Sony Xperia U Poor Battery Life

  • I purchased a Sony Xperia U handset 2 weeks ago on a 24 month contract, but it's battery life seems to be somewhat shorter than I expected. I have been getting around 12 hours on a charge which is significantly less than my last handset. Considering its modest screen, I was expecting a little more than that (maybe 24 hours on a charge, I'm not expecting feature phone battery life) so am quite disappointed with that aspect of the phone.

    My Wi-Fi is only switched on when using the play store, but Data Connection and data roaming is switched on all of the time. Bluetooth is switched on only when using my Phillips Fidellio Android Dock, while I'm in the shower, and most of the day the phone is kept in my pocket doing nothing.

    I am making full use of the "Power Saver" pre-installed app, though it seems to be doing little to actually improve battery life. I really like my new phone, but 12 hours is impractical at best. Everything else is great.

    Have I got a faulty battery or is the phone just supposed to only last 12 hours of very limited use? I really cannot understand it. My old phone, the Orange Monte Carlo, had a 4.3" screen and a 1500mah and could last two whole days on one charge with the same use as my new phone.

    It seems strange that a budget handset can outperform the Sony on battery life. Please advise what I can do to improve the situation, and get more than 12 hours battery life. It is only battery life that is causing me a problem, and other than that the phone is a delight to use. Unfortunately, however, its poor battery life prevents me from truly recommending the phone to others.

    I look forward to hearing your response.

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  • My Xeperia U also new. Just 1 month. I can see battery drain so quickly. The most of the battery usage happen due to display 50%. I am neither using WiFi nor Bluetooth, Mobile data also disable. It even drain quickly when I am keeping it as standby mode. I am really frustrated. I never expect Sony battery is so poor or i am missing any trick. don't know.

  • Have you tried all of the steps provided by Johnny in the post above? - Aimee.

  • Yes..I already did all those stuff. The maximum battery life for my xperia U ( in standby mode) is not more than 17 hrs.

  • hey bro,

    • just root your fone

    • unlocked boot loader,

    • install custom rom like( miui or ultimate hd)

    • install custom kernal( ex x kernal, (for bettery saving) or doom lord kernal for (performance)

    this will do the tricks,

    im using xperia ray, was having the same problums ,then follow these steps, made reaserch. i will advise the same u should do for your xperia u.

    cantact me through email if you have any queries.


    Omer Saeed

  • When I use phone after 3 hours on charging, i watch video on youtube of 10 minutes, System Android, conncect your charging, phone turned off. the same and with camera. When I chet, I cheting maximum 30 minutes, and at once of 90% fall to 0% and turned off. Also have a problem with black screen when sim in phone. :)

    Sorry for bad English.