Broken MW600 Clip

  • The Clip that attaches the MW600 to your clothes has broken on my MW600. It broke where the clip attached to the body of the MW600 so repairing the clip part is out of the question. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement clip? I bought my MW600 about a yr ago from Amazon(I live in the Caribbean) so returning it to the dealer is more or less out of the question.

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  • they never help

  • If you aren't able to purchase one locally, you'll likely have to look online, however I don't have any specific places I can recommend.


  • i have broken my clip...tell me where can i find it in india..only the clip

  • @Jeeka You can also contact your local support at the link above to see if they have it available, otherwise, as above, you'd have to look online.


  • Looks like some people had luck in the comments, although neither link is active now.

    You'll have to keep searching online.


  • basically its a dead end..and that headphones are waste for me...i m advising everyone on facebook twiiter and my friends not to buy this ever..or any sony product..without background checkup

  • My clip just broke too. I live in India, Jeff, since you work for SE, why dont you find out if they replace clips or if at least they sell em as spare parts in India and let us know.

    Its not right for you to ask people to do their own search online.

  • Hello Sony Mobile,

    Could you please provide the replacment for the MW600 clip spring as without the spring it wont get clipped to anything.

    Would be grateful to you if its provided.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Broken clip, seems like a frequent MW600 problem, so this product's design is pretty fragile, I think.

  • I had been using MW600 for 3 years no problem until now.... Recently the clip had broken remaining everything is fyn...... soon i am going to replace it vt SBH52.

  • My problem is a little different. My clip came off, but is not broken. I think I found the spring for the clip too.

    It is easy and obvious how to attach the clip back to the MW600 body, without the spring,. However, the spring is necessary, to keep the clip closed.

    I cannot figure out how to re-attach the spring, which of course needs to attach to both the clip and the unit itself.

    Are there directions somewhere on the web, for attaching the spring?

    If not, could a Sony tech tell me how to do that?

    (By the way though, SE should really have replacement clips and springs available for those who need them.)

  • Hi Michael,

    I had the same problem; however I managed to sort it out. Lie the MW600 down on its face so that the clip mounting is up. You can now drop the sping into the older. The spring has a V shape. Make sure that the point of the V is at the top of the holder. You should now be able to mount the clip.


  • Hi, i had the same problem and was able to fix it by the resolution as provided by Simon. Thanks Simon!

  • guys i can help u out for the clip replacement i am getting it from UK so any one interested contact me Ph no 9059605060

    cost will be 1200/-