how to use 3g with xperia x8

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  • how to use 3g with xperia x8?

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  • Hi Fahaida, You can ensure you are connected to 3G by going to Settings > Wireless Controls > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > 3G.

    - Aimee.

  • em...but my x8 inside the network mode no 3G wo, it only show WCDMA, GSM this two

  • in my xperia x8 network mode, it only show WCDMA, GSM, this two only, same with Ishiiko Girlgal. how??


  • In mine xperia x8 network mode it shows WCDMA, GSM and GSM/WCDMA ....How ?

  • WCDMA is the same as 3G in this case.


  • Can I know how to use it ? Just set it ?

  • As soon as it is set, it will be used automatically - Aimee.

  • Izzit at APNs there ? I juz have WAP & MMS only ~

  • That is fine for the APN's. You need these to send/receive MMS messages or access the Internet. If your connection is not working correctly, you can speak with your network operator to have the settings with your APN changed.

    - Aimee.

  • Thanks Aimee, it auto selected 3G WAP...

    Where can i find message setting ? Cause i want change message network number..

  • The phone will read this info from the network automatically so there's no need to do this (and for that reason it's not added as a feature among the settings).


  • Thanks markus ~

    Another questions is , sometimes my phone cant in call & msg... It delay the msg and receive after 30min. For call, sometimes it wont ge tru n juz receive msg that i got miss call..

  • This is simply a network issue, sometimes the signal will dip and you will not receive incoming communications for a brief period. Other than check with your operator to see if there is an actual problem there is nothing you can do. There is no option on the handset to edit this.

    - David

  • how to make a 3g call??

  • Do you mean video call? Xperia X8 does not support this.

    A regular call can be made on both GSM and 3G though.


  • then ? how i want to make a video call ?

  • As I posted, video call is not supported so it cannot be done.


  • Hello i've got a xperia x8 and when i turn on the 3g i still don't have any connection i tried with gsm, wcdma and gsm/wcdma, is there a solution to that issue?

  • If video call is not supported what is the use of the camera on front of the phone (the purpose of it is for video conference) is there any software on android which one can download for video conference. also what are the benefts of 3g.

  • may i know x8 3G cam is infront or behind

  • how to zoom in when i want to take picture?

  • You can't zoom in Xperia X8... the phone looks great but has many bad features, NO ZOOM, PATHETIC BATTERY LIFE,ALARM TONE RINGS IN ASCENDING ORDER BUT FOR FEW SECONDS ONLY ( which makes it barely audible) and IT SHUTS OFF WITHOUT THE PERSON SHUTTING IT , SHIFT OF ICONS after accidental presses of keys.

  • i thought it was support 3g call...i'm juz bought x8 a week.....then what use with the camera on front of the phone like amit said? amit --> really agree with you...


  • how will i activate the front camera?

  • I'm too new in using those 3G kinda stuff. So may I ask if i surf the net using 3G coverage, will my airtime credit be deducted? I'm using prepaid.

  • Yes it will be, mine got debited badly and I hated it... I would suggest dont go for it as of now unless they come with good schemes that dont burn your pockets, in addition the network is bad too , so in all "Don't go for it" would be my suggestion.

  • i see. Thanks Amit ;)

  • My pleasure.

  • In adidtion google DHAVAL VALIA VODAFONE and you will see newspiece of how vodafone 3g services are and the subscribers trouble.

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