Entwined with you...Is it true, that it not coming out on Dec. 31 but May 7, 2013 ?????

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  • Entwined with you...Is it true, that it not coming out on Dec. 31 but May 7, 2013 ?????

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  • Yes but we are strong (I think)

  • I will try :(

  • We have all agreed to be here for each other - kinda a support group :) x

  • Hell yeah!! We need it ^^

  • What did you like best about RIY?

  • Lord!! There was many hmmm..But I like the part when Eva told Corinne off..But it would had been better if Eva would had kick Corinne ass lol

  • All that bit was good where Eva gets her mojo back - visiting everybody and giving the bird (where appropriate) liked it when Eva told Gideon she'd break his fingers if he touched Corianne in the small of her back again lol

  • ahh that was the best line on the book..When Eva told Gideon she break his fingers ..I laugh so hard reading the line..I was "You go girl" lol Now go kick Corianne ass lol

  • I am not going to believe it until sylvia says it, I don't understand why it would jump to 4 months later then orginally posted to release

  • Amazon still says the 31st for the Kindle edition?

  • Sylvia put out a post a few days ago that said to ignore all the date's that you see and hear until she give's the final one.

  • On her website she now says it will be published sometime between February and May. And she won't have any more information until at least January.

  • I saw that Lynne, so hopefully it will be more like Feb and not May. That would be too sad!!

  • I am Definitely going thru withdrawals already sooooooo sad with sooooooooo much anxiety that we have to wait that long

  • So am I and now with her teasers Im dying slowly!!!!!!!!!

  • Erika SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AM I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Ive reread both books so many times I even do the reading on you tube while at work!

  • Thats funny that you say that because I do the same thing and yes i have read and reread ....Guess what i am at work now and look where i am : ) hahahaha

  • Ha me to I'm driving my boss nuts! Have you read Beautiful Disasterby Jamie Mcguire? Or Gabriel's Inferno & Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard? I do those on Audio.com to hold me down lol

  • I have read beautiful disaster but not gabriels inferno i wasn't sure if it was any good

  • @Amanda..Yes!! Gabriels inferno and Gabriel's rapture are 2 wonderful books..You going to fall in love with Gabriel and Julia..Loved both books ^^

  • I just finished the gabriel books.... loved them!! I wish I would have had professor like that in college

  • I wish I still have a professor like that in college..

  • She just signed a contract to publish a third book :) I can't wait.

  • @Erika..What do you mean a 3rd book about Gabriel and Julia?

  • @Lina Yes she signed the contract on October 1st. She said she had been working on it before the contract so we wont have to wait long! :)

  • @Erika..I happy to know this...I felt a little cheated when it came to Christa and Paulina...I felt that the storyline with Paulina was cut off to fast, and the same with Christa...There was no interaction when it came with this 2 characters.. I felt shortchange...Plus as much as I want to see Eva kick the crap of Corinne , is the same way I wanted to see Julia kick the crap out of Christa..^^

  • Just when into Amazon and it say that "Entwined with You", won't be in till May 7, 2013..Is a long wait :(

  • Sylvia said between February and May and that the publishers were just as anxious to have it released so here's hoping Feb!!

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