Solitaire and Prizes

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  • The game will not load at all.. Been trying for 3 days and it still wont load

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  • Hi Patricia,

    We are sorry to hear that, that must be frustrating. We are not having any problems on our end so we can recommend three things to try to see if they will help.

    1) Update your Adobe Flash Player (right click on the game and click on "About Adobe Flash Settings"

    2) Clear the cache on your browser

    3) Try opening it in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

    Let us know how that goes if you would. Thanks.

  • hi everyone.. the game has seemed to be working well the past couple of days; however, i have a question: did y'all change the amount of coin winnings that you get when winning a game? it used to average around 170 coins, now it's been 103, 104, 105......i mean what's the use of playing if you only get 5 coins net after the game entry fee of 100 coins??? i think that kinda sucks if ya know what i mean.....and:

    i also don't know how to use the joker and the other magic things...could you please inform me...i keep getting them in the treasure chests and have no idea what to do with them...thank you.......

    i've also noticed that the wins are coming less...or is that my imagination??? LOL

  • Hi Joan,

    Yes, we did change the entry fees for both Klondike games down and Free Cell up by a small amount to balance the game. The winnings are the same.

    We know we keep promising to release an update, but it is schedule to be released tomorrow finally which will simplify the use of the tricks and charms. Right now you have to load them before you play and then click on them to use them. If you click a joker, you can then put it down anywhere on the board to represent any card you wish. Does that help?

  • yes, it does help....i did not know that about the joker....the entry fee is still 100 coins for easy klondike 1 card, i checked that before i wrote about the winnings dropping down...thought i was right about that what will the new entry fee be??? i'm kinda wondering whether to keep playing the game for 5 coins as it is....i do love the game though, so i hope it will be worth it to keep playing...i am anxiously waiting till tomorrow then....bye for now...

  • Hi Joan,

    The entry fees are already live in the game with both Klondikes cheaper by 100 and Free Cell increased by 50. Plus we have set up so many other ways for players to get coins whether it be through friends in the game, the Daily bonus, etc. The only new changes will be to the flow of the game (simpler) and improving the way the tricks work and most importantly, fixing bugs. We hope hope that helps.

  • okay...can't wait!!!!

  • ok so i played klondike 1 medium 150 game fee and won 153 coins....that's a net of 3 coins....i'm not sure that i'm liking the new pay off's here.... easy i was netting 70 coins before the change and that was more like it....i'm kinda thinking what's the use of playing.....

  • the new set-up is great...i love is much easier to use the charms, etc., but the winnings amounts, well i like the old amounts seems like i am not winning any coins with only the net of 5 coins max, in fact i only got 97 on an easy...and i just went out (won) just as the timer was going off (about 2 secs left) on the medium and i didn't get any credit for the win...maybe i didn't move that last card fast enough, i don't know but i wanted you to know...anyway the new set up is really great...nice going and thank you....

  • Hi Joan,

    Glad to hear you like the new set-up. It was overdue for an update. You will also notice that we got rid of some of the old tricks like Triple Joker and converted them into 3 jokers for every one you had. You are getting lower rewards because you are finishing with very little time left. The rewards have always been based on your time.

    You were the first person to give us feedback and everyone in here was happy that you liked what we did. Thank you, and putting some coins in your account.

  • Well, I just got a notice that it had been fixed................NOT FIXED. Still won't let me move the cards. Keeps taking my coins and I get nothing in return. I USE to love this game. But guess I won't be playing it anymore!!!

  • Hi Rita,

    If you are having trouble moving your cards and your coin balances are acting strange, we recommend making sure your Adobe Flash Player is upgraded (right click on the game and click on Adobe Flash). We also recommend you either Clear the Cache on your browser or try a different browser and see if you are still experiencing the problem and please let us know.

  • thanks for everything...yes, i love the new set up and will still be playing the game, at least until i get used to the new winnings amounts....i'll be letting you know if i have any problems, as usual....and again, thank you

  • so I keep trying to move cards and they don't want to move or stay where I'm moving them. I checked my adobe and cleared my cache, didn't help. I tried different browsers still nothing.. so now I'm out 600 coins since it is still charging 150 for klondike on mine and have nothing to show for it. is this game ever going to work again??????

  • If something ain't broke, why fix it. Y'all have made a mess of this game!!!!

  • Hi Peggy ,

    Are you problems only happening in Full Screen Mode or do they occur in regular? It is working for most players so we need to know what it is specifically about your system that is reacting to the game. So we could use a bit more information:

    What browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)?

    What version of Flash are you using (right click on the game to see)?

    What operating system are you using (Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, Mac OS X)?

    What brand monitor are you using (HP, Dell, widescreen, etc.)?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Rita,

    We could use the same information from you if you would like to help us fix it.

  • ok here goes I've tried playing on all of those browsers except safari , my flash is up to date I checked that too, I'm using windows I believe 8, my monitor is a samsung 23 inch. It will now play for me in regular, however I don't like regular as I have a hard time seeing it. let's face it if I wanted to play solitaire to get eyestrain and a headache I'd go back to my other game site. oh and you didn't address the issue of klondike medium costing 150 coins but you reduced the payoff for winning, winning a game for 5 or 10 coins isn't much when I was getting 50 on a regular basis. a wise person once said if it aint broke don't fix it!

  • yes, i agree with the payout situation, the winnings are lower (maybe by about 70 coins) and i'm not liking that either....

    i wrote yesterday about not getting that last card in on time and today the same thing happenened and i believe you have to MOVE that last card in order for it to register a that so??? if so maybe that should be adjusted....

    BUT I DO LOVE THE NEW SET-UP!!!! especially the placement of the clock... i really like that...

    and i noticed that things seem to move a little more slowly...i'm not sure about liking that feature cause that would be time eating, no?? and that would be a part of the problem with the last card thing and some of the payoff amounts, i think..okay...i'm finished giving apinions for today....all in all the new set up is much betterthan the old...will talk to y'all again later...thank you for listening....

    okay i just played a medium klondike and it happenened again with the last card...i think that the tiny bit of slowness i spoke of caused thatl...not saying it's your fault..just saying..:D

  • Hi Peggy,

    Thank you so much for this info, this really helps us. We will credit your account for your help. Unfortunately, S&P was a bit broken with some serious bugs in it so we needed to really do an overhaul and get rid of some of the old computer code that was making it impossible for some of our users. This change is better in the long run for the health of the game but we understand that not everyone will love it. Thanks again.

  • Hi Joan,

    That doesn't sound good at all. Did the game auto complete (put your cards on the foundation slots) but not end? Which game were you in? We are sending you a support email to get some more details. Thanks.

  • Well thanks for messing up my favorite game. I did everything you said to do. Updated Flash player, empty cashe and it still does NOT work. And NO I do not want another browser. I use Internet Explorer.

  • Hi Rita,

    responded to you in a different thread.

  • hi y'all...i have a question....i just now noticed on a win in the "share success" box i have won 143 xp, but at the top where the xp is, it only said +86......i'll keep checking on this as i win some more games, because i thought i've been on level 21 for awhile now...maybe this is why...i'll let you know more in a bit...thank you for listening to my updates....

  • Hi Joan,

    Please do keep us posted. And if you can take a screen shot of what you are seeing (on a PC, hit the "Prnt Scrn" button on your keyboard and then "paste" it into the free app on your computer called Paint or MS paint). If that is too much to deal with, don't worry about it. Thanks, Joan.

  • ok on a loss now, i counted the +1's and +3's and +6's and i got 29...the box came up with 30 so i missed that's the difference in the count on the win...all the +1's etc. during the game and the say +86 at the end.....they should equal the say +116 in the "share" box at the end, i was just different and confusing for a moment, so maybe everything is okay afterall...i don't know...but at least you know about it in case others question it as well....nice doing business with you...see you soon....:)

  • Thanks, Joan :)

  • you are more than welcome......

  • just had a game get stuck @2:52 was a loss so no biggy...."x'd" out of the app then got a screen saying facebook was busy to try again...had trouble gettin back in but i did just wanted to let y'all know......:)

  • HEY Y'ALL!!!! NO MORE SLOW-MO!!!!! way to go!!!! now i can really say i love the new set-up more than ever!!!!! keep up the great work!!!!!! :D <3

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