MH-100 bluetooth headset

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  • I would like to ask whether the MH-100 that comes with Aino can support other phones as well? Or it can only be used with Aino?

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  • The MH100 headset is only listed as fully compatible with the Sony Ericsson Aino handset.

    - Aimee.

  • then, it's not really good if i would like to use it with other phones. shouldn't be like this.

  • It will most likely work with other phones supporting the bluetooth profile A2DP but we cannot guarantee this since they're not listed as compatible.


  • i've tried with C510 but it doesn't support. when ever i tried to connect it, it will show: 'cannot find any bluetooth device'. so does this means it cannot support other phones?

  • I use the MH100 to my Xperia Arc and it's working just fine. But unfortunately there has not been any product testings made for the MH100 besides with Aino of course. So we can't guarantee any compability with other devices.


  • So, that means it's only compatible with Aino?

  • so sad....

  • nope...i've buy it and its work fine with x10...for your information,any those model that support A2DP bluetooth connection can use it...=)..(actually got the info itself from SE website)

  • yes,i know...and im also wonder why...i've got one,the same phone that u got...but i heard some of firmware from other country can use it..

  • have u update a new software yet for w705?..

  • thats weird...better try to upgrade it first...u know what,actually IT suppose to function with all bluetooth device including psp go

  • no prob dude....just call me hood...=)

  • how to check whether the phone supports A2DP or not?

  • What about HTC phones (Desire HD) can I use the MH-100 with it ?

  • You can try. My guess is that it will work but I cannot guarantee it will. Put the headset in pairing mode and then search for it in the Bluetooth menu in your HTC. If the phone asks for a code, enter 0000 (four zeros).


  • I tried but my phone can't find it .. what to do ?

  • Push the powerbutton down and don´t drop it until your HTC finds the headset. It could be a little tricky....but it worked for me. I had to enter the code 1234.

  • Thx to Lisa.

    It works to me. Galaxy wifi 5.0

  • yes it works with p1i , w960 , k750 ,x10...just press and hold power button until mobile find ur device....

  • Thank you Lisa.. now its work with my htc desire HD .

    thank you all .

  • works with galaxy tab p1000! musics funcion all works!

  • For all of you that are having problem with this wireless bluetooth headset:

    1. Charge the headset up properly.

    2. After you have charge the headset, put on your mobile.(It should also be fully loaded.)

    3. Now, here comes the part that i think many people are failing at,(i failed too, so i called the shop at witch i bought it at and asked them how to do.) Hold in the ON/OFF button at the headset AND the RIGHT song changer button(I dont know its name, but its the button with two arrows after each other to the right of the play/pause button)

    After you have been pressing the buttons for a while, the lights starts blinking blue and green. Now start up your bluetooth at your mobile and start searching the headset. Soon the headset will pop up at the screen and i hope that you can figure the rest out by yourselves.

  • It works fine on my arc... The mh 100 sounds great.. Keep pressed the power button while ur arc tries to find it..

  • MH 100 Not Connected to Blackberry 9300 (3G).

    Help Me.

  • Have you tried to put the MH100 in pairing mode before searching for it in the BB's Bluetooth settings?


  • yes, but no result.

    tell me the step how to connect BB

  • hi, i have a mh100 that hadnt been used for quite a while. [got my aino quite long ago]

    i can charge the device, but i cant switch it on. does that mean that it's spoilt? it charges when plugged in, [green lights showing step 1 to 4.] and when i pressed the buttons while its connected to the charger, it shows a blue light for a little while.

  • do u have any idea, MH 100 how to connect to Blackberry 9300 3G

  • MH100 is connect to all Android phones.

    and Sony Ericsson same phones like ,Aino, w902

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