The Homeless Girl

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  • something is up with her! wonder what? Could it be a love child of John Teller's?

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  • She does seem to pop up in all the most unlikely places.

    Didn't she also appear in Ireland in Season 3 (or am I imagining that)?

    I'm thinking she isn't actually 'real'.

    I know that both Jax & Gemma have seen her, so she's not a figment of Jax's imagination.... but....

    I'm kinda thinking the character is just a mind-fuck that Kurt Sutter has written into the show, just to get viewers wondering about her. lol

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  • i dont think she is fake, she gave Jax a blanket when he slept at the cemetery that one time...

  • I was wondering if that was the same girl that gave Jax the blanket. I thought he did the double take b/c he thought she was far from home?

  • The homeless girl has been in like 4 other episodes from season one to now. -She was in the cemetery on the season finale of season one - she covered Jax up with a blanket & later told Jax where the water fountain was to clean up. She was in Season two - Gemma gave her money outside a store - she said "Able will save my boys" and when Gemma asked her what she said she replied " able to save my boys" - and that same season in another episode she was at the church when Gemma went to talk to Unser- Gemma even asks her "haven't I seen you before" and she replied "everyone always sees me" (something along those lines) she was also in Season 3 in Belfast and the "adoptive parents" (the dad) of Able gave her money as they were walking down the street. Kurt Sutter said her appearence has who knows what it means or when we'll find out. All I can put together is that she is always the same place Able is or somewhere taking care of Jax & when she is around something good always comes of the screwed up situation taking place.

  • nice, Penny....she is quite interesting

  • she cant be real as why would she of popped up in ireland. i did wonder whn she would appear in this series. things always come out ok whn she appears

  • I'm not sure that the homeless girl has any real significance to the plot itself, but she does seem to function as a symbol of sorts. I noticed the same appearances you've listed here, Penny. In thinking about those moments and how they seem to be moments during which either Gemma or Jax is attempting to define (for herself/himself) her/his understanding and/or prioritization of the club vs. biological family, I've come to the conclusion that the girl signals to the audience that some significant change in that definition is happening. At the moment of seeing the girl and just after, both Gemma and Jax wrestle with the question of what is right for them, right for their families, or right for the club. Perhaps she is a physical representation of the internal conscience?

  • "Perhaps she is a physical representation of the internal conscience? "

    I like that.

    I agree that the character is a symbolic one, rather than a 'real' person.

    How else would she have appeared in Belfast?

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  • yeah, I agree now Ken....Considering Jax and Tara were a good ways from home this last time, how would she have gotten so far?

  • i want to know who the actress is or what involvement she has in production... Maybe this is like how stephen king seems to appear in all of his movies; usually a small mundane role thats not so significant, however just enough to let you know he's there....If thats not the case then my second opinion would be pretty much what cacee said. idk though, im the only one out of my friends thats questioned the homeless girl's existance, now i have an entire season to wonder before SOA starts again.

  • "you cant live like this, to be safe, my love... yes... always." Is that what she said in the final episode of season 5?? I can barely make it out.

  • I've taken a look at that clip, Cody, and I'm fairly sure you've got it transcribed correctly here. There's certainly something to this brief appearance, as there's something to her previous ones. In her dialogue with the stuffed horse, she seems to be channeling Tara's part in her conversation with Jax regarding their future.

    I'm wondering if this homeless girl is one of Sutter's ways of highlighting the indecisive nature of the character of Hamlet as it compares to Jax's flip flopping on the future he intends to pursue. Her appearance here, it seems to me, signifies the season-long shift in Jax's character as being ever more committed to the MC life and his role in the club. Of course, when I have time, I'll revisit the entire season (at least once) for a more complete analysis. Any thoughts?

  • I'm a new watcher of SOA. I am only on season 2 so I have not gotten to experience this characters appearances in the later seasons, but from what I have seen I believe her to be a character of symbol. I definitely believe her to be a physical embodiment of consciousness or faith at that. 'Everyone sees me." I really think there's some religious undertone to her. As in God is everywhere and when you need him the most.

  • @Shaun, agreed to that she is a symbol. I just hope there is clarity to her later on in the show. Careful what you come across on this page, lots of spoilers for you. Enjoy!!!

  • She were also in season 5 episode 13. I think either she is another child from John teller oooooor JT committed her to pretect jax and maybe Gemma. I hope we find out soon! :o

  • haha he don't know what she represent xD it was quiet funny xD

    I hope they still make something out of it.

    I would be so cool if she were the key to everthing.

    Currently, sons of anarchy only run in circles.

    Jax can't get out of charming, because he becomes more and more problems.

    Of course it is very exciting, but i think it would be a good use if the women would play an important role.

    Only my opinion! :)

  • I think she has something very important about her, just can't figure it out. I noticed that she is only seen by Jax and Gemma, so there is that. She comes into play mostly at really bad times or when an important decision is arising. There has to be more about her then what has been shown. Is it September yet?

  • yeah i think you are right. Did you ever think, that the homeless woman is an angel/ angel of death?

    She appears at random times and places and always to push one member of the Teller family in a particularly destiny laden direction. Her original appearance comes just after at the same time as Donna and Opie's decision to take the family to Abel's coming home party. hmm.

    A lot of people say that sons of anarchy based on hamlet. Maybe she is probably the equivalent of the "ghost of Hamlet's father... Like she may be the ghost of John Teller?

    I hope everything will be clarified... I think the next season starts at the end of september or something like that?

    Although it takes a long time, but i think Kurt Sutter will make the best of it :)

    I can't wait for the next season. The last scene from the last episode of season 5 was a bit strange.

    It looked as he would consider to leave her in Stockton, to have the boys. It's alle gemmas fault. I hope that Jax and Tara stay together :)

  • I think she is some form of a "hope" or "piece of mind" in a way. The weird thing is she is definitely real, but no body pays attention to her besides Jax and Gemma, so there is something that they have together that no one else does, JT. Interesting to say the least, for sure.

    Ya, usually the second week of September is the premiere. Sutter can take his time, so long as he provides greatness haha. The last episode has me grinding my teeth towards Gemma. I don't wanna believe that she ratted on Tara about Tara asking for the Cross, to give to Otto, to kill the innocent nurse so they would have to kill R.I.C.O.

  • Here in Germany is only the second season. I have to watch it in english and it is much better! :)

    I think you are right. At the beginning i loved gemma, but now....i can't believe it too.

    I'm happy that clay had no chance to go to Belfast. In my opinion he could die. Brutaly.

    I hope that Jax stands behind Tara and not Gemma.

    What is your favourite character?

    My was Op. I was soooo crying when he died.

    Now my favourite character is Chibs. :)


  • She hasn't changed one bit in the show really, she always wants to protect her family but at the same time will do anything, at all costs to keep them close. She did it with Jax and now Tara, to keep the Jax and her boys near by.

    I'm happy also about the Clay thing, they can't get rid of him or dismiss him easily though, he is the poison that keeps the show going with it's spiral of downsides and troubles. He deserves a horrible death, but it won't come for quite some time. I'm pretty sure Jax will do the right thing when time comes for that. I miss Opie a lot, his character is one I can relate to and seeing his death sucked. Ryan Hurst was great and I hope the best for his career. Now... Chibs is up there definitely, but Happy is the shit!!! I look forward to seeing him as SGT at Arms and Chibs as V.P and Bobby going else where, thinking smart is great but him keeping Clay alive pissed me off.

  • Yeah i know what you mean. I hated Bobby that he keeps clay alive...

    I don't tink that Pope's death remains unexplained. There will be a big war...

    And i couldn't believe that the kartell deceives Jax. They will also contribute a large part to the war.

    We will see soon.

  • not soon enough lol

  • Yeah haha! :D

    Do you write to me on Facebook after the first episodes from season 6?

    I don't have anyone else to talk about that! :D

  • What if she is working for the ATF or FBI, Maybe she is trying to get info on SOA

  • I strongly feel that isn't the case here. Only two people have paid any attention to her through 5 seasons in the 5ish episodes she has appeared in. It's a deeper meaningful thing then that.

  • Seeing as how SoA creator Kurt Sutter has made many references to Sons being a modern Hamlet. I believe the homeless lady is "The Ghost". She only shows up to Jax or Gemma, and almost always says something profound or confusing. ie. she is begging for money for her kids, Gemma gives it to her and she says "Abel will help my boy." when Gemma, stunned, turns around and asks "What?" She says "Able to help my boys." as if that was what she said all along. She shows up to give Jax the blanket in the cemetary, and when she offers him her coat, he declines and she says "Thanks. There's cold water down there." In season 2 she appears at the church while Gemma is waiting for Unser, Gemma speaks to the homeless woman asking if she knew her, the homeless woman replied "Everyone knows me.". Also in season 2 when Gemma is waiting outside the shrink's office, the homeless woman is already there as if waiting to see the shrik herself, but when the shrink comes out to the waiting room, she calls Gemma not even acknowledging that the homeless woman is there. In season 3 when Jax is chasing the adopted parents of Abel in Belfast, the father gives money to a homeless woman in the mall. If you look closely it is the Homeless Lady from Charming. This is the most perplexing to me, as there is no plausible explanation for the homeless lady from Charming, just happening to be in Belfast at that exact moment. In season 4 right before Tara is kidnapped and Jax and her are having the picnic. Jax notices her right before the kidnapping attempt. In season 5 finale she makes another appearance talking to a doll in a trash can. She says "Of course you can't live like this. To be safe my love. Yes. Always."

  • Yeah, I guess so.

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