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  • What’s the difference between Keys and Coins?

    Coins are the basic currency used in Solitaire and Prizes. Coins are used to play games as well as purchase more common Tricks and Charms. Keys are a specialty item which can be used to open Treasure Chests. Opportunities to unlock Treasure Chests occur the more you play Solitaire. The contents of a Treasure Chest varies, but you expect Coins, Golden Tickets, and a mix of Tricks and Charms. The value of these items completely depends on the difficulty of the game you've selected. Harder games = better prizes. But remember, more valuable treasure chests cost more to open!

    What are Golden Tickets and how do I earn them?

    All Sweepstakes cost Golden Tickets to enter. Golden Tickets can be earned in a variety of ways, the easiest and most effective way, of course, is to play games of Solitaire! You can also earn Golden Tickets by:

    • Playing the Daily Prize Game

    • Clicking on special feedposts

    • Participating in contests on the Solitaire and Prizes fan page

    • Collecting them from Friends

    • or by purchasing them in the Shop.

    You can ‘Like’ our page to keep up to date on all special Sweepstakes and Golden Ticket related offers as we post them here: http://www.facebook.com/SolitaireAndPrizes

    Am I eligible for Sweepstakes?

    All winners must meet our basic eligibility requirements in order to claim their prize. Please be:

    1. A resident of the US or Canada (sans Quebec)

    2. Over the age of 21

    Please note that not all US state residents are eligible to win. For a list of all eligible states, and other eligibility requirements, please see our complete Sweepstakes rules here: http://solitaire.playsinocloud.com/page/sweepstakerules

    How can I claim my Sweepstakes prize?

    If you see your profile picture over an expired Sweepstakes, congratulations! You’ve won! Every Sweepstakes winner will receive an email from Playsino with instructions on how to collect your prize. Assuming you meet our eligibility requirements, all winners must submit the following to claim their prize:

    1. A photocopy of a government issue photo identification that includes your birthdate and picture

    2. A fully filled out and signed Affadavit of Eligibility

    What are Tricks and Charms?

    Tricks and Charms are items you can equip to provide special advantages during your Solitaire games. You can use them to add extra time to a game session, undo a move, reveal face-down cards, and more! Equipped Tricks are activated when you click on them in-game, and their effects are instantaneous.

    Charms on the other hand work passively and are enabled as soon as your game starts. Both Tricks and Charms can be tremendously useful in helping you win games, but keep in mind all Tricks and Charms have a unique duration, and will eventually be removed from your inventory once they’ve expired.

    If you have any other questions feel free to post here on the forums or email us directly at Support@Playsino.com.

    Happy Solitairing!

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  • I completed an offer to gain 21,000 coins from Netflix and my account was not credited! Where are they?

  • Hi Deborah,

    The Netflix offer is only available to first time Netflix users. Can you confirm that you have never had or currently have a Netflix account?

  • Please tell me how to use the tricks and charms??? I tried to extend extra time to a game that I would have won but unfortunately did not know how to add the extra time needed to complete putting the cards up on the Aces. I tried clicking on the icon and then I tried clicking and dragging it but nothing I tried worked and I needed to put the four kings up on the pile to complete the game and win but the timer ran out before I could complete that. Also I would like to take this opportunity to suggest maybe putting a finish button which will bring all the cards up onto the Aces for you instead of you having to click on each one to place them in the proper Ace pile. I thank you for your attention and assistance in this matter.

  • Hi Joanne,

    Any Charm you have equipped will be activated as soon as you start your Solitaire game. So if you've equipped the Time Extra Charm (which adds 10s to any game,) and you initiate a game of Klondike Turn 1, your clock will read 6:10 from the very start of the game.

    As for your suggestion, we wholeheartedly agree. Keep your eyes peeled in the near future for a very special Trick.

    Thanks so much for you feedback! Hope that helps. :)

  • u need to do something about the new deck ad on our pages theres no way to get it off it needs to be moved over to the left on way to exit out of it and collect or play

  • Hi Kelly,

    The Billboard can be closed by clicking the 'X' button in the top right corner of the ad. :)

  • I am having the same problem with the ad for the new deck. The ad is very large and off center so the top right hand corner is not showing. It is pushed beyond the far right side of the page. Can it be fixed?

  • Hi folks,

    The ad has been disabled until further notice. Thanks for your feedback, we'll have this working again as soon as possible. In the meantime, you should have no further problems accessing the game.

  • Not all states in the US are listed on the sweepstakes rules. Your FAQ is misleading by saying a resident of the US. I am a resident of the US I live in South Dakota and it is not one of the states listed on your sweepstakes rules. Can you verify rather or not I would be eligible to receive the sweepstake that I won? I have received word from the company that there isn't a verification form, you just have to send a copy of a legal ID in order to prove you are at least 21 and then they would send the prize. I have yet to get the prize but have sent the info. Really would like to know which rules are correct and if I will actually get anything.

  • Hi Kris,

    Sorry about that, I've gone ahead and updated the FAQ with a note and a direct link to the Sweepstakes rules of eligibility, which includes the list of states. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I have been trying to play for about 2 weeks now, but your site has a window in the center of board area that is asking me about Adobe Flash Player, accept to store info on computer or deny to store info on computer. I have tried to do both at this point but nothing works and it stays there no matter what I do. I have restarted my computer at least 9 or 10 times and it is still there. What can you do to help fix this. It is NOT on another game page or website that I come and go from. Your assistance would be appreciated.



  • Hi Chris,

    Are you running the latest version of Flash? If not, I recommend doing so here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    If you are fully upgraded, try the following:

    1. load into Solitaire and Prizes

    2. right click in the game window

    3. click Global Settings

    4. click Delete All

    5. Delete Data

    Let us know the status once you've tried this out. Thanks!

  • how do you get to play the tournament?

  • Hi Sheila,

    All you need to participate in a tournament is 1 or more friends. From there, try to win as many Solitaire games as possible to beat your friends scores. When the tournament ends (indicated by a countdown on the main menu) you'll find out your results and how many Coins you've won depending on your rank (1st place obviously wins the most Coins!)

    Have fun!

  • Hi will you ever be able to enter from the uk? I play loads and am collecting my tokens.. would be a shame if i never get to use them :( also are you going to add spider solitaire I love that version :D thanks xx

  • Hi Louisa,

    Thanks for posting! We are indeed coming up with sweepstakes in the near future for players in the UK to get a piece of the action. And Spider Solitaire is in the pipeline as well! Stay tuned to our App wall for announcements regarding all our new features!

  • What are Enhancing Tricks?

  • Hi Carol,

    In Solitaire and Prizes, Tricks and Enhancements are actually two different things. Tricks are items you can equip during Solitaire games which offer you special advantages during play (see above description.)

    Enhancements on the other hand refer to special cards that appear during Solitaire games. When these cards are sent to the foundation slots, you're awarded either Golden Tickets or Coins (Gold cards = Golden Ticket bonus, purple cards = Coin bonus, respectively.)

    Hope that helps!

  • Are you going to add prizes for States listed that cannot not win items.....like New York...in the near future...so I can decide to keep playing at this site....thxs Connie

  • Hi Connie,

    Yes, at some point we do plan on creating Sweepstakes accessible to all users. Keep your eyes open for the announcement in the near future!

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there was an e-mail address available for support? I have been having connection issues for a few days and ended up losing at least 40 diamonds because of it. I've spent over $20 to buy diamonds and it upsets me that I've lost them through no fault of my own. I also just realized that because I live in New Jersey I'm not eligible for prizes :( Should I win one is there a way around that or is entering basically pointless? As much as I enjoy the game, I would not have spent real money if I had known I couldn't win anything. Please tell me it's not hopeless! Thank you :)

  • Hi Shalore,

    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately we cannot offer Sweepstakes prizes to those who do not reside in an eligible state. That being said, we are working on setting up Sweepstakes for players living in ineligible states and overseas which will award in game prizes.

    And sorry to hear about the lost Diamonds. Could you please clarify how exactly you experienced the loss: You were playing a game of Solitaire, an Oops error popped up, you refreshed and your Diamonds were gone? Do I have that right? Thanks for your feedback.

  • Thank you for replying :) The lost diamonds happened while I was playing a game, I bought and used a few of the tricks (almost all were on the one which lets you take a face down card from the table), got the Oops error, and refreshed.. When I got back in the 100 tokens had been refunded but my diamond count was not. Occasionally, but not always, it would place one the tricks bought in my inventory. I had a few games where I bought 5 or 6 tricks during a game before I got the error but when refreshing it would return one trick, but the other 4 or 5 were lost (as were the diamonds spent on them). I hope that makes sense and I'm not confusing it more than need be! As mentioned earlier, I would estimate that it was around 40 of them lost.. though I honestly think I'm underestimating that number. Is it possible for you to look in my game history to see the exact number lost? Thank you for your help!

  • Thanks for clarifying. I've refunded you the cost of your lost Tricks in Diamonds. Thanks again for your feedback and patience.

  • Thank you very much!

  • I just purchased $2 worth of coins. Where are they. It just said I have 20 Facebook credits. How do I apply them so I can play? This is very confusing--not very clear at all. Glad I didn't spend anymore money on this game!

  • Why does the game always have an error after I've used all of my "tricks and charms" just as I'm about to win a game??? I am credited the "coins" that I've spent on the game but WHY AM I NOT CREDITED FOR THE "TRICKS AND CHARMS" THAT ARE USED??? This has happened to me at least 20 times in the last 2 days.

  • Hi Dianne,

    The Coins should have been applied to your account right away. I can check your transaction history and confirm whether or not the purchase went through, and credit you appropriately if something went wrong. Unfortunately right now we're experiencing server issues, I may not be able to check until later today if that's allright. Sorry for the delay.

    Hi Tina,

    With the games current setup, when a session errors out, only the Coins are refunded. However, I've received feedback like this in the past. What I can do is bring it up with the development team and see if we can't get Tricks and Charms refunded as well. Thanks for your post!

  • In the daily prizes there is what looks like a joker. It was one of the cards selected today. How do I get it to use it?

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