Sony Ericsson Aino U10i facebook app problem

  • i recently bought a sony aino but the facebook app already installed doesn't function..I cannot log in via the facebook app on the phone, but I can login using the alternative method via the internet browser, texting

    also I cannot upload photos directly from the photo option... but i can upload pics via the facebook site using the upload page like on my personal computer...

    i hope in some help

    thanks all

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  • Hi Roberto,

    I'm sorry to hear.

    What happens when you try to login via the app? Any error messages?

    Have you tried this on both 3G and Wi-Fi? (Please do if not).


    Sony Ericsson Answers Team

  • thanks Markus, it shows the message: unable to login

    I'll try with the wi-fi as soon as possible


  • hi! i'm having the same problem as well.

    I tried both on wi-fi & 3g and i always get login failed.

    pls help...tnx!

  • If it does not work via either 3G or Wi-Fi I suggest that you try to update/ reinstall the phone software using Update Service. You can download Update Service from the website bellow.


  • thanks I'll try and back to you..!

  • hey

    i bought a sony ericsson aino

    but the facebook application is not installed in it

    i even updated it but it didnt work

    is there any possible way to download it?

  • Check if it's available for download via Menu > PlayNow. If not, you should use via the browser to access Facebook.


  • but i want the awesome app which comes with the phone

    the one which makes use of the whole phone!

  • Some phone models comes with a Facebook app pre-installed, others don't.

    It's also possible that Aino (for example) is delivered with the Facebook app for some countries/software customizations while it's delivered without the app for other countries/software customizations. If the app was not pre-installed when you started using the phone and if you cannot download it from PlayNow, it's not possible to use the app in this phone.


  • ok thank you.

  • I have the facebook apps pre-installed in my Aino.. But when I run my apps in background (when u quit & go to the screensaver), it does not shows the latest update from my friends (status updates was like few days ago) even I click refresh.. But if I go to the profile page it does shows the latest status.. Any idea why is this so ? Is there a guide on using the pre-installed facebook apps anywhere that I can check out? Thanks

  • I'm not sure if there's any guide on this. Ask your dealer if they have any info on this - or check the help section here on Facebook.

    For what I know, you have to have the app running and active (not in background) for the app to update.


  • hi..

    facebook chat possible on Aino u10i .??

  • @Prakash

    I don't believe so, but I suggest that you check by going to in the phone browser.


  • thanks johan..

  • any idea if aino could have a window view of facebook like iphone? and making full use of it's touch screen by beening able to navigate the site?

  • Hey how I can check in facebook with aino ?

  • @ paniz install fb application in aino or just go in browser open

  • I already installed the app n I also tried by Opera but i dnt know which part is it?

  • @ paniz opera mini not supporting Aino U10I install UC browser instead .

  • Grr I really hate technologyyyyy lol how should i install it :D ?

  • Ok, thanQ Prakash

  • @paniz welcome

  • why my facebook not working on my aino u10i.. i use wifi but still not working.also play now still not working..pls help

  • Somuch lloveyou zaki çooook tatlı bi foto çok güzelsin allah sahibine bağışlar inşallah

  • when i want to install facebook in my u10i it's give an error " Echec de l'operation"

    please help me @Sony Mobile