• What was the purpose of the phone call for Magdalene? Obviously it helped Eva accept the interaction between Gideon and Corinne a little better, but what does Magdalene get out of it? Warm fuzzies? I think not. Eva said she still didn't trust her after the phone call so it seems like a little foreshadowing of things to come.

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  • i think Magdalene was trying to make amends, but who knows? like what eva said, she might be keeping her enemies close.

  • I think Magdalene was doing just what she said. She was trying to make amends with Eva for the crude way she approached her when they met. She could be a little grateful for Gideon showing her the true Christopher on the video Cary took... Not to mention that Gideon actually did take off after Eva... This is proof that Gideon loves Eva. I hope that she was just being honest.. I think Eva deserves that and a possible friend in Magdalene.

  • In BTY, Magdalene came to see Eva at work one morning, but Eva asked Scott to take care of her, since thing Magdalene and Eva had in common was Gideon. I wonder what Magdalene wanted to say to her? Any thoughts?

  • I think that Magdalene was trying to make nice with Eva so that she can help Corrine. Corrine wants Eva out of the way/ I don't think that she is above using Magdalene to help her with her plans. Magdalene was making sure that Eva was leaving the building for lunch which Eva confirmed by saying she had "just" a minute to spare for their conversation.