Gideon and Brett

  • Ok, I just finished reading RIY again and was surprised at the lack of information Gideon had about Brett. With his parnoid(ish) investigative skills regarding Eva, (everything from food and drink choices to bank info and background stuff) how is it that he knew next to nothing about Brett?

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  • I would think that he probably was too busy with the other issue of Nathan that he didn't put much into it maybe...??

  • Im so glad you said that Dean, I was thinking the same thing. I kinda felt like he knew and it was all staged to cover the Nathan issue like the detecive told Eva G thought of EVERYTHING before he acted. Which also made me think perhaps G didnt kill Nathan, perhaps it was Victor!

  • But I think he did know he just wanted her to tell him. because in the car ride after he made it out that he knew.

  • @Brandy, I got that too when he was like see it was that hard to admit you did it to hurt me, and then just sat back like nothing happened which made me go nuts!

  • haha yeah he always knows everything but just I think wanted to know where she was going to go with it and if she would offer up the information or if she was going to try and keep it a secret.

  • It's possible he knew but, for him, as jealous as he is, to arrange for backstage passes and put her face to face with Brett REALLY seems out of character for Gideon. IMO.

  • what i found interesting was how did Gideon know that Eva had a sexual relationship with Brett? When he got in the limo he made it clear he knew Eva and Brett had sex previously.Are we led to believe Brett told him when they were fighting?

  • that could have been part of it.. plus who knows in the time it took from that first hit to when she saw him again that he didn't make a call to get all and any information he could on the guy.

  • I got the impression that he figured it all out from the lyrics of the song that Brett wrote about Eva

  • im With erin on this .Brett wasnt a major part of her life like nathan was so he probably didn't know.I think that when he heard the song he thought it sounded like her and then when he saw them kissing he put it all together. Gideon is too controlling of eva he never would have let her out of his sight i dont think if he knew

  • yeah i'm sure the song had a lot to do with it

  • I have a feeling that we have not seen the last of his radio interview that Cary found online he sounds determined to re-connect with Eva.

  • oh i dont think so either..i think he is going to pursue Eva some more. Hes not going to give up on her that easily..