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  • We are getting reports from users that their game is freezing at the end of their games. If this is happening to you, please post here and let us know the following info:

    Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)

    Frequency this is happening to you (20%, 50%, 100%, etc.)

    We are investigating and want to get a fix up as quickly as possible. This and any additional information would be really helpful.

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  • Yes, I already posted about this problem. It is still happening. Plus the quit button is not working.

  • I am having the same problem I play 1 game and @ the end it freezes up I have to go out of game and come back in. The quit button isn't working either

  • Hi Sandy & Mary,

    Can we get the additional information from you, browser and frequency. That would really help.

  • been like this all day.Do we get keys for our troubles?

  • Thank you for addressing the problems. Everything seems to be working ok now. I have played about a dozen games, in a row, which all were working.

    I use Google Chrome and I think what I have is called Windows 7 Home(which I do not care for, too much.)

  • Having same problem (I think?). I am very new to "gaming" on FB. I cannot play a second game. It was like that yesterday also but I didn't know if it was just something I didn't know how to do. Game is Solitaire BTW.

  • I posted yesterday and thought maybe you would look into it..... I have now won 5 games not credited to my account? some turniment you can't even get the right score.... fix this please

  • Using Chrome & the freeze is 99% of the tome. I love this concept, but I've won too many games for no reason. Ouch.

  • I have played 2 games and it freezes after each of them. I have to reload the page in order to play again. I use google chrome.

  • I have the same problem and am using Mozilla Firefox.

  • I use chrome,and it was 100%of the time.I havent bothered today,too many disappointments.Feels like a Zynga game

  • I also havent been able to collect anything,from friends OR the app page for 5 days.

  • Hi Tina, Maria, Kathy, Michelle, Pamela, Nancy, & Sandy,

    We have fixed the gifting issue where gifts are undefined. Sorry about that. We have been uploading code to fix the freezing issue at the end of the game. We have reduced it, still working on it. So sorry for the trouble. Crediting all your accounts now.

  • Still freezing.

  • Hi Michelle,

    That sucks. We are still working on it.

  • Thank you for fixing. I love the game. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

  • I am also having an issue with a freezing game especially in the middle of my game and I lose my game and have to reset and I lose points and keys until the next game. Sometimes this will be every other game or 1or2 games in a row.Please help a way to fix this.

  • Ok, they are right. It is freezing when I win and when I try to end the game.

  • Google Chrome, Windows 8, happens 100% of the time

  • Game is freezing for me as well and not updating my coin count when I try to accept gifts from friends. Using Firefox and it is happening on every game for past 24 hours.

  • using google and freezing

  • Mine is freezing at the end of each game and the end game isn't working as well. I'm also getting a banner that keeps popping up every few seconds that says, "Above and Beyond II 25 wins on hard difficulty." They are all happening 100% of the time. I am using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both are the most up to date versions.

  • Robin, Stephen, Alan, Karen, Maria, & Jenny,

    So sorry you guys are having to deal with this freezing issue. Our engineers are working on a fix for it but it is a bit complicated. We know it is frustrating but we are doing what we can. In the meantime, we will credit your accounts for the lost coins. We hope that helps in some small way.

  • its been doing that (freezing) for several days now. i use chrome.its doing it 100% of the time.

  • Hi Carly,

    So sorry that is still happening. We have some engineers working on this right now and hope to have something soon :)

  • Doing the same as the others. I use chrome and 75% of the time

  • Hi Steven,

    Yikes, sorry to hear that. We have been working on it and feel like we have reduced the incidence quite a bit but it sounds like you are still getting it a lot. We are still putting more changes in and it might help to Clear the Cache on your browser until we get this done. Crediting your account for lost games :)

  • sorry but same here

    i was just about to clear 5 keys to collect prize, and i had just purchased 1 joker as well, damn. please help


  • can't click charms. can't quit. random lockout on "collect". your servor is slow and puny. you have a girlie servor

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