Treasure Chests and You!

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  • Greeting Solitaire enthusiasts!

    You may have noticed the addition of a Golden Key and Treasure Chest icon to the top of the game screen. Now there's a new way for you to earn even more Coins, more tickets, and even Tricks and Charms! Let me give you a brief run down on how to open a Chest of your very own!

    1. Everyone now has a Treasure Chest progress meter at the top of their game screen

    2. Players fill their Treasure Chest meter by sending cards to the foundation slots (you know, the 4 slots where you build your piles from the Aces up during your Solitaire games)

    3. When a meter fills up all the way, your Treasure Chest will begin glowing. This means you now have 1 Treasure Chest waiting to be unlocked! To access your Chest, you have to first finish your game. Whether you win or lose, the Treasure Chest pop-up will appear, prompting you to unlock your Chest.

    4. To unlock your Treasure Chest, and get access to all the goodies inside, you'll need Golden Keys. Golden Keys can be earned a variety of ways: when you level up, by selecting a Key card in the Daily Prize Game, from Treasure Chest feedposts on your Facebook wall, or buying them directly with Facebook Credits from the shop! The number of Keys required to unlock a Treasure Chest all depends on which Difficulty you were playing when the Treasure Chest became available:

    • Easy = Bronze Chest (5 Keys to unlock)
    • Medium = Silver Chest (10 Keys to unlock)
    • Hard = Gold Chest (15 Keys to unlock)

    Obviously higher quality Chests unlock higher quality prizes, but EVERY chest you open offers a slight chance at unlocking Epic items! Epic items include some of the most valuable Tricks and Charms in the game, including items which exclusively cost Facebook credits. So for those of you that have been longing to add that Autofinish to your arsenal, now may be your chance!

    Happy Treasure Hunting everybody!

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  • Hey I have a question for ya, is there any keys to win in those chests? As like many buying them isn't an option. Frankly it will make me crazy to end up having a chest i have won and not be able to open it cause I'm broke like always, lol, and that also bring's me to this question, if you don'r have key's to open the chest or chest's you have won, do they hopefuly accumulate or what? if they don't that is not so cool and I would be upset cause as a rule if this is offered as a "WOW, look at this great thing we're adding for you to win", type of cool and then you aren't able to get them at that time, WELL??? Let me know cause at this point, I only have 6 keys left and a chest is in the horizon to win and I want to be able to accept it when I can...THANXXXXX

  • Oh and P.S. lol, you guys sent me a note telling me that you sent me 23 keys, nope ya didn't you sent me 21, plus I was bragging to my mother last evening about my achevements list and told her that I finely earned my 500th badge and was embarrassed when it wasn't highlited, boooo. lol. Now give it up dudosss...;)

  • You gave me 26 keys i got a chest to open for 10 keys . there was a problem needed to refresh now all keys are gone. Never got to see what was in chest either.

  • Hi Charlotte,

    To answer your first question, no, Chests do not accumulate. Every Treasure Chest is available to open once at the end of the game during which it was earned. If you do not have enough Keys to open it when it becomes available, it is discarded. As for the missing achievement, you are referring to Solitaire Enthusiast VI, correct? I see that it has been unlocked on your account, so you definitely earned it...for some reason its not showing up though? Hmm, thats no good. I'll talk to our team about getting that looked into. In the meantime, you can tell your mother that 'an official Playsino representative has confirmed, Charlotte has unlocked the Solitaire Enthusiast IV achievement.' :)

    Hi Linda,

    I can tell you what you've been awarded on my end. Your chest got you:

    -6 Golden Tickets

    -200 Coins

    Its a little harder to tell which Tricks and Charms you were awarded but I believe you received an Undo Move Silver, Magic Slot, and an XP Deluxe Silver. Congrats!

  • Well that stinks, lol, Oh well it's cool, but i still want to know if there are keys to be won in the chests? I think that would make the whole thing a lot better then just being teased ya know? Not to mention maybe be able to get keys awarded as you win sometimes you know like you win the coins and tickets that would make it at least more interesting and at least the ability to open a chest every now and then if your not able to buy keys. I had to buy keys already and I won't even be able to buy more for about 2 weeks until i am paid again, as I have invested a little more money into playing this game this week then I should have already and i am going to get myself in a pickle if i am not careful. lol. As far as my achievement award goes I will have to go and see if it is now there,achievemant, humm, I think I spelled it wrong earlier, lol. Anywho thanks again. I do hope any of my feedback is something you guys may consider cause I do obviously tend to write you guys often, I guess i just feel connected, LOL! later you bunch of pumpkins in a patch..

  • I did the survey to receive 3 keys and they have not appeared

  • Hey Vickie Thanks for the info. I will have to check that out. I hope you get your keys soon though. You will notice, I always write and ask questions, I like to be informed and know what's going on. LOL> have a great day..Good luck.

  • Hi Charlotte,

    We always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism and I have to say you're definitely one of our more outspoken players (not a bad thing!) :D After all, in the end it helps us make the game even better for you guys!

    To answer your question (sorry I missed it in the last post) we do not offer Keys as Treasure prizes. That certainly may change at some point in the future, but for now only the methods mentioned above will get you more Keys.


    That would be an issue you'll want to take up with Trialpay, the party responsible for the offers. You can file a ticket with them by following these steps:

  • I was told "Congrats, you just recieved 9 free keys. Use them now to open a treasure chest..." I got to your game, and it said I have 8 keys. I played a game to see if anything would open, and nothing did. What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Anita,

    It takes at least 2 games to access a Treasure Chest. Please reference the guide above for more detailed information. Thanks!

  • Hi guys, love the game and play everyday its addictive haha. You sent me message saying I was to get 17 keys but they dont show up in my game. Could you please send more keys. ta Carole

  • Hi Carole,

    I'm seeing yesterday you expended 10 Keys on a Silver treasure chest, leaving you with 8. That's a total of 18 Keys.

  • hi ta for getting back to me. Yes that was right but today there was a message on opening that i was to get 17 keys but on clicking the button nothing happened. ta

  • Hi Carole,

    That message should have gone out yesterday when the Keys were actually sent out to you but for some reason it was delayed. Hopefully that clears things up. Sorry for the confusion.

  • How do you earn the keys? or do always have to buy them? How wins=1key?

  • I'm loving the treasure chests and the keys - but the ratio of keys earned to treasure chests earned needs to be closer than it is. I can earn 10 keys in 10 days, if I'm lucky enough to land on a key on the daily spin, and I can earn a key if I go up a level, which takes a very long time. I've already blown through about 6 treasure chests, unable to open them up.

  • What is the Treasure Chest Feedpost on the FB wall?

  • Here are the various ways to earn Keys in-game, other than purchasing them with Facebook credits:

    -In the Daily Prize Game

    -Everytime you level up

    -By clicking the action link on Treasure Chest feedposts (these feedposts can be triggered by Sharing your Success after opening a chest)

    -And finally, by checking our wall for special givaways. There's one on there right now we put up a couple of hours ago so I'd hurry while its still good!

  • I've notice that the keys have not even been offered in the Daily Prize Game the past couple of days. I guess I don't see the point in the chest if it's that hard to get the keys.

  • Question: Do keys accumulate? During the game it tells me I won a key to open the chest but yet I only ever see one key available. Is there a way to accumulate keys so that you don't have to buy them? Are there other ways to get keys besides buying them or in the Daily Prize Game?

  • Dianne,

    The Daily Prize game rewards are semi-random. There is a larger pool of prizes which the game picks from every day, so sometimes the Key will be available, other times it will not.

    Hi Karin,

    Keys should accumulate whenever they are won, yes. However you never earn keys during a Solitaire game (though you can still earn treasure chests.) The only ways to earn keys, other than purchasing them directly, are:

    -through the Daily Prize game

    -through Treasure Chest related feedposts

    -every time you level up

    -through giveaways on our facebook wall

    Thanks for the questions!


  • Hi Rose,

    How many Keys did you have and how much did the chest cost to open?

  • i had enough to open the chest it was glowing and when i went to open it. it kept going to the buy more keys menu.

  • A friend posted that they opened a chest and were giving away keys. I clicked on it, but have not received the key. Shortly after I leveled up, and did receive that one. What is going on?

  • Hi Tammie,

    The feedpost only offers 1 key so most likely someone already claimed it. As for the leveling issue, you should definitely have received a key. What level did you reach?

  • I reached level 26. Thank you.

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