Bared to you, Chapter 14

  • After the fight Eva goes to Lunch with G's Brother she says Chris sent a text before they ordered food, Who did he text?

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  • Oooooo that a good question...I ask that same question to myself when I read the book the 2nd time around...I have no clue..

  • Probably Gideon to tell him he was with Eva and to make him jealous!

  • Christine but G would have brought it up he never did, I think its gonna come up in EIY for sure I hope lol I hope there was more to it :)

  • I always thought he texted Corrine. Don't we find out later, that she went to see Gideon that day? I thought they came tgoether. Corrine saw G and Chris saw Eva. I could be wrong, of course.

  • Oh I hadnt thought of that! But would she still talk to him after viewing the video of them having Sex in the party? I dont know if she would be all friends with him like that.

  • Christopher had slept with Magdalene,not Corinne

  • Oh thats right haha thanks Katrina :)

  • yes, that is what I mean too. Not Corinne. I mispoke. Thank you.

    And .... this was when Chris gave Eva the inviation to the garden party. So the video hadn't happened yet.

  • Christopher didn't slept with Magdalene, he just had sex with her...He used her in her lowest point, that son of a bitch..That when I knew that Christopher was as A Hole...

  • Lina I agree I dislike Magdalene too but what Chris did was a super low blow! I hope he bothers Eva in EIY and G just beats the crap out of him like he did Brett lol

  • I agree too, I don't care for Magdalene much myself, but what Christopher did to her was a low blow of him...Also like you, I can't wait for our man Gideon to show Christopher what a real man is all about..

  • I cant wait either, she is taking wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to long to publish it :( and it sucks they wont bring out the ebook first :'(