My Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will not turn on, what should I do?

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  • received a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for Christmas 2010, and since then it has worked perfectly. However, today it turned itself off and will not turn on. I have tried taking out the battery, connecting it to a wall outlet, and my computer. The computer does not even register the phone, and the phone does not light up or show any signs of being connected. It does not even light up or show the charging screen when connected to the wall outlet. What should I do?

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  • realy! it would be my last sony ericsson phone! :@

  • I'm sorry to hear.

    I suggest you leave it on charging through the wall socket for some hours and if it still wont start check if you are able to try charging it using another USB cable.


  • yes i left it in charge during the overnight :$

  • im in tunisia :$

  • i had the same problem, my phone just turned off and died too and it would not charge it has nothing to do with the battery or phone., and yea i was stressing for hours and tried this and it worked again.

    take the back off, plug the charger in take the battery out with the charger still plugged in waited 30 seconds put the battery back in with the charger still plugged in (dwont worry the charger light will still not be showing) then turn it on and bam the charging sign came up and its charging now, i spent like 2 hrs tying everything and this worked

    i hope it works (:

  • This is the 4th time in 1 month my phone has broke. My first xperia i had for half a year and it broke 3 times!! then i got a replacment phone less then a month ago and now that has broken!! Sony ericsson you have lost yourself a customer :@

  • Change your phones to samsung

  • i have that same problem. it turned off and wont turn back on. when i turn it on it vibrates but the screen doesnt light up. ive tried the computer, and wall charger. nothing will work!

  • I have the same issue with my SE X10. This is the 3rd time I sent my phone to the service center and I'm really disappointed not only with their defective phones but also with their lousy customer service.

  • Guys, its a design fault with the phone. But Sony wont understand that as their customer servise and after care is terrible.

    What you should do;

    - Take it to the retailer you got it from, and show them exactly whats wrong. (Trading standards state that the original retailer must sort the problem out, not lunch it on to someone else. They are the ones that have to make the phone calls...Not you!)

    - If for some reason you cant do that...Call your insurance company. They will take care of it.

    - And if you cant do that...Chuck the phone away. And buy an Iphone. The xperia's are trash and I wish I had done more research before purchasing the phone.

  • SE just dropped way below my list.

  • my phone wont charge or turn on and i cant even take it in for a replacement cause i got a little water damage a while back. but even after the water damage it still worked fine till today. is there anything i can do?

  • Take it to the phone store you bought it from.

  • but they wont take it if its water damaged?

  • my SE X10 turned of an it wont come bak on....wen i try to turn it on it blinks a red lite an i left it wit technicians for 3 mths an still dey dont kno how to fix it..............wat shud i do agan?????????????????????

  • @Kathleen, they should. Try it anyway.

  • @Amanda,

    I suggest you try to update/reinstall the software with Update Service,

    If this won't fix your problem you need to contact your dealer and ask for assistance with sending the phone to a authorized repair centre.


  • authorized repair centre like wher??

  • I had the same issue with my SE Xperia X10. I have tried every possible solution I read here or other support sites, but did not work :((( The phone was only a year old. I used to have a W595 before and I loved that that is why I wanted a SE smartphone, and even if I loved the Xperia as long as it worked, was a great disappointment when it finally gave up. I wanted to change it to an Xperia arc before it went wrong, but after all this I am afraid, I cannot trust in SE smartphones anymore :(((

  • i feel the same melinda....i am tired tying to get this phone to work it really makes me want to never buy a sony ericssson fone again

  • @ sony ericsson...that site didn't help

  • @Amanda What country are you in?


  • trinidad

  • You would contact use via: 1-800-442-3471 to ask for help as Markus suggested, if you can't contact your dealer.


  • The same happened to me, I recomend Amy Nyan Cat's tip further down which got my phone working again (put in the charger, take out the battery...) Thank you for the tip!

  • Hi. The same with mine, software updates had to be installed by the retailer in order for the phone to work. Its not a hardware, but a software problem.

  • my phones red light is flastng now

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