my sony ericsson live, wt19i keeps restarting

  • i bought this new phone 2 weeks a go but since the first day the it keeps restarting i tried some of the suggestions on the official website where users were discussing the same issue but it didn't help. i really love this phone and i'm a huge sony ericsson fan, this is really disappointing. could some one please help me and the others who are facing this issue??

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  • What have you tried so far to resolve your issue?

    - Johnny.

  • i tried updating the firmware, removing any unwanted apps and did a factory reset but nothing seems to help. Thanks for replying. Please keep this post updated.

  • Does the restart happen randomly? Or does this happen during specific tasks?

    - Aimee.

  • Hi, may I ask what formats does this player supports? It cannot play my WMA files. I am truly sad since my old phone supports WMA files. Is this my phone problem or the player does not support WMA formats?

  • yes it happens randomly. especially when its idle. it rarely happens when i'm using it or while charging. but it did restart a couple of times while i was making a call. thanks a lot for the response. please keep this post updated.

  • Have you tried repairing the software in the handset using PC Companion?

    - Johnny.

  • Repairing? You mean like re-installing the software? i've tried that. i'm so glad that you guys are trying to help. i never receive any real help on the actual sony ericsson customer care page. thanks for replying. please continue to keep this post updated.

  • If newer software is not available you should repair the software instead.

    This is done this way: Support Zone > Start > Repair the phone.

    The phone should so far not be connected when doing this. The program will tell you when to connect the phone.

    If this does not resolve the issue you would require a repair. To obtain the correct repair details please contact your local support team directly.

    You can find contact details here:

    - Johnny.

  • I tried that as well but it hasn't helped. is it true that SE is coming up with an update to fix this issue present in the new range of xperia handsets like the wt19i and the neoV??

  • I Was Planning To Buy Live With Walkman But There's So Many Problem With This Device Like This Thread. I Will Just Buy Xperia Ray Instead.

  • when i'm installing a app, phone got restarted.

    now after about 1 minute when power on, phone restarting repeatedly.. PLEASE HELP ME>>!!

  • i have that same type of problem too....the phone keep restarting. n can't start. so....i trade in the phone n got myself a xperia sola....i really love that have the greatest phones i've ever seen.........not like suck!!! go sony!!!! wohooooO!!! p/s: you still have to do some upgrading though :p

  • The phone works fine for me for the past 1 year, two days before I turned on bluetooth then on my phone restarts again and again by showing oly the sony and walkman logo, sometimes wen i plugged in charger its shows the unlock screen but starts restarting again....

  • Hi Bala, I am facing the same issue that you reported.

    Please let me know how this is resolved.

  • Just use Sony pc companion and update your phone by following the instructions appears in the window

    This jus happened wen I use bluetooth sharing in ES file Xplorer...

  • i have the same prob this is the secound times its happening......plzz telll me hw to solve it