caught Cary with Tatiana, Gideon came by for dinner. He asked Eva if Nathan ever contacted her. It was on his mind that day. I wondered if Nathan might have emailed, phoned or sent a note to Gideon to stay away from Eva... before he actually went to Gideon's office in person. Just wondering.