Can't Able to Use "Facebook Inside Xperia"

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  • To,

    Sony Mobile,

    I just found that "media server" app is missing from my app menu

    i think that's the problem why i'm not able to use facebook inside xperia feature

    can you please help me out to get that app on my phone??

    My phone : Xperia S

    Thank You.


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  • Hi Aniket,

    'Media Server' is now called 'Connected Devices.'

    These applications aren't linked in any way, so having one or the other won't affect either application. What issues are you having with 'Facebook inside Xperia™?'

    - Johnny.

  • Hi Sony Mobile,

    I'm Connected to internet via WiFi, Auto Sync is on.

    I can use internet with all other apps but facebook app & Facebook Inside Xperia feature are not able to connect to the internet.

    When i open Facebook app, initially it shows connecting but after few seconds, it shows connection lost

    When i click check box to enable "Facebook inside xperia" feature, after accepting terms & conditions, it just shows "Loading....." message on screen for almost 3~4 mins approximately & then again shows terms & conditions box, & it happens again & again

    What could be the problem???

    Thank You.



    Both the apps were in need of a kick-start, I started both of them on data service (HSDPA) & they started, now both of them are working on wifi as well :)

    Thank You :)


  • I'm glad your issue is now resolved. Thank you for letting us know - Johnny.

  • hello ,

    i have the same problem exactly here , could you plz tell me what to do ?!!!!

  • @ Ahmed Tayar

    My problem was solved by doing all the setup procedure on actual data service by operator

    once the procedure is done, u can disconnect data service & use wifi :)

  • aniket i have d same problems can y tell me how to solve it .

  • @Rohan

    Use data connection of your service provider to start applications and do the settings, once it all done and if u r sure dat everything is working d way it should be (this procedure may take some time to take effect) then turn off data service and use wifi



  • i already did that before and it worked but now i lost fbix again and it couldn't be enabled neither on wifi nor HPSDA ,

    i think there another solution


  • Hi.. I have a problem also about facebook inside xperia.. I cnt activate it. Even though I turned on the sync. After I checkd the box to enable it, and agree to the terms, it just go back from unchecked box. What should I do to activate my facebook inside xperia?? Help!!

  • my facebook is working but,, my "Facebook inside Xperia" is not working.... help..

  • my facebook is working but,, my "Facebook inside Xperia" is not working.... help..

  • facebook inside xperia not working. Plz help

  • @ everyone

    perform setup of "facebook inside xperia" on data connection only

    when it is ready and syncing flawlessly.....switch over to wifi if u hav slower data connection (2G)

    same applies to facebook login as well as messenger login

  • thax ankit for help

  • Hey I have a huge problem... I cannot connect to Facebook through applications like FxGuru, Minion Rush or any other game as well... It says connecting to Facebook but does not... I really want this fixed as I need to share my Scores n stuffs with friends through game application... Anyone PLZ HELP!!!!!!

  • Dear aniket

    I am using HSDPA only but still i am not able to use facebook inside xperia and timescape

    Please help

  • Xperia With Facebook is not working with my account. Im not able to share my photos via xperia with facebook. pls tell me a solution for this.

    p.s- it works on others account but not on mine !!

  • To,

    Sony mobiles,

    Facebook inside Xperia is not working on my Xperia ion device neither is the timescape working and Walkman sync, whenever I try to connect it, the Facebook error comes up saying, page was not found. I have tried to connect it several times but no luck yet... I don't know what to do... Please help Sony mobiles.

  • i have the same problem as Ajit, I can't share my photos via FIX:( Even though upload is finished, photos don't appear on my facebook wall :( is there any solution?

  • I didn't mention that FIX was working correctly until I updated my xperia z to android 4.2.2 ;)

  • Hi. I can't connect with my Facebook app on Xperia z, I think I have the same problem as aniket, but how do I start with the settings? Pls help. I could connect to Facebook using the Google search engine, but not on the apps provided on the apps.

  • Hello. Hi. I can't connect with my Facebook app on Xperia S. I activated mobile data and all. I cant upload pix using xperia inside. Need help :(

  • Hi! Sony mobile,

    my phone is xperia z1 but i cant upload photos on facebook using xperia fb inside experia, it always says photo uploaded but it does not appear in my fb. How do i fix it?

  • Hi! Sony mobile,

    my phone is xperia z1 but i cant upload photos on facebook using xperia fb inside experia, it always says photo uploaded but it does not appear in my fb. How do i fix it?

  • Xperia L could not upload photos using xperia with facebook :( pls help fix this problem :(

  • I have same problem as Sly Querubin. My Z1 does not connect to Xperia for Facebook, I can't upload photos, also can't get facebook and adress book contacts sync.

    How o solve that?

  • I solved this issue on an Xperia Z1. I was unable to connect to Facebook using the Sony Albums app, or get a connection to facebook using the "Xperia with Facebook" app, all it would do is loop back to the connect screen, give me the license terms, then loop back to the connect screen.

    The fix for me was a little odd, but it's 100% working now. In the Sync Settings I allowed my Facebook Contacts to Sync (I don't normally do this as it bloats my contacts to much), once my facebook contacts had synced, I installed the latest Facebook messenger app from the play store. I then went back to the Accounts settings, added an account for "Xperia with Facebook", and boom, connected instantly, and now works in my Albums app to.

    If I only enabled the Contacts sync, it still would not work, so somehow, a cobination of syncing contacts and downloading the Facebook Messenger app worked. I have since disabled Facebook contaxt sync, and "Xperia with Facebook" is still working.

    Strangely I could not get it to connect with "Xperia with Twitter" either, but just installing the latest Twitter App from the Play store fixed that issue.

    I hope this helps.

  • well I have problem loading page/u might nt have the permission to view dis page displayed.need help

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