X10 Mini Pro SIM network unlock PIN

  • Ok so I finally got the update for android 2.1 Eclair, downloaded PC Companion, installed it and after the PIN I get asked for a SIM network unlock PIN, already called my provider in El Salvador and they just said "no,android 2.1 doesn't work here", I know I could downgrade but I was really looking forward to finally using 2.1....hope I can get better results.

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  • Really need an answer :( please, can't use my cell phone

  • nobody? my cell phone is useless...

  • Hi Beto, you would need to request a new PIN code from your network operator as this is an issue related to your SIM card rather than your phone itself. If they are unable to provide this, I'd suggest asking if they can provide you with a replacement SIM card.

    - Aimee.

  • Thank you very much, Aimee.

    They just said something like "many of our customers have been having this issue, but there is nothing we can do because that update is not supported in El Salvador" and it was the same with another SIM card, what bothers me is that if they knew the problem they should have at least notified the customers, I'm not the first and I'm not the last to do this update, and I waited for the official one, just for this....had to go into XDA, downgrade and then update, if not my cell was as good as a gaming device.

    Anyways I seem to have extended myself way too much, sorry about that, I figured out it had to be a provider issue and not a SE but I had nothing to lose by asking :P