Post Cerebellar stroke nausea and vomiting treatment

  • My 62 year old husband had a hemorrhagic cerebellar stroke 2 1/2 months ago. He is still struggling with severe nausea and vomiting episodes so much that it's affecting his nutritional intake. He has a PEG tube, but we'd really like to CURE the nausea and vomiting. Does anyone know of anything that works to alleviate this potentially dangerous ailment?

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  • Protonix worked for me, and it was administered via the PEG tube. Tried other meds but that really worked magic. It may or may not be covered by insurance but the good news is that they're making a generic for it now.

    I still take it because my digestion slowed down a bit and the Protonix pushes food through the stomach faster so acid doesn't build up. Unfortunately, time is most likely the only cure. It was about 6 months after my 2nd stroke before my vomiting ceased.

  • Pat, thank you so much for your input. We're seeing the neurosurgeon tomorrow and will ask him about Protonix. Wow. Six months of this. Good luck to you and yours.

  • To you as well, Stephanie. :) I only had to use the PEG for a couple of weeks. After that Protonix was oral, once a day.

  • How is everyone doing now? Was the Protonix helpful, Stephanie?

  • Negative. We decided to get off all meds, forgoing the side-effects and simply letting his body figure out the new brain pathways. He enrolled in an aqua-aerobics class so he could move around without the fear of falling and the nausea just eventually went away. The more he did, the better he got, but I believe the lack of meds was the real cure. A year and a half in, he's 95% well and is still med free.

  • Nods, I've been off Protonix for just over a year now. I found out that the class of drugs causes stomach polyps with prolonged use so I changed my eating habits even further. These days I eat mostly raw natural foods with little to no spices. Once I acclimated to it I found that spicing & seasoning just covers up the natural good tastes of things. It was akin to a person whose taste buds had been desensitized from years of smoking who quits and after awhile realizing what they had been missing!

  • Thank you so much for your fast and informative replies, Stephanie and Pat!! My Dad had a stroke on July 19th and the hospital he was at just sucked. My Mom is doing some juicing for him but I will give them the info that you have relayed here.

  • You're welcome. :) Sorry to hear about your dad's stroke. :( How old is he, Tera?

  • he turned 67 in the hospital. the stroke was 2 days before his birthday....

  • My husband who is 58 suffered a cerebral stroke in May this year. He had two craniotomy surgeries. He now is fighting nausea and vomiting. The hospital sent us home with oral zofran and phenergan which doesn't stay down long enough to work. Our third trip back in the hospital and they are using decadron which helps tremendously but can't be used long term. They basically told my husband he would have to live with this condition. Tell me does it get better ? I know each case is different but we need hope. A lot of sleepless nights going on here and we are exhausted. Please help !!

  • My wife who is 82 had a cerebral stroke 7 months ago. She also had a craniotomy surgery to save her life. With the exception of time in the hospital most of the time since the stroke she has been in therapy. While she still has many challenges such as balance, vision and walking without a walker, she still has nausea to some degree all the time. She no longer vomits but the nausea remains even after medications such as reglan, Zofran, scopolamine patch. The doctor said its probably all part of the vision problem but gave us little hope that there is anything to be done. I would really like to know if it does get better or is there a medication that does work to cure the nausea.