Botox treatment for spasticity

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  • Leigh, sounds a lot like what Kim gets in her back. She attributes it to weather change and also, like you, takes the zanaflex. It is also the reason she gets the massages. You might wanna talk to her, I'm sure there is more to it. I know I get awful headaches that are related to the muscle on the right side of my neck and they last for days on end. No fun. Zanaflex works the opposite on me and causes tremors instead of relaxing the muscles like it should.

    Tens units are like e-stims and I have one that works either as a tens or a stim, the waves are different I guess and have to be programmable to do either. They used it on a pulled muscle in my shoulder for me before they did the manipulation that caused my dissection and it seemed to help quite a bit. Mine is called an Empi and if billed as a tens unit for pain, should be covered by insurance. They cost about $650 to buy but mine got paid because it was for pain.

  • As I read through everyone's comments and replies, I'm a bit confused. When mentioning spasticity, is that the same as muscle spasms? And, is botox the same as cortisone? For example, I have gotten shots on my left shoulder, but they were not labeled as botox shots. I was told that I was getting cortisone shots. Could they possibly be the same thing? My shots actually helped a lot. My left shoulder was in fiery pain once the nerves started to wake up. Anything that brushed against my shoulders ( my hair, bra strap, pajama top, a shawl, or a hug from my girls) would literally have me in tears! It was one of the worst pains that I have ever experienced! Thankfully, I no longer hurt like that and am now able to move my arm, hand, and fingers. I still go to therapy sessions where they're helping me with a full range of arm motions. It's difficult to lift my arm straight up to the sky. I was told that I have a frozen shoulder, and my therapist is helping with trying to loosen it. Also, spasticity is something that I experience on my arm and fingers. When I'm tired or cold, my arm automatically tends to bend and stay close to my body. My fingers want to close and also stay close to my body in a flexed in position. When I notice this happening, I quickly try to do stretching arm, hand, and finger exercises because, otherwise, if the fingers close too tightly, it's very painful to try to open them again. Aaah, the joys of recovering from a stroke! Not! :-(

    On my left leg, I have experienced what my doctors have referred to as muscle spasms. Those felt like extreme (very painful) Charlie Horses! I kid not, those darn spasms would awaken me in the middle of the night and I was barely able to breathe! I was placed on a muscle relaxer, Tizanandine, 4 MG,for about half a year, and luckily, I no longer suffer from those monstrous muscle spasms! Thank God.

    For the arm, hand, and finger spasticity, I'm on a nerve pain medication: Gabapentin, 100MG. I take 2 in the morning, and 3 at night. They help. I have tried getting off Gabapentin, but after a day, the spasticity pain is back. I feel it mostly on my shoulder when it hits me hard. So, for now, I will continue taking it, per doctor's orders.

    By the way, I'm Margaret. I suffered a stroke last year -- May 2009 -- at the age of 48. It's believed that the stroke was caused by the low-estrogen birth control pill YAZ. I was on it for only a month . It was supposed to help me with the lovely transitional stages of menopause. My doctor intended for me to stay on YAZ for 2-3 years. Little did he or I know that on the night of May 15, as I slept, the right side of my brain was going to be attacked! I never felt it coming, nor felt anything while it happened. I was fast asleep. I awoke the next morning, May 16, 2009, unable to move. The left side of my body was paralyzed! This past year has been almost surreal in nature. At times I believe that it was a nightmare from which I still haven't quite awakened from. The good news is that my boyfriend proposed and we had a lovely, quaint wedding ceremony early this past February. Also, about a week and a half ago, I passed my driving test, and am now able to get behind the wheel again! My left arm tends to go into spasticity when I drive, and that worries me. My therapist said that with practice and time, the arm will do better, and the feeling of spasticity will diminish. I hope she's right because I find myself tensing up as I drive. I only allow myself to go short distances, and I get behind the wheel only if I really need to go somewhere. No joy riding for me -- not yet. I do not feel secure enough to hit the open highways yet!

    I have no medical history of strokes in my family. I have never smoked, do not have high blood pressure, no high cholesterol problems, no weight problems. I have (had) always been pretty healthy with only the occasional winter cold or allergies. I did suffer from work-related high stress, and often had terrible migraines as a result of the stress. Other than that I was always one of the lucky ones who always received a clean bill of health during my annual physical exams. This goes to prove that strokes can strike at any time and no one is really immune to them. :-(

  • Botox and cortisone are very different. Cortisone and is for pain and is a steroid and Botox actually kills muscle cells to relax them so the main part of the muscle relaxes...extremely simplified as explained by my physiatrist.

    I only get muscle tremors/twitching in the hand/foot that have spasticity(tight muscles that curl the hand into a fist and my toes under my feet.

    I am glad the cortisone helps with your pain, you are fortunate as many can find nothing that helps. I have the same problem with the fist, are situation especially when tired or cold.

    I get the charlie horse type things too but only in the leg, not the yet. Mine are only occasional so I don't take meds for them.

  • Margaret it will get much much better. I can't judge what anyone is going through but after going on my fourth year and talking with hundreds of survivors, I would be totally confident in your continued improvement. I know that it probably doesn't feel like it but you will improve as long as you forge ahead and don't worry. In another year you will be amazed.

  • oh margaret hunny me too!! they still have no idea y i had my three..i was the first one in my family to ever have one n i had none of the causes...didnt drink,didnt smoke,wasnt on birth control,wasnt over weight,didnt have high blood a mystery.YAY ME!! have faith, let positive thoughts surround u,engulf you,like pops said in a yr you'll be amazed! LUCK!!

  • Oh, goodness, Julie, you had 3 strokes?! Dear god ... that's my greatest fear: Having another stroke! How do we prevent them or know if one is about to attack? How do we protect ourselves? I know that once the brain has been wounded (like in our case), we're more susceptible to recurrent stroke attacks, but is there something that we can do to prevent them from happening? Are there signs to watch out for? Bless you, Julie.

  • i had one i thought was a migraine n then two weeks later another one n two days later another story is under discussions... i had a clot n 2 branstem disections..we cant prevent them...they just happen..i was doing everything right and they still happend..they r not bias...we can,however, know the symptoms..FASTface,arm,speach,time...although i had all of them n the hospital didnt believe me

  • ive had two treatments will say this it does hurt when they inject the fluid also depends onhow good the dr is. it seemed to help lasted a little over 3 1/2 months like they said it would i had this done in left armand leg we didn't fully load me up didn't want me to not have control of left side to be so totally weaken on that side it does help with the splasticity ..i didn't get that great feeling like i thought i would, but you have to try it yoursrelf to see if it works for you i am not saying it wasn't good for me might do you wonders so you have to try it once and hopefully you will get better results than me. best of luck

  • i just had my first injections today, it was painless and they said it could take up to 6 weeks to see any difference, my pec muscles are permanently switched on so hoping this will either turn them off or just loosen the little devils will keep you posted

  • Botox helped me trmendously,U had severe spasticity in my hand.Is much better now.

  • i am glad its working for youi might try one session

  • My insurance covered it. they take awhile to authorize because it's one of those things that sometimes leada to fraud.If they deny it APPEAL IT!

  • Wishing I could get botox right now I'm at the end of 3 months where it starts to run out.My next appt is at the end of October.Now that it's getting cooler here, the spasticity gemlins are starting to run amuck.

  • Unfortunately my botox started wearing out at 2 1/2 months,

    i have 2 weeks until next injection. and it's definitely time

  • I agree that you have to find an experienced do, the first time

    i gor botox I don't think doc was very experienced, so didn't work very well, the second time, the doc used a machine that helps him see the exact spot where spasticity is occurring so he know exactly where to inject

  • 8my dr did the test first he testted where he was going to in jectthen came back for the botox plus the size of needle helps has to be to get the thick botox thur the was painful at times and some spots thats why we both took a break and then started up of luck with yoinjections

  • Do people actuallly go through botox , to make things better? OUCH.... Does it actually work? I mean i cant see my self doing it,, but if it helps.. i might think about it......

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