• After re-reading the book I have come to realize that Cary and Trey probably won't work out. Trey wants Cary to be gay and Cary said he really doesnt want to give up women. Do u think it would be so awful for him and Tatiana to be together? That way he would still have casual sex with men (which she clearly doesn't mind him doing).

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  • I think it would be awful in the context that he doesn't have any true feelings for Tatiana. In Bared he even said that he was "giving it to a girl he couldn't stand" even though he is in love (and knows he is) with Trey. I don't believe Trey is really trying to change Cary by requesting him to be gay, he just wants a monogamous relationship between them and probably doesn't want to worry about catching any infections. Because I don't think Trey is out and about screwing around on Cary the way Cary is doing to him. And if Cary does decide to be with Tatiana, in all honesty I think that would be a tragedy as we can see a little bit of Tatiana character as she has no ethics or morals by just casually sleeping around although she shares this characteristic with Cary. But Cary needs to realize that he deserves better than this and stop bullshitting around and acknowledge the people who truly give a shit about him. (Sorry for the curse words but my patience with Cary is wearing thin, especially when Tatiana's ass confronted Eva in the hallway wearing the nurse's uniform)

  • Karleigh, I dont think it would be good for Cary to be with Tatiana because it won't give Eva any peace with which to move out of their apartment and live with Gideon. She wants Cary to settle with someone who loves him, like Trey does. Tatiana most certainly is not the settling down type. I don't know what will have to happen to get Cary to stop his wayward ways and I too can't see him staying away from women. They are drawn to him as much as he is to them. He is a bit of a manwhore Lol.

    I agree Jonathan, Tatiana has no moral compass and will only lead Cary astray! The boy is a trainwreck as it is, he needs some stability. It will take something major to stop him in his tracks. I agree you can't change someones sexual orientation, but it doesn't mean he can't be mature and try to forge a relationship with one person, namely Trey. It will probably take something bad happening to Trey to make him cop on.

  • You are all right. It will be interesting to see where his character goes.

  • Exactly Fiona, but I'm glad you brought up Eva. I know that Eva loves Cary and is always there for him but Cary needs to also comprehend that Eva cannot be there for him at ALL times, she's only one person and she has her own life to live. Especially now that she is with Gideon and that Gideon has his own can of worms, which Gideon and Eva are working on together, which he witnessed first hand when Gideon almost raped Eva in his sleep the first AND second time. Cary needs to find more stable outlets (like you said Fiona) besides Eva, and latch onto those as well. Because at this moment he is putting all his hope on one person which could lead to disaster as sometimes that person may not be available at the time (all eggs in one basket so to speak). I really am rooting for Cary to find his bliss but damn the man knows how to make people want to kick his ass, as a matter of fact I would have been more than happy to assist in the ass kicking Eva was about to dole out.

  • I will be honest and say I know absolutely nothing about a bi-sexual orientation or gay/lesbian orientation, so if I offend anyone I do apologize! Maybe Cary and Trey could come up with an agreement that when Cary gets the itch (for a lack of better word) to have sex with a woman he/they could agree on one that is ok. But then again, Cary has to deal with the demons he has of people only seeing him for his looks and wanting sex and thinking that is all he is worth. Basically until he believes he worth more than that, then he will continue to fall back in that pattern of nailing people to ful-fill that part of him. He is a really good guy with a big heart, and he just so happens to be smokin hot! What is it about smokin hot guys in these books?

  • I agree Shawna, Cary's self-worth is linked to his good looks. When Eva and her mother said he was more beautiful on the inside he looked at them strangely. They had to follow that up with that indeed he was beautiful on the outside too. He doesn't realise that it might be him they want to be with and not his incredibly good looks. His looks are his only comfort in life. His past life was traumatic. His mother didn't love him so he now needs love through sex to feel wanted. I agree, the guys in this book are out of this world, I love it hehe!!

    Jonathan, I hope Cary finds his HEA too but my god that boy needs to sort himself out pronto! LOL

  • Shawnna I don't think that will be healthy by any means because that would just continue enabling Cary down a destructive path. That would be like a husband allowing his wife to sleep with another man because she has an attraction towards that man as well as her husband (like the the whole Eva and Brett situation), which would destroy the foundation of trust on which the relationship was built. If they do decide on a relationship like that then all the more power to them, but for me personally the answer would be: F*** NO!! Another thing if Cary decides that he likes women more than men or vice versa he needs to grow a pair and communicate this to Trey or Eva or whoever he confides to. LMAO I know I have talked a lot on this thread already, but I have had some pent up feelings about Cary ever since Eva walked in on his little orgy in the middle of the living room, once again with people who couldn't give two shits about him and high off his ass.

  • We know that he had one hell of an upbringing and there was a lot of abuse; however, I don't remember reading exactly what. I remember reading that his mother abused him and think it also said she let others abuse him......I may be wrong on that one. We also know that he self mutilated by cutting himself, which is a form of release. I would like to get more background on that........not a lot of details or anything, just some explanantions. Abuse causes people to do some crazy things sometimes. Like Gideon not getting the love he needed from his mom, and he inturn sought out women who resembled her....until Eva of course. There are sooo many scenerios!

  • @ Jonathan - yep, see your point! He definitely has the looks and personality, but no self esteem and alot of self loathing. Hopefully, he'll sort some of that out in the next book as well. I am all involved with Gideon and Eva, but also with Cary cause he is a huge part of Eva's life.

  • Shawnna, I think Eva was possibly the only woman who ever refused a fling with him, and thats why they have such a great relationship. She is still with him and finds him attractive but loves him for himself. He tried to come on to Eva in the past and I think if I remember correctly he was rude to her at first but learned to love her, because of their shared problems. The scenarios in this book would have your head in a spin but it is intriguing at the same time.

    I hope Cary doesn't fall back into his old ways and start cutting himself again, he obviously has an addictive personality as well, he was afraid of the meds whilst in hospital. When I first read he was in hospital I thought this is what transpired.

  • Fiona - I don't think he will go back to cutting himself. He doesn't need to release his pain in that way anymore. He continues to fall into old patterns of self destruction now through his whoring around. And yes, he does have an additive personality - I think Eva said something about him going down the "junkie" path for a little bit and he knows just how easy it would be with his past of drugs to fall back into it. All recovering addicts know that it only takes once to open up that flood gate of destruction.

  • That's true women are his new addiction! I'm sure Eva and her family would nip it in the bud straight away if he had any lapses. I am really looking forward to Entwined. Dec 31st cannot come soon enough!:)

  • I do feel for Cary for having such a poor self-perception because of such a disastrous upbringing. But he must discover that he has much more to provide to others than just looking good in a pair of jeans or providing orgasms to partners. Even when Eva and Monica said that they saw more to him than his looks, he needs to figure out for himself that he is indeed worthy of happiness and love, because only hearing from others don't and won't mean a thing and those words will just fall upon deaf ears unless he believes it himself. Unless he is happy the way his life is . . . but I think that is highly unlikely.

  • Who know's guys maybe Trey will stick it out and Cary will come to his senses. Eva did tell Trey that was how they had become friends and he confided that that's what he wanted. One can only hope

  • I love Cary and I desperately want him to get his life together. So Eva and Gideon can move on with their lives. At some point Eva will have to start putting Gideon first, there is no way she can have a healthy and successful relationship if she continues to Cary before Gideon at times or even feels obligated to put Cary before Gideon. Cary needs to find someone who fits his personality and although I love Trey's charecter, I dont think he's that person. Just like we see that Eva needs someone who she can trust, and who can take care of her. Cary needs someone who doesn't put pressure on him, thats not Trey. Cary said something interesting, he believes that Trey's issue isnt that fact that he's cheating....His problem is that he cheats with women. Obviously Cary isnt willing to give up women yet. So maybe instead of Cary needing to be in a relationship and having a HEA what he needs is to be able to stand on HIS OWN 2 feet and date people and sleep with whoever he wants!!!!

  • I don't like Cary I think he likes to put Eva and Gideon down all the time. Always telling Eva that theres no one for them thats why they have each other. Always teling Eva she should leave and not put up with him.

  • But Samar isn't that what you do for a best friend try and protect them from someone you think could be bad for them? I HATED my best friends boyfriend when they first met. She had ended up pregnant after 3 months of knowing him and he was possessive ! Now 13 years of marriage and four kids later he's like a brother to me.

  • It feels like he has an alternative motive.

  • Cary rooted for them until Gideon was seemingly acting shady & the whole attacking Eva in his sleep thing.

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure Cary is golden.

  • I could be totally off on this, but today a thought popped into my head that involves Cary. I have seen other people, in other places wondering what Cary's true intentions are with Eva, if he is omitting things he knows (ie, Brett being a part of the band she saw). I was wondering if Cary had any connection with Ethan's coming to New York, and that his being beaten up was all part of a ruse, to draw Gideon out further, since he wasn't succumbing to the blackmail. I mean how would Ethan have known that she was even there, if he didnt know where to look? Like I said, probably WAY off, but just curious.

  • Nathan, I mean Nathan! Sorry for the typo!

  • I don't think Cary would betray Eva like that, especially after what her, Monica, & Stanton have done for him. Gideon himself makes the tabloids circuits. Since being with Eva, she's going to appear in them as well. Remember, she freaked out after he staged that dramatic kiss after the gym before taking her to the hotel the first time? She stated they had to keep their relationship private or else it wasn't going to work. Being with Gideon will put her in the public eye & from there it wouldn't be difficult to find her location and such. Plus, Cary's injuries were pretty severe. I can't imagine someone doing that intentionally to them self just for a ruse. Maybe if it was just a stab wound?

    As for his true intentions, I'm not sure. I think he does care for her. According to Eva, she was the first person who didn't want him for his looks & that's how their friendship started. He seems pretty damaged himself, they met in group therapy. I think if had any connections with Nathan before New York, he wouldn't have waited that long to draw Nathan to her. It would have been easier for Nathan to get his way with Eva in California rather than New York where she was surrounded by Gideon, Monica, & Stanton.

    Nice thinking though, I do enjoy hearing other people's theories. I may have to go re-read the books! =)

  • Like i said, I was probably WAY off.

  • someone asked Sylvia Day on twitter a while ago if Cary had ropmantic feelings for Eva and she said no.I think Cary is just a very dear friend who has the best of intentions

  • I am obsessed with Cary/Trey. I ship them so much! I can't wait to read more about them in the next book!

  • I feel bad for Trey cus he really loves Cary but he doesn't want to be one of his many lovers. When they're together everything is fine but when he steps out of the door, someone else is ready to take his place.