40 Day Sadhana Challenge: So Purkh

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  • Share your experiences and inspirations doing our So Purkh meditation challenge here!

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  • From the Abraham Hicks material on this, our first day of So Purkh: "To hold someone as your object of attention while you're connected to Source Energy, is the greatest gift that anyone could give."

    Hold the men in your life (father, husband, son, brother, etc...) in the energy of your consciousness while you recite these sacred words...it is a beautiful gift and will vibrate the cosmos...

    ~ Ramdesh Kaur

  • I started chanting SP every day since Sept. 1, when my husband officially began his job hunt after finishing his doctorate. I originally planned to chant it to support him, but I'm finding this powerful shabd is working on me on many levels. My dreams have been telling me that I'm healing a lot of old trauma and karma inflicted on the female side of my family line, as well as my own past lives as a woman (and probably as a man as well). The complexities and power of So Purkh continues to amaze me. Just chanting it feels SO GOOD!

  • i love that you started this. it will be so helpfull. thank u.

  • YAY Wahe Guru Guru Guru! Nimrita - can you can Baba come to the little gathering tonight?

  • Marcy what a beautiful story! I started this sadhana challenge on Spirit Voyage in honor of Harnam Singh, the musician who created the beautiful CD Love Infinite Divine. His birthday is today and when I asked him what he wanted he said Sopurkh! What a ripple effect of good has come out of his request! I have done Sopurkh before for 90 days....it was a time of profound healing and I am happy to have this energy back in my life. I have dreams too of releasing old karma...its such a powerful prayer! Day one complete on my end! ~ Ramdesh Kaur

  • What is the best way to learn the words? I started this mornng and just followed along to the Cd as I tried to read the words. I didn't get many right. I did it 11 times. I guess after 40 days maybethe subconscious will remeber the words.

  • Practice makes perfect Lily, its just like memorizing lines. You can do English if you feel like Gurmukhi is too much for you. However, I promise that like any kriya, after you do it a few times, it will feel much more natural and easy for you. You can also try to memorize one line at a time. Just learn the first line today. :) ~ Ramdesh Kaur

  • When we chant this wonderful prayer the energy in heart and head just settles - The Gurmulhi is amazing and feels so healing. Also the english creates this incredible feeling of gratitude and love. Dive in and let it just envelope you - it has been so healing for me. I am joining you all today - my birthday - as there has been a huge, violent erruption in my familyover in France between man and woman so this is perfect to get today and get grounded and neutral - will let you all know how it goes. Sat Nam and Wahe Guru beautiful Ram Das! Siri Chandra Kaur

  • @Marcy---I started this today thinking that it is for my men but "heard" that it is for me, big time. Thanks for your inspiring sharing!!

    love and light, Elizabeth aka Sadhu Kaur

  • Sat Nam and Hello,

    I have been practicing Kundalini (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) in my home on my own (with the instruction of dvd's) for about 6 months now. I have done some chanting and meditation, and have noticed the great changes already taking place inside me. My Husband , on the other hand, is a sceptic and even thinks I'm "Crazy". He doesn't believe in God and he has never had any experience to make him believe otherwise. He thinks I have "Blind Faith". However, I have never felt more connected to the Great Spirit and "on the right path" before and am not going to give up on him. This challenge is absolutely what I need at this time right now, and I am very excited to see what the outcome may be. THANK YOU for this opportunity which I would have otherwise not known existed. I do have a few q's though,Is it important to get the pronunciation right, and to say every single word outloud? Or is it alright to miss pronounce at first? also, can the 11 times be a mixture of english and Gurmukh ? Thanks, Tara

  • One more thing, is it 11 times per man? or 11 total for up to 3? thanks

  • @Hoodland Woodland, I've been going through the same kind of situation as you are and when I saw the post on Spiritvoyage about Sopurkh I just felt: yes! this is what I need!

    @Marcy, so inspiring to read about your experience, I feel I have a lot of healing to do also as I keep seeing these violent images of women being killed - I think past memories surfacing from lifetimes ago that need to be let go.

    So I'm looking forward to this 40 day commitment, thank you Ramdesh for setting this up globally!

    Pia Saranpreet Kaur

  • Hi - I don't mean to sound daft but I'm a bit confused - the words in the mantra-pedia don't seem to match Nirinjan Kaur's recital...or am I being a wally brush!

    Oh - count me in by the way! :)

  • @Hoodland Woodland. You say the sopurkh 11 times a day (that covers up to 3 men of your chosing).

    @ Angie Gammie, she is saying Rag Asa Mehlaa cahautaa so purkakh. ek ong kar sat gur prasad. Then she begins "Sopurkh Nirinjan..." and all the words will match. This is technically more correct, but it is simply an introduction to the mantra that states who wrote it and that it was written by the Grace of God and Guru....It is from the Sikh holy prayer Rehras, and that is how each passage begins. The words are the same after that. :)

    @Simran Bedi...Say the Sopurkh 11 times a day...

  • even in the English version?

  • @ Angi Gammie, I'll check the English version, but I think she says "Raag Aasaa Fourth Mehl So Purakh..That Primal Being. One universal creator god. Byt hte Grace of the True Guru" and then begins. There is also a chant to Guru Ram Dass at the end... Are you referring to something else? ~ Ramdesh Kaur

  • I am in! ♥

  • @ Angi Gammie...oh I see. Yeah, she is using a different translation. Sorry! You can either purchase her CD (which comes with her special translation), say the English on your own, or try your hand at Gurmukhi! ~ Ramdesh

  • Finished day one! Love and light to you all as we make this journey together.

    Sat Nam.

  • OK, dearest Ramdesh. I'm in. I have been considering doing So Purkh ever since we returned from India but have been putting it off. (I guess the pronunciation of the words felt intimidating.) The men in my life sorely needs this and so do I so thanks for the challenge. Much love, Jill (Daya)

  • Sat Nam. Can I also do it for my father that passed away 15 years ago?? Thank you for encourage us.

  • Sounds interesting..I'm in..

  • I wonder how this would go for a man chanting this, towards himself? I wonder if part of the power in this meditation lies in the polarity between woman & man?

  • http://sopurkh.org/

    this website has both english and gurumukhi translations and also has nirinjan's version of the prayer to play.

  • Why don't you try Oren and tell us? :) Only good things happen in the vibration of this space, and you will join 5 other men who have committed.... ~ Ramdesh Kaur

  • @ Alejandra.... I believe the answer to that is yes. You can do it for your male line. ~ Ramdesh Kaur

  • I will do it, thank you

  • wow! im so greatful with all the woman who are sharing their experiences and questions, wahe guru!.. this is the perfect example of community and of aquarian age..

    i have to say myself, that the moment i started doing so purkh, which was after summer sosltice 2010, i havent been able to stop! i feel in such a deep and cozy environment when i chant it, i feel God within. sat nam and lets keep up!

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