Sony xperia S update

  • I own Sony xperia S sim free and there is no 4.0.4 update for my seems to be all UK users problem as so many people are still waiting for update in UK. Its been almost 3 weeks since Sony started rolling out the update...could you please give us any date or any guess that when will my phone will receive 4.0.4 ?

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  • Since this update is market and carrier dependable we cannot assure if or when a specific SI number will be updated. We encourage you to keep checking the list from time to time. -Nessa

  • hi please help me.... i call u from iran,,,, i have xperia s and i want to update my android version ... when i connect my phone to my pc and want to update the prepairing level show me a big proble.... the issue is : the on line server is overloaded ... please try later.... wow i am so angry about this .be cause now it is 2 week that i am trying to up date my phone and see this problem .... please help me .. what can i do sony ?

  • Which program are you using to try and update the phone? - Johnny.

  • pc companion.....

  • wow was good dear...... i love u ....

  • but now i have one an other big problem ..... now my phone is using android 4 but the wifi and blue tooth dosent work ...... :-( help me again

  • I would suggest you reset the phone. This can be done the following way:

    [Menu] > [Settings] > [Backup & Reset] > [Factory Data Reset].

    - Johnny.

  • oh my god .... the mistake was solved .....thank u .... now an other quastion can i add farsi keyboard to my phone , cause i had it in last android .....

  • That's great to hear Mostafa.

    With regards to the language on your handset, I'd suggest following the below steps:

    Open the keyboard in messaging (as if you were going to write a new message) > Drag down the Notification bar and tap Select Input Method > Tap Choose Input Method > Tap the icon next to the keyboard you are using and select Languages > Click Writing Languages > Tick Farsi.

    Hope this helps :)

    - Aimee.

  • hello again to sony .... i have 1 problem again ...i installed the android 4 .... after 2 month ..i connected my phone to pc ,and pc companion told me the new update is available ...when i accept this ... at the middle of downloading the up date 1 problem occured ...(error 1200) the sonny engine failure ... could you please help me ?

  • Just to clarify is there an issue with your phone or would you like help to update your phone? - Johnny

  • i dont have any problem with my phone ,but when i connect my phone to pc ,the program told me an update is available for your phone...

  • helo sony i have a question is there any update of jellybean for sony xperia S ?

    another question i upgraded my phone to i.c.s 4.0.4 it has now MTP rather then mass storage my phone wont connect with pc compinion what should I do ?

  • There's currently no confirmation as to which handsets will or won't receive that Android version. Once we know, we'll make an announcement on our Product Blog page -

    With regards to the ICS update, this does remove Mass Storage and now only uses MTP however this should still allow you to connect successfully. I'd recommend ensuring you also have the latest version of PC Companion installed.

    - Aimee.

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