Xperia TL shut itself off and won't turn back on.

  • My phone randomly decided to update itself without notifying me, then after about an hour of it sitting on a screen that had a triangle with a screwdriver and wrench or something the phone just turned off... I have been charging it now for 6 hours and it still won't turn back on, this phone is only 2 months old... it should still be working. How can I turn my phone back on.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that. I'd recommend trying a software repair on the handset through PC Companion. This is done while the handset remains completely powered off at all times. Open PC Companion and go to Support Zone > Phone Software Updates > Repair My Phone and follow the on screen steps. Only connect the phone when this section advises you - Aimee.

  • I've tried that, it says unknown device plugged into computer... the phone still won't turn on.

  • Sony Xperia LT30at TL No Power. Here's a fix for the no power no charge Xperia won't turn on issue guys. This won't solve the triangle firmware error (you need to have a firmware restore performed by Sony or read forums and download PC Companion to repair it).

    Hopefully this helps anyone that needs it. I operate a cell phone and computer repair shop, so I have a few years ripping apart phones. This is no easy feat, so put on your Superman cape before attempting this repair. First off, my Sony Xperia TL LT30at died one night. It would not charge, blinked a few times every time I pressed the power button, and had a variety of responses every time I tried hard resetting with the up volume key and power button. I was frustrated, and about ready to throw my new brick of a phone through my window into the neighbor's pool.

    You have to dismantle the Xperia. Using a safe pry tool (plastic prying tools so you don't destroy the phone) Remove the top and bottom housing pieces. They are a pain to pop off, pry from the edges and slowly lift and slide out away from the phone. I thought the top one was going to break for sure but then it released. Once those are off remove the series of screws at top and bottom. Then remove the main housing assembly. The battery is your target. You will see a flex cable connected to the main logic board. Remove it. Then plug in your charger. If you have a phone that didn't go swimming already, you should see the screen display "SONY," then blink off. Then back with a "SONY." Hold down the power button push pad (taking care not to damage the flex cable you are pressing on) plug the battery back in. If you have crossed your toes and dotted your eyes correctly your Xperia should lose the "SONY" logo and turn black, but the red charging light will start back up at the top of the screen and the battery will charge again.

    Ten minutes later press the power button and voila, you should feel the vibration and things are back up and running.

    Hope it helps!

  • If your phone is doing this either call Sony +1-877-7XPERIA (1-877-797-3742) and explain what is going on. You're going to need the info from the pull-out tab found in the SIM/SD bay. It will take a few weeks and some Shipping money. OR your provider will probably replace it for free if you can get it to fail infront of them. (PROTIP: Let it die while using it and do not plug it in for a while)

    Your phone will very likely get worse until it fails completely. My experiance is here:

    Your phone SHOULD charge like everyother phone. If it is acting funny get it replaced ASAP

    My replacement it working just fine

  • StocktonLap Toprepair thanks soooo much it worked like magic.... I was just about to throw in the towel and get a new fon

  • StocktonLap Toprepair thanks soooo much it worked like magic.... I was just about to throw in the towel and get a new fon

  • Stocktonlap I did what you suggested. My phone did the flashes of Sony but then didn't start to charge. Does that mean my battery is completely dead and useless?