Can't connect my XPERIA S to MAC by using Sony Bridge for mac

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  • Dear SONY, recently i become one of the MAC user, therefore i downloaded the SONY Bridge for Mac. But when i connected my Xperia S to Mac with USB cable, the SONY Bridge for Mac appears to detecting my phone.... this take for hours but it still cant detect my phone. And also it keeps on calling me to reconnect and restart my phone... i am getting disappointed now....How to solve it? Thank you

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  • Which software version are you running on at the moment? - Johnny.

  • if you meant my mac, my mac version is 10.7.4 , if xperia S, it is android 4.0.4 :)

    i have been trying for few days, i do try to reconnect, restart my phone, reinstall the sony bridge to mac, but the problem still cant be solve. thank you

  • If you have the ICS software you should try this.

    Unlocking the phone before connecting it to Bridge for Mac (screenlock and any SIM lock).

    Disconnect the phone from Bridge for Mac, unlock the phone, then reconnect the phone to Bridge for Mac. This should allow the Bridge for Mac application to access the phone memory.

    Let me know if it works.

    - Johnny.

  • Go to the sony mobile website and there will be a search bar and in there type Sony Update Service. It may sound useless BUT DO IT. dowmload it and open it up. follow the instructions and connect ur phone again, i am pretty sure that is how it is done because i was advised by my cousin to do so with my xperia arc hope that helped!

  • Hi Alan,

    Since you have a Mac this won't work. The Update Service tool is only for a Windows OS.

    - Johnny.

  • Dear SONY, it is not working....i am still unable to connect my phone to my mac.... :(

  • Hi Alan,

    Is the MAC simply not recognising that the handset is connected or are you receiving any error messages? Have you also tried resetting your phone completely and trying to connect again? I'd also recommend ensuring that your screen on the handset is active and not locked when you are connected.

    - Aimee.

  • Dear SONY, i have unlocked the screen before i connect my phone to my mac. However, once i connect my xperia s to mac, the SONY bridge for mac will automatically appear 'connecting' for a long period , some times it call me to disconnect n restart my phone. But it won't work too. Hoping you guys might help me to solve this problem soon. Thank you :)

  • hi sony I have the same problem, why dont you find a programmer to fix this bug?

  • Yeah - this is a MASSIVE problem for MAC users and their SONY phones. I have the same problem and had to send it back to a repair centre who then didn't even sort the problem out. SONY needs to sort this out because if it can't it means us MAC users can't update. SONY????

  • I used to suffer from the same problem too, when I had a Mac.. I also had a similar problem when connecting my Nexus S to my Mac. I think its more of an Android compatibility problem with OSX, than a problem with Sony Smartphones and OSX... Not 100% sure though..

  • Dear Sony,

    I have exactly the same problem and I guess it IS an android problem.

    Since I updated my Xperia S's (I've got two of them) to ICS 4.0.4 - which I have done through Sony Bridge for Mac by the way - I can't connect my phones to the Mac anymore (Mac OS X 10.7.4).

    When I connect my phone (either of them) via USB (screen and SIM unlocked) Sony Bridge for Mac is taking ages connecting to the phone but does not recognize it.

    Sometimes, when I restart the phone, Sony Bridge for Mac open and connect via USB, I get the message SD card not found.

    Could please someone from Sony Mobile confirm, they have noticed the problem and are working on a solution and until when we get an update?


  • Dear Kirshan,

    Thanks for the wise advice, but you have either not read the title of that discussion or not read the system requirements of the update service.

    It clearly states:

    System requirements

    - Windows XP

    - Windows Vista

    - Windows 7

    And we're talking here about a connection problem Xperia S - MAC.



  • Hi Alan, Ali & Max.

    Would you all be able to advise me on which version of Bridge for Mac you're using at the moment?

    - Johnny.

  • Hi Jhonny,

    I'm using the latest version 2.2(3071)



  • I can confirm that a new version of Bridge for Mac (3.0) is coming up, but I don't have any exact date yet unfortunately. Hopefully this will help with the issues you are currently facing.

    - Johnny.

  • Johnny,

    Coming up soon, within this month or coming up like ICS (release postponed twice by 1/4 year?



  • Sorry Max, I don't have any time frame for this. I can only advise that it is expected to be available soon. Apologies for any inconvenience caused in the mean time.

    - Johnny.

  • Hi Johnny,

    Just like Max, I'm using the latest version.

    By the way I'm looking forward for the new version.


  • Hi Johnny,

    When trying to update, I get the info I'm on the latest version (2.2), but that's maybe because I use the german version.

    I'll check in a few days and let you know as soon as I've updated to 3 and tested it.



  • OK Max, you might want to consider un-installing and re-installing as well. Just in case - Johnny.

  • Dear Johnny,

    I just installed the new version. It detects my phone very fast and works nicely, I also like it's new look!

    Thank you,

  • We're happy to know that you could resolve your issue. :)


  • Hey Johnny,

    As promised here my feedback.

    1. Since I installed version 3.0, connection issues are solved and everything is working fine.

    2. The process to receive 3.0 is far to complicated.

    In the change from 2.2 to 3.0 you obviously require to completely uninstall version 2.2 and then install 3.0.

    Which means, when clicking on "check for updates" on version 2.2 it always tells you your software is up to date.

    This would be fine, if you actually could easily compare the version by visiting the SE website and check for the version they offer there. But what ever way I've chosen to look for the newest version, I couldn't find it.

    So, to retrieve the newest version, you actually have to go on google and type in the search bar "Sony Bridge for Mac download" and then you find the link to the actual version.

    I noticed that before, since the change from branding the phones SonyEricsson to only branding them Sony, the navigation on the site got much more complicated.

    If you'd like to know more, drop me a message and I give you a few examples.



  • Thanks for all the feedback Max, I'll make sure it’s passed on to the relevant departments.

    We appreciate the time you've taken to message Sony Mobile directly.

    - Johnny.

  • Hi i was trying to sync music to my sony xperia s but when i check all the music it just stops and crashes, can you guys fix the bug, its the new update 3.0

  • EbEn JosEph,

    Out of experience you're probably better off by opening a new thread.

    Especially as this one has seen last actions 5 month ago.



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