Sony Xperia U USB-Mtp

  • I have a Sony Xperia U and can no longer connect my phone to my computer. It will not install as an MTP-USB device. I have followed your instructions on the support forums and still nothing has happened.

    Please Help!



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  • Have you already installed the PC Companion? - Johnny.

  • yeah - PC Companion is already installed, though I have tried re-installing it, as the article on your support forum suggested.

  • it was just a big bluff from sony to buy the time..that went pretty well for sony..

  • Given that PC Companion is installed, what can I do to make my phone connect to my laptop? All of my other devices work fine - and the Xperia did, but now it's all gone wrong?

    Without gaining USB connectivity, I cannot update my phone to ICS, which was the main reason for choosing your phone. Please help!

  • Hi Tom,

    Can you do the following then connect the handset again:

    [Menu] > [Settings] > [Applications] > [Development] > [USB Debugging Mode] > [Tick].

    You can also update using this program instead:

    Using the above your handset just be powered off so you shouldn't have the same issues.

    - Johnny.

  • @sony mobile

    i just bought sony xperia u 2 days ago i was used to connect it to pc it went good but now today it is not connecting to my pc when i plug in the data cable it alerts that something is connected but i can't acces my xperia storage it is not being displayed in my computer and i have to move app from my pc to xperia please help help

  • I'm sorry to hear thast. Is your handset recognised by PC Companion? - Aimee.

  • no it's not i tried windows 7 it all went good thanks by the way!

  • @sony mobile

    is there another update of xperia u here in the philippines? im not actually happy for the last update the ics! my phone becomes laggy and also slow running in apps and there are area in the screen that unresponsive! is this the last? i want to bring back to gb please help me!

  • @cramziitaahh love

    its is noit easy to downgrade the software whether its a cell phone or gadget,u have to root ur cell phone and install custom rom this is the only way or may be ur problem could b solved by data factory reset, [/i]

  • @shery duke

    for 6 months im still finding solution for my phone! just after the update! many things happen to my phone! i also rooted it and factory data rest also delete all my files ! but then again! nothing happens!

  • @cramzitaah love

    when u done rooting your phone and install xrecovery on your xperia u can install custom rom and stock rom which is 2.3.7 ,you have to check if your phone bootlader i unlocked or locked you can get help in xda developers forum do not attempt any thing with your phone without knowing stuff or it will brick your smartphone

  • i have the same problem in my xp u it says mtp app not responding and it force closes it so its not working i tried to re install ginger bread on my phone but it didn't worked i tried to put it in usb debugging mode also and i got the same result what should i do ??

  • are you connecting it to windows xp if so,then make sure it has mtp drivers installed windows xp doesn't accept it

  • i am using windows 7 and i have installed all the updates but nothing happens the pc companion says null is connected when i connect my xperia u and the phone says mtp app not responding and is unexpectedly closed

  • unistall all your mtp drivers from your pc and then reconnct ur xperia u and istall the recommended drivers for it hope you get back ur u in working condition

  • Sherry i have the same problem as arnav above, how do i uninstall the mtp driver then? when i plug my usb cable in to the pc it says cannot install mtp usb device?

  • i have tried it but still in the phone it says that mtp app not responding and is unexpectedly closed in the pc companion when i conect my xp u it says null is connected

  • ollie send me req there i hope will solve ur issue

  • ola, tambem estou com mesmo pobrema do Tom Spittles-Jackson meu pc nao reconhece o cartao de memoria, ja tentei de tudo mais nao consigo conectar o cartao no meu pc. sem fala que procurei em todo lugar algum aplicativo para resolver esse pobrema mais foi um flacasso

  • i'm also have this problem with my xperia Sola :(

  • i have the same problem for xperia p.please help

  • Hola, tengo un problema al conectar mi xperia u con el usb a la pc. Cuando lo conecto en la pc me sale "controlador de dispositivo mtp error". La primera vez que conecte el celular me anduvo perfecto, sinproblemas. Pero al conectarlo por segunda vez comence a tener el problema. Por favor ayudenme! Tengo instalado el PC Companion, pero no lo detecta al movil.

  • Ive Sony live with walkman. PC Companion does not connect to my phone. it then shows null is connected and still i cannot access it.. can someone help please !

  • Thanks guys after reading some i had learned that my xperia u must be in usb debugging mode thanks

  • I used the debugging option and i still can't connect....

  • ooo i have the same problem , any solution ?? i've tried everything

  • Had the same problem. my daughters phone memory was filled with pictures and didnt respond at all. got this from google play:

    gives me complete access to the files in the internal memory so i could backup everything or clean up.

    If you are stuck, give it a try - actually its much easier than usb-cables. Didnt know that it was possible, but will use it on my own phone as well!