Entwined with You snippet from Sylvia

  • www.sylviaday.com/2012/11/09/entwined-snippet-1/#.UJ0wfoqDTFo

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  • So do you think this is around a discussion about previous relationships, possibly his engagement to Corinne. Such a treat to get this, thanks Sylvia :)

  • Phewf, I just read that Sylvia said he was talking about past relationships!

  • ahhh she killing me ><

  • He's talking about settling for Corrine and all the other women he'd been with since he hadn't found Eva yet. Geez, I love Gideon!

  • ::swoon:: I love gideon

  • I'm sure this came up when/if she finally asked what's the deal with that damned Corinne ... which he probably brought up Brett

  • Eva was probably insecure probably ran into someone.

  • OMG!! I am having withdraw wait for the book to come out ><

  • me too.i really hope Sylvia posts a nice long snippet before the end of the year!