Megumi's roommate (possible spoilers)

  • A question was brought up earlier about who Megumi's roommate might be, I can't seem to find it, and I had a thought. Could Megumi's roommate be Corinne? Follow me... Corinne was seen leaving the Crossfire. Also, when Eva went to Corinne's apartment, Corinne wouldn't let her in. Why? Because Megumi is her roommate. I could see that Megumi and Corinne could be friends and are plotting against Eva. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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  • that's quite an interesting idea!.Very possible that's true!

  • I cannot imagine corrine having a roommate...and for some reason, I cant imagine megumi living in an expensive nyc apartment on her receptionist salary....but who knows

  • Look at Eva, has 5 million in the bank, living in a swank apt, but working as a advertising assistant. Megumi seems awfully curious about Gideon. Plus she could have told Corinne that she and Eva were going to lunch that day and gave Corinne the chance to "sneak" out of the Crossfire. Just my thought on it. I could be waaay off.

  • Corinne has only just moved back to New York after living in France for a number of years. The connection with Megumi seems a long shot.

  • Im with you Tara, I could so see that happening. And deep inside Eve feels something off with Megumi which is why she was a bit hesitant to talk about Gideon and why she could stop thinking about "using the info to hurt Gidion"

  • I don't think so..Like " Cathryn Downes wrote" "Corinne has only just moved back to New York after living in France for a number of years. The connection with Megumi seems a long shot"..I agree!!

  • They could have known each other beforehand

  • I was rereading the book and I wondered why Sylvia added Megumi's roommate and blind date into the book. Who is Megumi's roommate and how could this fit into EWY? Also, Corinne didn't want Eva in her apartment. Obviously we're all wondering who was in there that Corinne didn't want Eva to see? Maybe she just wanted Eva to wonder who was in there. And how was it that Corinne was at the Crossfire the same day that Eva was out to lunch? Look who she was out with. I think she planned the whole rustling of her hair and makeup. I just tried to figure out the common denominator and it seems to be Megumi. As far as Corinne just moving back to NY, where did she go to high school /college? Who were her friends? What did she do in Paris? This is info we don't have. Megumi could fit into any of those. Hell I'm not saying I'm right. But isn't it funny to speculate?

  • I think she went to Columbia because I think that's where Gideon and Corinne met. Also, I am assuming, that since he owns the building, if G had any idea that Megumi and Corinne knew each other he would either keep a close eye on her, or he may not have hired her in the first place. Plus, doesn't she live right around the corner from Gideon...and if C feels she can have Angus at her beck and call, don't you think Gideon would know about her living with Megumi?

  • I agree with Sarah...Gideon mentioned in Bared that he and Corinne met at Columbia. He took her to the hotel for sex and would never spend the night with her using the excuse that he had early classes the next morning. It may come up in Entwined that Megumi's roommate is relevant, but I don't believe it is Corinne. Gideon would know that because I also believe he could be helping her with her living expenses ( he probably own the building she lives in). How can she move from France with no job and live in a high rise in NYC? She probably got a bunch of $$ from her divorce, but to find a place that fast? It has gotta be with his help.

    When Eva arrived at her door in Reflected, Eva mentioned that it took about 20 minutes for Corinne to OK her coming up to her apartment. In that time, I believe she was mussing herself up to make Eva think someone (being Gideon) was there with her. If Gideon was actually there and didn't want Eva to know, he would have had plenty of time to dress and leave before Eva was OK'd to come up to her place so what would there be to hide. Oh yea...and I don't think Angus would have taken Eva there if he thought she would catch him with Corinne.

    Just my two cents! :)

  • I agree too...Megumi is somehow relevant since she is being brought up more and more. I wonder though, if maybe Magdalene isn't Corinne's roommate. I know she was trying to emulate her by keeping her hair long, until she came back from France, but her calling Eva to tell her what really happened the night Eva found out about Corinne, seems a little suspicious to me, especially after what she said to her in the bathroom during the Advocacy dinner during the first book. I am probably totally 100% wrong though, cause I usually am about these things. I don't think he owns the building Corinne lives in but since he seems to own everything else in New York that's how I came to that assumption. Also, maybe Corinne doesn't always use Angus to drive her, because Eva saw Raul that one time she spotted Gideon walking her to the car at the Crossfire before she flipped him off. I dunno, this may not even make sense. Just my opinion.

  • Maybe Megumi was dating Nathan ..WHich hasn't came out yet just a thought

  • Megumi couldn't be dating Nathan, since he was already found dead when Megumi was still telling Eva and Will about their romantic date ... What would be interesting though would be that Megumi's dating Christopher. Like that time Eva ran into him at the Crossfire and when Megumi was talking about his grandparents having a place in , was it Aspen?

  • The Hamptons. Christian Grey had a place in Aspen

  • hahahaha... crazy how i'm getting these stories mixed up. But thanks Sarah ;)

  • yea ur right Njeok-Sien i forgot that and yes that would be interesting

  • I agree with Njoek-Sien Baptist..But not the "Aspen" part hahahaha...

  • I don't know about the whole roommate thing with Megumi, but, something is up with her. I don't trust her for a minute. She's up to something... I did have a thought though that she was with Christopher... clearly he can manipulate any female - so he could turn on the charm and make her believe he was a great guy. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  • I agree with Njoek -Sien Baptist...regarding Megumi and Christopher, he will do anything to get back at Gideon and hurt him by playing around, remember what he did to Magdalene at the Garden Party so he is willing to do whatever it takes , so can't to EIY comes out

  • We'll just have to wait and see, im so excited!!!!

  • I thought for a moment that Magdalene and Megumi were roommates and that Christopher was the the blind date. Then I thought better of it because Gideon KNOWS EVERYTHING about the people Eva works with, so I quickly dismissed it. I think that Megumi has some tie to Nathan but again how would Gideon NOT know?