Xperia S: 32gb Built in Memory. Does that mean Internal Memory?

  • I'm really excited for the Xperia S but I do have one concern that I can't seem to find an answer for anywhere.

    Is the 32GB built in memory considered Internal Memory by the OS or a Memory Card? On the SE website it states "Internal phone storage: 1 to 1.5 GB and Flash Memory: 32 GB eMMC" So does that mean the the internal memory is limited to 1 - 1.5gb, and from there you will need to use the "Move to SD Card" option in order to take advantage of the 32gb "built in memory?"

    Currently on my Xperia Play, my biggest gripe is the lack of internal memory. I think when I first turned on the device, before I installed anything, I had about 100mb to play with. I have put a 32gb card but apps leave data in the internal memory and my phone is constantly telling me it's low on memory. I had to un-installed / not bother installing a whole bunch of apps and games because of this. As a result of this low memory the phone runs really sluggish and will sometimes take over 30 seconds just to open up a contact.

    Anyway bottom line is, does the Xperia S have 32GB of REAL internal memory usable by the OS and apps, or am I going to struggle with the same issues as I am curently on my Xperia Play?

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  • The Internal Storage Of Your Phone Is 1.5Gb While The 32Gb Is Like A MicroSD Card But Build In.

    You Can Install Tons Of Games With That 1.5Gb Internal Storage Not Like The Play Its Only 400mb.

  • Ok, if there is actually 1 - 1.5gb free internal memory for me to use that will be much better than what I have on the Play. On the SE website it says the Play has "1gb (400mb free)." So finders crossed the 1 - 1.5gb stated for the Xperia S is actually usable space. Still I wish it was all internal memory, that didn't require having to manually "Copy to SD Card" to free up space, as it currently sounds like it will be. It's *almost* the perfect phone, on paper. They were so close. :/

  • Yeah, everywhere seems to be calling it internal memory, as technically it is internal, because it's built into the phone and can't be removed.

    My concern is the way Sony words it on their website and in their videos. On their website they say the Internal phone storage is between 1 and 1.5 GB and they refer to the 32gb as eMMC Flash Memory (two separate things) and in Sony videos it is referred to as Built in Memory.

    I do really hope that the OS considers it "Internal Memory" so that no moving to SD card is required.

    On my Xperia Play, when I turn the phone on or re-mount the SD card after being connected to my PC, the apps on the SD card take ages to load and they disappear from my home screen.

  • You Like The Xperia S To Look like i Iphone????

  • Sorry?! I'm not sure what you are asking?

  • No, The Ion has the Expandable memory slot where as the Xperia S has32GB BUILT in memory. It's obviously a mistake on there website as I checked it there too and saw it said 1GB - 1.5GB but the video I gave you from SGNL By Sony that talk about EVERYTHING Sony made clearly state it has 32GB built in and the Xperia ION has the expandable memory.

  • Also Ariel F.Jersey.JR, the Iphone sucks, overpriced like all Apple products.

  • Well, I really do hope that it is a mistake. It would be nice to have 32gb internal plus and expansion slot, but I'll take 32gb internal over, barley any internal plus expansion slot any day. :)

  • @Aaron The 32gb i think is part of the internal memory of the device is like a iphone where all the os and application are put.

    @Roy Don't Say Iphone Sucks Cause of its price i own a iphone 4s and its really good phone rather than my ******* xperia x10 is not even will get a update to ICS.

  • Aaron:

    I agree that a expansion slot would be great, Shooting 1080P video's And 12MP pictures will take up alot of memory, so in some cases 32GB doesn't seem enough, plus I have a 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 memory card in my current phone that may go to waste if I was to get this phone :/


    I am not saying it sucks because of the price, I'm saying it sucks because It's what I think of the phone, It has nothing special, I've been with Sony Ericsson for a long time, Phone's I've had from them I have no complaints about. If your complaining about the ICS, get a new phone that will get the update.