Rules and tips – read before posting :)

  • - Before creating a new topic, have a quick look around.

    There might already be a discussion that suits your question.

    - When you create a new topic make sure to set a good one.

    Correct: How do I set up my Google sync in Xperia arc S?

    Wrong: Please help me!

    - Try to not go off topic and e.g. post questions about updates in a thread discussing battery performance.

    If you have two questions not related it’s better to create two threads. :-)

    - When you receive an answer you will NOT get a regular notification (next to the search bar at the top).

    You will see the notification at PAGES to the left on the news feed.

    - Be nice to each other and feel free to help a fellow Sony Mobile user. :-)

    We try to answer everything within a day or two. Enjoy!

    - Sony Mobile Answers Team

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