Mystery Prize winners

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  • Hello Solitaire Players!

    A quick FYI:

    For those who have won the Mystery Prize Sweepstakes, the Sweepstakes awards 200 Coins (added shortly after the Sweepstakes ends.) Also note, this is the only Sweepstakes for which winners will NOT receive an email, as the prize is a virtual good and not a real world prize.

    Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion!


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  • Chippy, Would like to know why New York residents can not win prizes...Is it because your a gambling site?? Thxs, Connie

  • ty now i wont wonder

  • Hi Connie,

    Not necessarily! Eligibility for prizes really just boils down to the constraints of local legislature. That being said, we are planning on offering in-game prize Sweepstakes for users that are not eligible for real world prizes. Stay tuned!


  • I'm confused by the Mystery Prize. My picture was posted as a winner, but I never made any entries for it.

  • thxs Chippy, with that said, I probably will not play, please inform us when the states not listed will be eligible for "winning something. Thxs for your response....

  • Hi Dianne,

    Did you complete the tutorial? The tutorial enters you into the sweepstakes for the mystery prize if you follow the steps correctly.

    Hi Connie,

    I certainly will. Thanks!

  • Hi, I just went into the game and saw that there is a mystery prize that ends today. Is it a tutorial thing or can I actually win something? Thanks for the clarification, i just dont want to spend my tickets on something if I dont get anything in return.

  • Mystery Prize is in place as part of the tutorial, yes. It awards 200 Coins automatically to all who enter. :)

  • I'm confused. What is this tutorial and where do I find it?

  • The tutorial initiates the very first time you play Solitaire and Prizes. It won't come back again on subsequent log ins but if you have any questions about the game or how to play I'd be happy to field those here.

  • how can play this game some time game loding and some time no responce pls

  • I won a mystery prize what is the mystery prize? Also I still didn't get my email for the cruise I won

  • Premal,

    Can you explain what you're experiencing? Where does the game not load?


    We'll be sending you another email shortly. Please remember to check your spam folder as well as your inbox. Also, for information on the Mystery Prize, please reference the post at the top of this thread. Thanks and congrats!

  • i won mystery but how can collect my game is not open in my facebook pls stat the game

  • Hi Premal,

    Can you try using a different internet browser? Let me know if that doesn't help.

  • I won the Mystery Prize, but I didnt get it

  • Hi Susanne,

    The Mystery Prize awards 200 Coins to your account automatically upon winning. I checked your account and it appears that the Coins were added to your balance correctly. Thanks!

  • I also won a mystery prize. have not seen an email, or coins.

  • Hi Mona,

    Did you see the post at the top of this topic? The Mystery Prize awards 200 Coins, automatically credited to your account. Thanks!

  • I saw it but I don't think I ever received my coins, can you check.

  • Hi Mona,

    Yep, I see the game crediting you 200 Coins as of 10/5/2012.

  • On Oct 1, I was notified of the of a $25 Gift Card win and have responded twice and have not received anything back from you. Can you tell me what to do next? Thanks in advance, I love the game!!!!

  • Hi Ken,

    I've informed our Sweepstakes Coordinator. Please keep an eye out for an email from Playsino.

  • Why does it say Mystery Prize if all you get is 200 coins??? It should just be sweepstake for 200 coins. Mystery prize? Not!

  • I so won a mystery gift and I do not see the 200 coins..but I also know that I have played 3 times earlier and guess what? again lost my coins and my joker and color change. it would be a great game IF it worked idea is good one..too bad too many issues with this game.and yes I have done 2 browser you sure this is a legit game? since all I see is know one seems to get the so called prizes..

  • Hi Karla,

    We were dealing with the aftermath of a server outage yesterday so there were some known stability issues. Game should be functioning correctly now, however!

  • in front of game, you said I won mystery prize but dont see anything or heard anything,

  • It says I won a Mystery Prize....what is it and where do I find it!

  • Hi my name is Kate Schwartz and I won a 100 gift card on 12/19 and the mystery gift just recently. I don't know how to claim my prizes.

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