Xperia System

  • using Xperia Neo

    How can i put my video files from computer to my phone???

    Android 4.0 is available now but is that any lagging problems or system problems if i upgrade to 4.0??? im still android 2.3.3

    what is gingerbread???

    why i cant play PES 2012 on my phone??? it show me "Error(Marmalade v5.1.8..." (could not find s3e.icf, either embedded or as an external file) and (Invalid S3E file-incorrect data)

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  • There is an option within PC Companion ( called 'File Manager' this will allow you to transfer files from your PC to Phone or vice-versa.

    Android 4.0 is not available yet. The only info we have on ICS at the moment can be found on the following page:

    In regards to 'PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer' if you can not download it using the following link: I would suggest you contact:

    - Johnny.

  • thxx a lot Johnny...

    May i know what special bout the ICS???

    i had download a apps called blackmart...there's the place i download the that any different between Android market and blackmart??? other than blackmart is all free???

  • Hello sir...

    I'm using mi4i mobile..

    When I install pep2012

    Getting error marmalade v5.1.8

    Pls help me how to install it...

    My email I'd