Question about Xperia Sola

  • Where I live the local carriers use GSM 3G signal on 850, 900 or 1900 range, would the Xperia Sola (MT27i) work on this 3G? Thanks

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  • I'd recommend contacting your local support team directly and double checking this with them as these kind of things can vary between different regions. You can find their contact details here: - Johnny.

  • Hi Johnny thank you for your response. but that's the thing, I live in Guatemala (Central America) and there isn't a local contact here. The nearest is in Mexico, but they use other carriers there. Thanks again.

  • You can contact your local support team here:

    I hope this helps.

    - Johnny.

  • Awesome, I'll send them a mail then. Thank you Johnny

  • You're welcome, thank you for messaging Sony Mobile directly - Johnny.

  • Hi Johnny taking a leap of faith I purchased the Xperia Sola (MT27i) at Amazon in the US, I tested here in my country (Guatemala) and it worked, it took the 1900 GSM 3G band that uses Movistar just fine. Now I'm enjoying this amazing device. Sony is the best. Regards.

  • That's great to hear Juan, thanks for letting us know :) - Aimee.

  • How to bock a contact ?

  • How to bock a contact ?

  • How to bock a contact ?