"Communication error" while trying to access 0.facebook.com

  • I can't access the free 0.facebook.com with my Sony Ericsson k300i. I'm able to connect to the standard internet and the standard facebook web page trough the phone but when trying to connect to the free 0.facebook.com provided by One.mk says "Communication error, try again or contact the internet service provider".

    I've contacted them and they say it's all ok from their side, i must spelled the page name wrong. I know i didn't. Then I opened google trough my phone and wrote "0.facebook.com" and it says:

    "Sorry 0.facebook.com is only supported by select mobile carriers and is not available from your mobile carrier."

    Can this be avoid somehow and I will be able to open "0.facebook.com" from my Sony Ericsson k300i.


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  • Have you tried the URL: m.facebook.com

    That might work instead of the other URL.


  • It's working, it's not totally free as the 0.facebook.com but well, spends less net traffic and money then the standard URL.

    Thanks Johan :)

  • Гоце Грозданов>>>> 0.facebook.com works on some network operaror only. Not all network provide this service...

  • Yes, I know, I'm using ONE that does provides this service, I'm sure of that. The weird problems is that my phone can't use this web page... pretty weird but that's it.

  • i can't acces in my my phone Q19i ?

  • @ CatchMe IfUcan: Can you confirm what model phone you have and how you are trying to access Facebook.

    - David

  • my sony ericsson P1i can't go 0.facebook.com with my opera mini started 2day can tell me why?

  • Felix.....what I know 0 fb cant be accessed through app....you must use default browser...

  • opera mini is a browser which i have been using to go 0.facebook.com for the pass few week but dunno why it started 2day that i can't go 0.facebook.com

    The opera mini brower was supplied to me by digi(malaysia phone line)

  • If u r in malaysia and using digi....then install opera mini with digi bookmark on it.....Digi provides free access to operamini users till 31 mei 2011.....but use digi web shortcut on its browser (operamini, )

  • How to open 0.facebook

  • Jerry Too... Where r u??? 0.fb depends on network operator,,,, if u r in malaysia only Digi provides this service so far,,,,, just go to http://0.facebook.com/ directly from phone default (non 3rd application browser)

  • I cnt acces my messages profile friends etc on my mobile web it say communication error. I.have sony erriccson experia

  • I have a Sony Ericsson xperia 8 im having the same communication error problem, can only see my profile after i reload but cant check my news feed or messages! I can access fb through my app but it sucks ASS!! I want the one i used t check through my browser. Wats wrong b how do i fix it???

  • Valeria, Anita..... If u use mobile fb and got error,,,it means the error come due to fb mobile server error,,,not the phone,,,try using fb application on your phone or install unofficial fb app e.g Friendcaster For Android or else_____

  • Facing exactly the same problem with my sony ericsson vivaz.

    It says "Sorry 0.facebook.com is only supported by select mobile carriers and is not available from your mobile carrier."

  • Ying, this means what the message says. Your carrier does not support this URL, which is a requirement for it to work.


  • Means that SE Vivaz no more support this URL?

  • Yes it does. But as I said, it need to be supported by your carrier (network operator). If they do not support it, it does not matter which phone model you have.


  • Okay noted that~Thank you Markus

  • hey anyone can help me here.. I can't access 0.facebook.com in Pakistan. (Telenor Pakistan) it says that ''Standard data charges may apply.

    Sorry, 0.facebook.com is only supported by select mobile carriers and is

    not available from your mobile carrier.

    If you are contacting your mobile carrier, mention that your IP address is not supported.'' So anyone can help me here please....