Frequency of Gideon's sexual encounters before Eva

  • One of Sylvia's fans tweeted her and asked her "have a ? about an inconsistency in RIY.the frequency of Gideon's sexual encounters b4 Eva differ from what he "

    Sylvia replied with "It's addressed in EWY. :)"

    I have read a great deal of speculation around this topic and am glad that Sylvia addressed it. She really has it all figured out!

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  • hey,i am the fan who asked :).I was so happy Sylvia replied back to me.i have discussed that inconsistency on goodreads with readers and we were wondering if it was a mistake or if Gideon lied etc.It's great Sylvia has brought it up in EWY

  • I know! Thanks for getting this gem of information :)

  • you're welcome :). I can't wait for "Entwined with you" to come out.I really hope that it in't the final book.Sylvia hasn't mentioned yet if it will be

  • I've read the book twice, but what exactly are the inconsistencies with Gideon's past?

  • in bared to you Gideon told Eva he has had as much sex with her than he has had in the last 2 years.In Reflected in you he tells the doctor in therapy in front of Eva that he averaged on 2 sexual encounters a week before Eva

  • You're right. Very interesting. Thanks for the information. :)


  • I totally didnt pay attn to that, now my brain is on over load just thinking lol

  • Hopefully Sylvia will include in EWY all the ansers to the questions us readers have been wondering about :)