X10 mini pro : How to use mobile internet on PC

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  • Hi

    I have two SE mobiles

    Cedar and Xperia X10 mini pro

    I have installed pc companion on my PC

    when I connect cedar there is an option of internet connection to use mobile internet on PC

    but when I connect Xperia X10 mini pro that icon disappears

    What to do?

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  • Hi Sarvesh,

    This is correct.

    PC Companion will only show the supported features depending on what phone is connected. PC Companion does not support a phone as modem feature for Android phones, and therefore this option is not available when you connect your Xperia X10 mini pro.

    You can try to download Easy Tether or PdaNet from Android Market. Both these apps are popular among users who wish to use their Android handset as a modem.


    Sony Ericsson Answers Team

  • Thank you Markus Sir

    You really help everytime and that too very quickly

  • Hi sarvesh, same problem i hav faced. With the help of easy tether, now i can able to connect the internet.

    But only one thing now i m facing, i couldnt able to open yahoomail,gmail.

    I can able to open google,yahoo and one r more websites.

    Y i dont know, Can u tell the solution if u dont mind

  • which operator do you have sim of?

    and on 2G in india its speed is just ridiculous

    so mail and facebook doesnt turn up

  • i ve airtel 2G sim dude

  • same here

    our speed is just 10-15 kbps

    so gmail and yahoomail cannot open at this speed

  • oh.. but my bro has sony naite.. his connection are much gud than mine.. also all d site r gettin connected

  • I think handset should not make any difference

  • oh ok dude.. i ll c of it.. if u get any details pls post me.... n thanx for tis discussion

  • I have 3g dolphin sim, its max speed even on mobile is upto 150 kbps, will it give me covenient browsing from above procedures....??

  • The procedure above is absolutely correct and is 100 % working

  • Hi,

    I have connected using easy teather - sony xperia minipro. the connection is BSNL 3G and good speed. but it does not open mails. and any https sites. I believe there is some settings to be done !!!

    please clarify.




  • The problem is in your browser

    try using other browser

  • I have tried, IE, Firefox both and tried with changing options like - adding in secure list.with broadband I am able to login to mail , but connecting through mobile - doesnt work somehow ...

  • You have to BUY the program to open secure websites,you can only open http,for https you have to pay 9.99 $.Cheers.

  • Hi,can u plzz help me to connect airtel internet from my samsung star nxt mobile to my PC with windows 7.

  • emm im not speak english .

    form indonesia .

    x10 akses internet nya terlalu boros di pulsa

    gimana tuh .

  • sir;i am using xperia x1

    0 mini pro...but I am not able to access facebook on my pc using easy tether..but my friend has xperia x8 and he is able to access facebook on his pc using pda net..please help me.

  • Easy Tether is working fine on X10 mini pro

    I have used it successfully

  • Are u using paid version of easy tether or free version and second thing is are you using 2G or 3G sim?plz tell me.

  • im not understand speak english

  • Saevesh you didnt answer....please tell me...

  • Easy tether free version is fine

    and it doesnt affect whether it is 2G or 3G

  • How can i use Easy Tether in my Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro to get internet in my PC ? Where can i get Easy Tether ?

  • Download the app from android market

    then using the URL given in developer info will help you in installing modem drivers on your computer

  • im not able to open easytether on my laptop........... help me with

    a solution.....

  • Hey guys easy tether is not opening unsecure connection like facebook emails....so guys what to do

  • @jay rathod->i got the solution.......im using pdanet to connect mob to ma laptop.... and its working gr8.....the advantage of pdanet over easy tether is

    >no problem in opening sites like facebook,gmail,yahoomail,etc.....

    >you get high connection and download speed....

    if u still hv any doubt...let me know...

  • Pdanet is for connected via bluetooth?or usb?

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